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25 January 2012 @ 06:08 pm
When Darkness Fall final  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul 17

- legatura eterna, eternal bond-

“Where are you going?” Hangeng mumbled softly as he felt a slight movement from his side.

Heechul smiled, “Just going to greet the other, they probably worry about me” replied him softly

Hangeng smiled back, “It’s still early, Chullie… You can do that later, go back here” he extended his arm so the other can reach it and being pulled back to the bed

Heechul giggled at the cute sight in front of him, Hangeng raising both of his arms like that was just really adorable, looks like a 5 years old child who was begging for his mom to hug him. “I will wait for you in the living room, ok?”

Hangeng pouted, is it just Heechul’s thought or what, why now the charismatic Voivode suddenly act cutely more often? “You choose them over me now, Chullie?”

Heechul laughed, he went back to bed and hugged his partner amusedly, “Yah! Since when you could act this spoil, Hannie?? It should be me who act like this, you know!”

Hangeng shuffled his head deeper into the hug, “Shut up. I just miss you so much…”

Heechul felt quiet at Hangeng’s replied, he let the comfortable silence engulfed them for some minutes, letting their body feel the warmth that had been lost for quite a while, and enjoying the scent of each other.

Minutes passed, Heechul broke the hug and stared at his partner’s handsome face, “I will wait for you at the living room with the others, ok Hannie?” he repeated his statement earlier.

Hangeng threw him a gentle smile and nodded, “I will clean myself first before get some work done then catch up with you then”

“Arasso… you have to work in this early morning?”

Hangeng nodded again, “Yeah, many things should be fixed after that incident and our territory is getting larger now, that’s why I need to handle a lot of stuff now”

“Ae??? What do you mean by our territory getting larger??” asked Heechul confused. Well, it can’t be helped, Heechul was unconscious the whole time and he didn’t know the latest issues which were going on right now. He just woke up and he knew nothing since this partner of him chose to satisfy his lust first before explained everthing to Heechul.

Hangeng smiled and then ruffled Heechul’s hair, “That’s why you should go to Leeteuk now, he will tell you everything”

Heechul pouted, “Why must Leeteuk? Why not you??”

“Because.. I have work to be done and if I didn’t finish it soon, I won’t have time to be spent with you” He answered and pecked Heechul’s cheek

“Again…” Heechul rolled his eyes, “You choose you work over me all over again”

“Yah…” Hangeng called his partner softly and brought him closer to hug him, “That’s the consequence for having a Voivode as your partner, you know…”

“I know… I love you as the Voivode, I love how strong you are and how respected you are… but you know Hannie… sometimes, it’s so damn irritating”

“Hahaha” Hangeng chuckled, “Chullie, your greedy attitude is never gonna left your personality”

Heechul pouted even more, “Yah!! You’re so mean, Hannie! How come you call me greedy?!”

Hangeng captured Heechul’s lip and silenced the protest, “Seriously, you love my title, yet you don’t want me to do my job? That’s enough to call you as one” he whispered softly

“But, still---!!” Heechul stopped his argument as Hangeng grind their hips together and cupped Heechul’s ass suddenly, “Hannie! What are you doing?!” Heechul asked with his red face

Hangeng cackled, “Shutting you up” then kissed Heechul’s lips fully.

“Yah! You are so…!! Uurgh!” Heechul break away from the hug and stompped outside the bed, “I will go to Leeteuk now! I hate you!”

Hangeng giggled again, being with Heechul really never bore him, his partner antique personality and how he loved it when he won against Heechul were really amusing. “He is really cute” he said himself before getting out from the bed and did his delayed job.


Leeteuk and Henry were enjoying their quiet breakfast in the living room. The angelic vampire was sipping the fresh rose blood tea from the elegant looking cup while the youngest Zhupans was munching the freshly baked croissant cutely. They were having some talk and taking their time together.

Suddenly, the door of the dark luxurious living room was opened and both of them were brought into a tight hug from the intruder. Wide eyes could be seen perfectly from both of their face as they realized who the intruder was.

“Chullie!!! Oh my god!!!” Leeteuk squealed

“Hyuuuung!!!!!” Henry followed afterwards

Heechul broke the hug and covered his ears from the high-pitching yell, “Yah, you two! Could you lower down your volume when you talked right next to my ear?!!”

“Aigoooo!! Hyung! Mianheee! We’re just too happy to see you again!” Henry replied, an innocent smile decorated his cute face and Heechul couldn’t stand to stay angry with him.

Heechul sighed, “And, since when you believe in God again, Teuki? You’re often bringing up that name nowadays”

Leeteuk chuckled, “Yah~~ I’m not bringing the name often, it’s just the right phrase to be used! Seriously!” Leeteuk hugged Heechul again, “I miss you so much!”

“Urgh! Teukiiiii” Heechul tried to push Leeteuk away, “It hurts!!”

“Mianheeee~~” Leeteuk ruffled Heechul’s hair, “We just miss you so much! Hangeng never let anyone go near you or even touched you when you’re out! Including me and Henry!”

Heechul chuckled, “Really?”

“Really, hyung! He was carrying you around all the time and never let anyone see you!” Henry added

“Aigooo…there the over protective Hangeng popped out again~” Heechul said

“I understand why he did that though, Chullie… I was really scared we lose you that time… I was really terrified seeing you being stabbed like that you know…” Leeteuk said.

Heechul sighed, “How long have I been out now? Seems like I sleep for a long time…” and averted the conversation.

“Hangeng-ssi didn’t tell you how long you were out??” Henry replied the question and Heechul just shook his head. “Ae?”

“He didn’t even explain to me what the hell was happening when I was out!!”

“Then, what did he do?” Leeteuk said

“Molesting me!” Heechul replied in annoyed, actually he enjoyed it and he loved how Hangeng took him out last night. He missed it too and he didn’t hate him for that.

Leeteuk and Henry were blushing as they heard the word. “Yah! Don’t blush now, you guys are doing it too with your partner! There’s nothing to be embarrassed of! Now, tell me the entire story!”

Leeteuk sighed, “It’s a private issue you know, and Henry was too young to talk about it openly”

Heechul rolled his eyes and settled down at the single sofa across them, “So… Teuki… what happen after I lose my consciousness?”

“It was a total chaos after that Chullie…” Leeteuk said softly, truthfully, he didn’t want to talk about this incident again, he wanted to forget it, and he wanted to throw this memory away from his mind, but… Heechul needs to know the truth…

“I know, it will…” Heechul mumbled, “Villeitta-ssi… where is he now?”

Leeteuk shook his head, “He… didn’t make it…”

“Wha.. what?” Heechul were surprised by Leeteuk’s answer.

“Hangeng-ssi…. Went out of control after he saw you fainted. He lost his mind to rage and he burnt everything down. There’s nothing left at the Salubri’s area that night… and… he…” Henry could not able to continue his sentence as it was a really painful memory to him

“He… killed him?” Heechul asked in audible voice

Leeteuk nodded, “But… we manage to stop him and explain everything to Villeitta-ssi before that…”

“You.. what?”

“We explained everything to him, Chullie…” Leeteuk smiled, “We have cleared up the misunderstanding… and he told me to send you gratitude before he gone…”


“Yeah… and are you okay with it?”

“With what?” Heechul asked back confused

“Hangeng… killed Villeitta-ssi…”

Heechul let out a small ‘tch’ then spoke quietly, “I’m fine… though I will be very happy if he was still alive… but…”

“But?” Henry interrupted

Heechul smiled at the younger vampire, “But… somehow, I know that Hangeng will do that to him… so it’s really fine for me…”

“Chullie…” Leeteuk said his name, “Teuki, I’m fine~ don’t worry about me. I’ve known Hangeng for ages, and him, being an assassin, it didn’t surprise me when I know he took other’s life… He did that a lot back then…” Heechul explained

Henry widened his eyes, “Did that a lot??!”

“Yeah…” Heechul studied the situation and decided to lighten up the mood, “Don’t worry! He had been tamed now! That was the past, Henry-ah”

Henry blushed, “Mianhee…hyung…”

“Nevermind~” Heechul continued, “Then, did our territory getting larger, Teuki???”

“Oh! Right, I forgot to tell you about that. A week after the clash, Hangeng took over the Salubri area since they were leaderless. He said that it’s better to join the Salubri and the Tzimisce so there won’t be any further conflict from the two clans. The Salubri then agree since only some of them were left after that night, they were given the artificial blood and animal blood from our territory to sustain their life. Hangeng restrict them to hunt any human and forbid them to suck human’s blood. The Salubri also couldn’t left their area and came into Tzimisce’s area for safety reasons since most of us still couldn’t befriend them…”

“Hmmm… so, my Hannie basically leading the two clans right now?”

Leeteuk nodded and he shivered as he realized the wide grin on Heechul’s face, “What? You’re creeping me out now, Chullie”

“Nothing~ it’s just… he was really incredible, Teuki… I’m glad that every one still can accept him as the Voivode…”

Henry smiled, “Hangeng-ssi told us the same thing… After everything was settled down, he apologize to us and said that he wasn’t deserved the Voivode titled anymore. However, we were denying it and told him to keep the position. All of us agreed that no one suited that title the most other than Hangeng-ssi…”

Heechul smiled back at the explanation, “Of course, he was my almighty Hangeng, remember?”

“Yah, you and your confidence annoyed me sometimes” Leeteuk replied

“It’s not a sin to be confident, Teuki…” Heechul replied, “And talking about the position… I think I need to apologize to every one as well…”

“Wae?” Leeteuk asked

“I couldn’t protect the clan fully that time… I let some of us die… I was too weak to protect the entire clan and resulted this kind of nightmare…” Heechul said

“Heechul-hyung… it’s not like that…” Henry said to Heechul softly

Heechul replied, “Still… I need to apologize, Henry-ah…” he stood up from his seat, “Please tell the entire clan to gather in the main hall… I want to tell them something, Teuki” he said before went out from the room.


“Sorry for calling you all to gather suddenly…” Heechul started the speech, “I just want to apologize to all of you… since… I was too weak and couldn’t protect you entirely during the Salubri’s problem… I made some of you lose their life… I am very sorry about that… I just…” Heechul couldn’t continue, he bowed down deeply until none of them could see Heechul’s face.

Leeteuk shifted beside Heechul and embraced the vampire to encourage Heechul more. Kangin and Zhoumi could only stay quiet the entire time, they waited until the Zhupans could find his word again. Henry followed Leeteuk by holding tight Heechul’s trembling hands and Hangeng wasn’t available since he still dealing with his work.

The eldest of the clan stood up and said some word ro represent the entire family’s thought, “It’s not your fault, Heechul-ssi. We understand the real situation already…it’s no one fault… no one… Not you, not us, not Hangeng-ssi, not even Villeitta-ssi. It was the result of the conservative ruling system back then, it was never anyone’s fault…”

“But, Shinra harabeoji… if only I was stronger…” Heechul replied

“Strength… won’t guarantee you can be the perfect leader to protect the entire family, Heechul-ssi… it happens to Hangeng-ssi, and it happen to the other elder in the past… Strength only means power, and power is only a power in the end… sure it can help you to protect the one you love, but without willingness, it’s useless.” The wise elder explained


“You already sacrifice yourself to save us, Heechul-ssi. We all witness that and we all see how you struggle so hard to protect us. To us, that’s enough already…You show us the real meaning of love, Heechul-ssi. You aren’t fail, you just don’t fit that role… it’s your Hangeng who fit that, right? You always tell me that” The elder smiled at the last statement

Heechul brought up his head, he smiled, then proceed to hug the elder, “Thank you so much… Shinra harabeoji...”

“No need to say that, Heechul-ssi… besides, none of us were partnerless right now, so it’s fine with us. Although some of us were still mourning of their friend’s death, but we still can overcome that. You are a wonderful Zhupans, Heechul-ssi. All of you…” the elder said to Heechul and then turned his stare to the other Zhupans who were listening to the conversation all the time.


After the meeting ended and the guilt had been lifted up from his shoulder, Heechul walked towards the lake and enjoyed his quiet time there. It was an early fullmoon night, the chilly mountain wind sweeped Heechul’s soft hair lightly, and the dim light of fireflies from the grassfield surrounded the crystal blue lake.

Heechul sat down under the huge old tree nearby the lake, he always loved that tree, it seems always protected him whenever he felt down. He was taking his time to enjoy the calm scenery when he sensed another person sat beside him.

“You gather the clan earlier?” the newcomer asked and Heechul opened his eyes to the question.

“Yeah… just want to say something to them after being out for a long time…”

“You can make such a great leader, you know?”

Heechul eyed the figure next to him who keep smiling gently, after he got the meaning of his words, he snapped and slap the figure’s hand lightly, “I’ve told you to stop reading my mind”

“And I’ve been telling you so many times that I can’t stop it.”

Heechul rolled his eyes, “Then learn how to control that power of yours!”

The other smiled, “It more convenience this way, I can know your entire thought, Chullie”

“I hate that!” pouted Heechul

“You don’t. You just want to tell me cooly about your earlier speech but I was one step ahead of you and you were annoyed due to that.”

“That’s why I hate it!!” Heechul was about to stand up and went away from the other but his hand was caught then he was brought down into a hug.

Silence was surrounding them for a while before the other finally broke it, “You know… how afraid I was when I found you bleeding in my arm back then? You know, how terrified I was...”

“Hannie… it’s not your fault…”

“I know… but still that memory of you being covered by blood couldn’t leave my mind until now… when I realize that, I became more and more protective about you… I just don’t want to lose you again… I just don’t want that scene reappear again in front of my eyes…”

“I’m also very scared, Hannie… I saw you protecting other person aside from me… I saw you touching another person… I’m really scared… I will lose you…”

“I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…” Hangeng tightened the hug. Heechul smiled, he brushed Hangeng’s hair and made the other broke the hug to face him, “It’s over, Hannie… it’s over now. It’s the past, now we should create a happy future to wash the sadness away.”

Hangeng smiled, “I know, we will be together forever, Chullie… I won’t leave again… I promise.”

“You better be, Hannie” Heechul replied playfully

“Yeah, and I promised I won’t make you call your dragon and earthquake ever again.” Hangeng chuckled

“Waeeee???” Heechul eyed him with his adorable puppy eyes.

Hangeng stared at his partner and raised one of his eyebrows, “You still need to ask why?”

“Why?” Heechul asked again, “Because…” Hangeng hit Heechul’s head softly, “I don’t want to lose you over a stupid headache”

“Hannieeee!! I love it when you’re protective about me, but if you act so damn overprotective, I hate it~~!! I won’t be stronger if you forbid me to use my power!” Heechul protested

Hangeng smiled, “You have me already, getting stronger is my role, so you don’t have to be anymore stronger, I will protect you”

“Urgh!! Cheesy!!!” Heechul sticked out his tongue and broke away from Hangeng’s hug to walk near the lake. Hangeng giggled at Heechul’s attitude and followed his partner.

The Voivode then took Heechul’s hand and held it tight. They walked side by side for sometimes and Heechul didn’t understand how he could end up being carried up at Hangeng’s arm in bridal style to proceed towards their bedroom then had another making out session.

Heechul didn’t mind it though, everything about Hangeng was just too magical to be true, and he was really happy by just being near him.


Hangeng was catching his breath after the tiring session he had with his beloved, he then tried to get up and looked at Heechul who was laying tiredly underneath him. He tucked away Heechul’s hair which covered his beautiful face, he smiled gently and stared at the beauty of his partner’s for some quite time.

Heechul who finally found his breath looked into Hangeng who was staring at him, “Yah, stop staring~~~” he whined with a red face and threw his gaze away from Hangeng’s

Hangeng smiled, “You are really cute”

“Stop staring, Hannieeee~~~” he whined again and buried his face into the pillow. Hangeng laughed and slided sideway to engulf Heechul in a warm hug. “Goodnight, Chullie…”

“Goodnight, Hannie…”

When Hangeng wanted to plant another kiss on Heechul’s lips, he was stopped by a cute purr from Heechul and caused him to stare at his flawless partner. He smiled, ‘This person belonged with him. He was his magic, his solace, his best-beloved. It didn’t matter how he’d gotten there, or what happened before. He was his soul’s eternal mate’ and then he was gone into a long comfortable sleep, following Heechul who was going earlier.

When you’re finally talking about soul mate, you all knew that it was started with one simple word. Love. Love is madness, it erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.

In the end, to love abundantly is to live abundantly, and to love forever is to live forever. Hence, eternal life is inextricably bound up with love. We want to live forever for the same reason that we want to live tomorrow. Why do you want to live tomorrow? It is because there is someone who loves you, and whom you want to see tomorrow, and be with, and loves back. There is no other reason why we should live on than that we love and are beloved.

G Fin F

Finally!! Finally!! I finish the story (´;ω;`)
It took me some quite time to finish this emotional story! I'm glad I can end this though... well, writing this series is hard since it probably not my genre, but I already did my best to put everything into here (^ω^)
For all my readers and silent readers, thank you very much for keeping up with this till the very end :D
I hope we will meet again in the future in my next series~
I can't guarantee you how long will it take for me to come up with new fanfic, but I'll try to make one soon (´∀`)
Once again, thank you very much for everything and all of your support. I love you guys so much! ♥

- pinkdaisuki 25.01.2012

FollowUrDestiny: HanchulTwinsfollowurdestiny on January 25th, 2012 11:49 am (UTC)
Lovely ending! ♥ Loved reading this story! Kind of sad it's over now, but beautiful nonetheless! ♥
chulie_7chulie_7 on January 26th, 2012 11:56 am (UTC)
very sweet ending , thanks so much
i hope u make another FF again hehehheh....:)
sweetichigo227sweetichigo227 on January 27th, 2012 02:13 am (UTC)
aw! that was so cute! Heechul can be a really good leader when needed :)
heechulmaniaheechulmania on February 3rd, 2012 02:43 am (UTC)
love this
this is the forth time i read this story.

Please do write more fanfic about hanchul.

i usually read hanchul fanfic but they usually about heechul being sex mania with hangeng.

But i love your story so much i even can memorize your story.

Keep on writing. i will be your supporter..