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25 December 2011 @ 01:58 pm
When Darkness Fall -sixteen-  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul 16

- socoteala de dupa, aftermath-

“Heechul, don’t be ridiculous! You can’t win against the elder! You know that!!!”

“I know! I know!! But I want to save him! He was the only one whom I can call as family here!!”

“In vampire’s world, in Tzimisce, there are no such things as family, Heechul”

“There aren’t, for you. But for me, they created one!”

“You’re such a fool, Heechul! They didn’t create one! You’re the only one who’s being disillusional!”

“I don’t care about your thought, but for me, they were my mom and dad here! And you don’t even know how wonderful is it to have one!! Just leave me alone!”

“Fine” one of his classmate finally left him and Heechul tried his best to have a word with the elders again.

The Villeitta that he knew wouldn’t do such things towards his partners! He was too scared to even hug him as if his partner could die due to the tightness, how can such a gentle and kind-hearted vampire could kill his beloved one? The unbelievable situation was filling up Heechul’s mind entire time. He lost his ‘mother’ and he didn’t want to lose his ‘father’ as well.

‘Plak!’ a loud sound of hit could be heard at the dark cold meeting room, “DON’T TALK TO US LIKE THAT. ONCE THE DECISION WAS MADE, IT COULDN’T BE CHANGED, KIM HEECHUL.”

Heechul let out his tears escaped as he tried to hold back the pain in his cheek, “The decision wasn’t fair! The only thing I asked was to reconsider it again, not to cancel it! Why didn’t you guys understand how much pain could you bring to him after that??!!!”

Heechul was slapped again and hit by the strong whip, “There are no such beautiful things called consideration and emphaty in the vampire’s world, Heechul-ssi. You need to understand how cruel this world was and you need to adapt to it”

“That was just so wrong!! If there weren’t exist here, then you should be the one who initiate to bring it here!!! If you called this world were cruel, then it would be just same with that pathetic human’s world!!!” Heechul stated

“KIM HEECHUL!!!” The elder scolded him and threw him to the floor with their power, “Don’t you dare to state your opinion against us!! Guard! Sent him to the isolation chamber and don’t give him food! Let him evaluate his stupidness there!”

“Wait! Wait!!!” Heechul struggled to fight free from the guard’s enormous strength but failed. He was threwn to the chamber and he was left alone. Heechul always hate that room, it was so dark, so quiet, so cold, and so empty. He never likes the kind of room, it made him remembered how painful is it to be lonely and waiting for unsure happiness.

Since that day, Heechul was never given any food, he was being abandoned and wasn’t allowed to have any visitor. 2 weeks after that, the very same day when Villeitta was being expelled from the clan, Heechul was released. When he heard the news about his respectful tutor, he immediately ran towards the elder and yelled crazily.


He searched and searched for Villeitta but it was just too late. He already being dragged outside the mansion and Heechul could only watch the scene helplessly. He lost his father, he lost his loved one, he couldn’t save them…

The elders then punished Heechul after his disrespectful action. He was banned to follow any class to improve his ability and he couldn’t get out from his room. His action was being limited and he was given the bracelet of torture. The kind of bracelet which stung you with thousands volt of electricity everytime he tried to leave the room. He was being tortured like that for more than 5 years when finally the clan decided to release him.

During those 5 years, Heechul losed more than 10 pounds of his weight, he became too skinny and so weak. He rarely ate yet he always practiced his power alone and tried to be stronger. He didn’t want to be looked down anymore, he was tired for being so powerless and couldn’t do anything, he must take over the crown and make Tzimisce a better place. He always regretted himself and never ever once he set free from his guilt from that day. His eyes was always filled with anxiety and he never let out his true smile since then, like… he carried ten thousands load on his shoulder and it never being lifted away.


Villeitta felt quiet at the explanation, he didn’t believe it, the Heechul that he hates for this hundreds of years, the Heechul that he always despise, the Heechul that never looked good in his eyes… actually… he’s the one who tried to fight for his unfortunate fate, he’s the only one who believe him, and he’s… the one who assumed him as his own family. The only things that he always wanted from the others, the only things in life that he always wanted from others aside from his beloved partner.

“He always treated you as his dad, he always loved you more than his own dad, why you never give him any chance to explain everything? Why you accused him for something that he actually didn’t do?” Hangeng finally found his word after his long silent since he needed time to calm himself down from all of his hatred towards the Salubri.

Villeitta could only stay silent, he couldn’t talk back and he never found any answers for Hangeng’s question. He never thought the truth was way too different from his mind, he never knew that all of those hatred and vengeance’s plan resulted nothing yet another misery to the unconscious feminine vampire.

“Why you did this? Why you did this to him?!!!” Hangeng raised his voice, he tightened his hug around the feminine body in his arms, “He suffered so much already… he never forget his guilt, he always blame himself, he always cried and broke down when he told me about his story, Heechul didn’t deserve this…” Hangeng mumbled as he stroke Heechul’s hair gently and showered Heechul’s face with sweet butterfly kisses.

“I…I’m… very sorry…” Villeitta cried, for the first time after that day, he actually cried with Heechul as the reason, “I…I…” he couldn’t continue and he finally bursted out crying.

“Laminae Flammae, emerge upon me” Hangeng stated in mumble after the sweet kiss. He couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t see his Heechul being like this again, he just need to end all of this. Right here, right now.

Leeteuk walked slowly to approach Villeitta, he wanted to soothe the other vampire but before he could hug the vampire, a strong wind blow past him and he found out the vampire was covered with the vermilion red color. A bright red sword of fire stabbed through his body and the Voivode was in front of him with the fury eyes.

“Villeitta-ssi!!” Leeteuk yelled in surprise as he realized the entire situation. “Why did you do that, Hangeng?!”

Hangeng remained quiet as he took his swords back when he made sure that the vampire couldn’t survive the attack. He dissolved the sword and returned to Heechul’s side. “He deserve it” he said coldly

“But---!” “It’s okay, Leeteuk-ssi…” Villeitta’s voice interrupted Leeteuk’s. Leeteuk eyed Villeitta as the later continue his words, “I know he would do this sooner or later already… I made his precious Heechul like that” He chuckled between the talk, “but… Thank you… for letting me know the real truth..”


Villeitta smiled gently, “It’s alright… I will meet him soon, right? My beloved one… Hangeng remind me of him so much, that’s why I decided to take him with me earlier… but I guess, it didn’t work so well, right? And… could you do one more thing to me?”

Leeteuk eyed him while tears still ran down heavily in his face, “What is it?”

“Send Heechul-ssi a thank you from me… please tell him that I’m really sorry and thank you for seeing me as his dad…. I’m very happy…” With that last word, Villeitta ran out of blood and he vanished into ashes which been carried away by the wind.

Leeteuk cried at the scene, along with Henry, he then shifted his eyes towards the Voivode who had been quiet the entire time, “Why did you do that? Why did you kill him?”

“He deserved to be killed, before he brought us more misfortune and misery”

The angelic vampire brought his eyebrows together in anger, “You didn’t have any authority to decide a person’s life! You are not a God! He deserved to be alive and fixed everything! He needs his second chance!”

“Stop talking back to me. I don’t care about that, if I want to kill him, then I can kill him. No one can restrict me to do so, that guy’s life is nothing compare to Heechul’s” Hangeng said back coldly

“You can’t compare a person life with another!! Everything about life is precious, no matter whom the person is!”

“Shut up!!! Life, is not that precious as you think, Leeteuk-ssi. You didn’t understand how easy that life could be taken from a being!” Hangeng glared at him. Leeteuk stepped backward as the dominating and scary aura radiated from the Voivode, he forgot, the Voivode… was an assassin once… taking other’s life wasn’t a big deal for him…

“Heechul will angry at you when he knows this!” Leeteuk found another reason which was more reasonable, talking about the value of life to the Voivode will never work.

“It’s alright, I will handle him if that happen.” Hangeng stated, he then scratched his skin with his sword which appear once again and let his blood flow heavily from the wound. He drank his own blood then gave it to his partner through his mouth. Making the other drank his powerful and sweet liquid and hoping it will make Heechul recovered faster from the terrible wound.

The entire clan was watching the whole drama, they could only stared with a wide-opened mouth and gaped unbelievably at the power, at the fight, and at the truth. They never knew that this entire situation was involving a lot of complicated stories and feelings from the past. Revenge, was such a painful and sad thing.

As their leader was turning his masculine back at them and lead the way with his princess in his arm, they were back to their senses then began to follow him back to the Tzimisce’s area. When suddenly, a deep charismatic voice stopped their step halfway.

“And…” Hangeng said, stopping his feet, “I’m sorry for all of these… I shouldn’t be that stupid to be controlled by that kind of spell.. I made you guys suffer like this…I’m not qualified to be called as your leader..” he said, backing the entire clan as he was shy to mutter his apology

The clan smiled, they always knew that they have the best and strongest leader ever throughout the vampire’s history, the Voivode was strict and cold, but he always thought about the clan more than anything, that’s why everyone loved him to hold the position. One of the oldest Tzimisce step forward, “You didn’t do anything wrong, Sir… we all knew that you’re under his spell… beside… there’s no one who fits to take that position, Sir”

Before Hangeng continue his walk, “Thank you…” he mumbled audible two-words that hold a great meaning to him and the entire clan.


3 months later.

Heechul was still asleep. He didn’t give any sign to wake up anytime soon, he was still motionless and lay peacefully in Hangeng’s strong arm which never left his body. Yeah, for the entire 3 months, the Voivode never ever let go of Heechul’s weak figure, he never left his side, he brought him wherever he went.

No one could reach Heechul as well, he was being protected tightly by the Voivode. Hangeng even didn’t let anyone to touch him or go near him these past 3 months, the Zhupans sighed at Hangeng’s over protective side and could only wait until Heechul opened his big beautiful eyes again.

It was a quiet fullmoon night, as usual, Hangeng was busying himself with tons of paper work and his leader’s duty inside the dark working room. Heechul was resting calmly in his arm like he always did after ‘that’ incident. The Voivode sighed heavily as fatigue began to take over his body due to the bottomless work he had done since yesterday morning. He pinched the bridge of his pointed nose and rested his head on the elegant chair. He was closing his eyes for a moment to regain his power back but then he opened them quickly again as he felt a soft jolt came from the other being on his lap.

He stared at the beautiful vampire who was struggling in opening his eyes and trying to stretch up his body a bit since he’s been out for too long. He mumbled a soft groaned as he could still feel the pain which was left from the previous fight.

Hangeng immediately cupped Heechul’s face and looked directly into his eyes. Heechul’s eyes were widened in surprise at the sudden action but then a beautiful smile printed on his face. Heechul brought his hand to Hangeng’s head and brushed his hair gently before he finally greeted his handsome Voivode.

“Good morning” he said

The Voivode stared for a while longer before he crashed his body into Heechul and sinked his face in Heechul’s neck, “It’s midnight, Chullie” he mumbled

“I just woke up, that’s why it still morning for me” Heechul replied persistently

Hangeng chuckled, how Heechul missed that kind of sound, this kind of warm, this alluring scent, this sculpted body, this Hangeng, “You always win, right?”

“I am....” they felt silent after that, enjoying the moment that they missed so much for a while, “Hannie…” called Heechul

“Hmm?” Hangeng pulled back and broke the hug

“I—“ before Heechul could finish his sentence, he was pulled into a deep, wet, and sensual kiss by the Voivode who had been eating up his lips like a hungry beast. Heechul moaned slightly at the action, he gasped as Hangeng bit his lower lips softly and thrust a tongue inside it. He then responded to the kiss, playing his tongue with Hangeng’s and tilting his head to right and left as they keep shifting their position.

After a long five minutes engaged with each other lips, both broke apart, catching some cool fresh air, and stable their breath. Eyes locked on each other, none of them willing to avert their gaze from each other’s perfect face. Heechul chuckled lightly as Hangeng followed seconds later, their forehead touched slightly and Hangeng’s hand slightly brushed Heechul’s soft hair.

The Voivode then put his other hand on the other side of Heechul’s petite head, he brought them closer until their nose brushed each other. That gentle look from Hangeng which was really hard to be ignored, that soft touch from his tough hand, that sweet yet masculine scent of his perfect tone body, all mixed up sensually in Heechul’s mind.

“I love you” whispered Hangeng sweetly

A small red blush tinted Heechul’s milky cheek as he heard the word, his mouth couldn’t utter any single word as if the other put some kind of magic on him, he followed obediently as Hangeng gently pushed his body backward so he could rest his back comfortably on a fluffy bed.

Hangeng then followed the feminine vampire, he settled above Heechul’s small figure, trapping the beautiful vampire underneath him, then began to ravish his pink lips. For a vampire, Heechul body was incredibly warm to Hangeng, and the Voivode loved to cuddle into him so much.

Heechul moaned slightly between the kiss and even moaned louder as Hangeng’s hand began to explore his body. Hangeng shifted his head and moved towards Heechul’s inviting neck. He planted a rather hard kiss on it and left a slight bruised mark. Heechul gaped when Hangeng lifted his clothes upward and removed it from his warm body. The sudden coldness that greets Heechul was somehow unpleasant but soon it was replaced by a comfort heat from the others body which began to brushed uncontrollably against his.

The charismatic vampire then started to attack Heechul’s rose nipples and played with it. He grinded their erection together while Heechul continuously moaned in pleasure. “Hannie…ah!” he yelped when Hangeng suddenly grabbed his hardened member with his big hands.

Heechul jerked his head backward and closed his eyes as the pleasure became greater. Hangeng stroked Heechul’s still covered member gently before his hand finally moved to unzip the pants and removed Heechul’s underwear. Hangeng moved downwards after he finally satisfied playing with Heechul’s nipples which already really wet from the previous activity. He looked at the pointed member of his partners and licked his lips seductively with his own tongue.

Luckily, Heechul didn’t miss the scene, he smirked at Hangeng’s playfulness, “Like what you see, Hannie?” he asked and then wrapped Hangeng’s neck with both of his arms.

Hangeng replied the smirk, he didn’t answer Heechul’s question yet he didn’t make Heechul to wait any longer by engulfing the member with his hot cavern.

“Urrgh! God, Hannie! It feels damn great!” Heechul groaned, his hand left Hangeng’s neck and moved towards both of his side and clenched tightly on the bed sheet.

Hangeng tasted Heechul’s length gently, he sucked it while his hands softly massage Heechul’s butt and played with his entrance. Heechul couldn’t take it anymore and he came into Hangeng’s mouth. After Hangeng sipped all of Heechul’s taste, he left Heechul’s private area and began to undress himself.

Heechul watched the entire scene in lust. His eyes couldn’t take off from the well build body of his partner. As Hangeng finally settled down, Heechul pounced on him excitedly, without giving Hangeng to say some words, he captured Hangeng’s lips hungrily.

Hangeng shifted the position, he made Heechul kneeled down with both of his knees and he moved his cock near Heechul’s entrance. He poked it with his hardened length, amazed by how red and inviting Heechul’s hole was, he then pushed it into Heechul in one go which resulting a great groaned from the feminine vampire.

“Hannie!!” Heechul yelped as Hangeng entered his large cock into his tight entrance all of sudden.

Hangeng bent forward, “Mianhee… is it hurt?” he whispered softly into Heechul’s ear.

The gentle whisper, the warm breath, and the large member inside him made Heechul whole body shivered in pleasure. He shook his head, “Mo..move, Hannie…” he answered

Hangeng corrected his position after he heard Heechul’s response. He then began to move and thrust into Heechul’s simultaneously. Hangeng’s cock hit Heechul’s prostate with every thrust and Heechul always left out a sensual moan at it.

“Aaah… aaaahmm.. Hannie… aah” Heechul mumbled in pleasure. Hangeng moved in a random pace which made the pleasure uncontrollable. “Faster…” Heechul said as he felt Hangeng thrust in slower tempo.

Hangeng thrust faster into Heechul’s, he didn’t slow down his rhytm as he was near already. His one hand was pumping Heechul’s cock, his other hand was pinching and playing Heechul’s nipples, and his mouth was kissing Heechul’s neck hungrily. The combination of lust that filled Heechul’s body was too hard to be denied. “Aaah… Hannieee!” Heechul yeled and he came much on to the bed. “Heechul-ah, uurggh!” Hangeng also came inside Heechul. Both then fell into the comfy bed while Hangeng still being on top of Heechul.

After they caught some air, Hangeng pulled his length out from Heechul and moved sideway. He lay tiredly as Heechul cuddled cutely next to him. He smiled then covered both of their body with a warm blanket that was being abandoned earlier.

“Hannie…” Heechul called his partner after a long comfortable silence


“I miss you…” Heechul said audibly

Hangeng was silenced at the word, he cupped Heechul’s chin and made the other faced him. He then planted a soft kiss on Heechul’s swollen lips, “I’m sorry…I’m really sorry…” he said

“Don’t leave me again…promise?” Heechul said after the kiss

Hangeng smiled, “I won’t… I promise… I won’t leave you” he answered and smiled again

“I love you” Heechul whispered and soon the sweet scene was replaced again by another hot making out session.

“I think you have to prepare with some couple of rounds tonight, Chullie” Hangeng said evily as he stroke Heechul’s member again.

Heechul gaped, “Arrgh… Hannie…” he enjoyed Hangeng’s touch all over again, “If I can’t walk tomorrow, you are so death, Hangeng!”

Hangeng smirked, “Don’t worry, I will carry you around tomorrow if that happen, princess”

Heechul widened his eyes and blushed, “Pervert!!” Hangeng smiled, “But you love me.”

Then, they started their night again. They did it continuously until both of them were tired and slept exhaustedly.Heechul let Hangeng took him so many times that night, he missed Hangeng’s touch, he missed everything about this Voivode of him.

littlemenomaru: Hanchullittlemenomaru on December 26th, 2011 04:14 am (UTC)
That was such an emotional rollercoaster. and just about everytime Heechul cried, I wanted to cry with him.

Though it was definatly a nice christmas present to be met with 6 chapters to read.
chulie_7chulie_7 on December 26th, 2011 09:34 am (UTC)
wow this is our xmas present hahhahh.....you update 6 epi wow so great ..
finally hanchul back together yessss
thanks for upload
FollowUrDestiny: HanchulTwinsfollowurdestiny on December 27th, 2011 09:26 pm (UTC)
Such a rollercoaster indeed, I'm glad things finally seems to settle down, or are they? XD
HanChul in this <33
aishahsamsuri on January 4th, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)
I'm sooo lucky to find this fic .
It's the  I have ever read . 
I  it sooo much .
You're the most talented writer ever

sweetichigo227sweetichigo227 on January 14th, 2012 04:31 am (UTC)
of course, heechul does back to being his normal self :P
Hangeng sure can he scary and cold...
I loved the series!