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25 December 2011 @ 01:56 pm
When Darkness Fall -fifteen-  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul  15

- furia, rage-

When you lose your loved one in front of your own eyes, it felt like thousands of electricity jolted painfully throughout your body, like a sudden pitch black color covered your view, and like a butterfly that had lost its wings.

Hangeng never thought that the sight of Heechul being covered by the crimson red of blood would come to his life. Over the past 320 years, he never failed to protect him, he always being so damn possessive over him and sometimes annoyed the feminine one a lot as he often scolded him for using his power too much.

The almighty Voivode shivered crazily as he held the unconscious Heechul on his arms. His body was really thin, Hangeng thought maybe he had lost more than 5 pounds when he last saw him, his eyes were shuted close the entire time, his body stayed still, no movement, no words, just… no sign of life.

Hangeng brought his face closer to Heechul, he sighed in relieve as he still could feel Heechul’s warm breath. He then kissed the vampire, tears never left Hangeng’s face since he realized the whole reality, a continous mumble of ‘I’m sorry’ escaped every second from his trembling lips, and a tight grip from his strong yet gentle arms never got away from Heechul.

The gorgeous man looked up, he gaze dreadfully at the motionless Villeitta as he watched the scene, he yelled furiously at the whole situation. As he yelled in anger, his power became uncontrollable, his dragon ran wild and started to burn down every object it encountered.

He let Heechul laid and recovered on the ground, surrounding the feminine vampire with his fire as the protection wall. Hangeng moved towards the Salubri, fast enough until he couldn’t be seen by bare eyes. In a second, the furious Voivode already brought the Villeitta to the ground with his stone-like fist.

Hangeng stood arrogantly at the helpless vampire, he looked down and chanted his spell to call the endless thunder. “Thunder my anger, Lightning my might, Bring to me clouds, Black as night, Lumen Perpetuus”, Villeitta grunted in pain as more than ten thousand volt of electricity stike through his body.

The Voivode was out of control, he couldn’t control his anger anymore and he just exploded all of it to the poor Salubri. He never took out his dreadful glare at the helpless Villeitta and keeps attacking him with all of his power.

Villeitta groaned in pain continuously as Hangeng’s thunder and fire hit him respectively. He couldn’t fight back, he didn’t have any chance to do so, once you made the Voivode angry, you wouldn’t be able to stop him until he calmed himself down.

Leeteuk terrified at the sight, Hangeng was practically torturing the other vampire and he killed him slowly. He knew, Hangeng didn’t kill him directly because Hangeng wanted the vampire to experience the pain, the pain that he had given to Heechul and made him like this. Hangeng never forgave and he would never ever let anyone go from his sight whenever someone made his Heechul suffer. Not even Leeteuk, not even the other Zhupans.

“Aka Ryu. Go after him” told Hangeng coldly to his dragon as he was still sending the deadly glare to the vampire.

The red dragon was flaming in red, his whole body was burning hot and eyes filled with fury soul. It won’t listen to anyone except his master, and its mind connected directly with Hangeng’s. Whenever Hangeng was angry, it will act fiercely, and if Hangeng couldn’t control his own power, so does Aka Ryu.

The dragon flew quickly towards the direction that was told by Hangeng. Villeitta couldn’t do anything, he tried to fight back by throwing his attack towards the dragon but it was useless. The hard skin which covered the dragon was protecting it securely from any harmful attack.

When the red majestic creature finally reached the Salubri, it slamed its sharp head hard to the vampire’s stomach. Villeitta was flown by the huge impact, his body was hit the wall behind and then finally fell to the ground.

The incident resulted a huge crack on the stone wall and made it crumble into several parts. The scattered stone then buried Villeitta’s body underneath. Leaving only a painful growl afterwards.

After that, Aka Ryu flew to the dark sky then came back down to throw his fire’s breath towards the pile of rock. Villeitta yelled in pain as more than 100oC of heat burnt down his skin. If he was a normal human, he was sure enough that he already became a fried meat.

“Stop it…” pleaded Leeteuk as he watched the scene.

“Hangeng!! Stop it!!!” Zhoumi shouted as he also scare at the brutal sight in front of him. He then tried to reach Heechul so he could at least take the vampire to the safer place. But then, Hangeng’s fires which have been surrounding Heechul the entire time went bigger and prevented Zhoumi to go near.

“Don’t touch him! Don’t get near him again!!” Hangeng yelled at Zhoumi’s action who wanted to get Heechul and made the tall vampire stopped his step right away.

“Heechul… Don’t touch my Heechul ever agaaaain!!!” Hangeng shouted in fury once again and he totally went mad. His dragon, Aka Ryu was growling loudly, it then began to fly around once again and toss his fire wherever he wants and burnt down everything inside the mansion.

Zhoumi was taken aback at the fire. He eyed the Voivode, he was clutching his head tightly as his power went uncontrollable. The sight was painted in a red of burning flame and the area was filled with growling of pain. The Voivode’s fire was getting every Salubri in the area, they were burnt to death and nobody could escape. The mansion was destroyed, the surrounding was left in black ashes, and dead body scattered everywhere.

It was horrible and no one could stop it. Henry was surely terrified by the scene, Zhoumi then went to get the boy and buried him in his hug. Not wanting the younger boy saw the sorrowful scenery anymore.

The other Zhupans could just wait. No one could stop Hangeng now, only Heechul who could do that, but the said person was unconscious and hurt so bad. After a while, Hangeng finally calm down, he was tired due to the large amount of power he had used before. The whole Salubri mansion was vanished under the destructive power and only some of the Salubri could survive the rage. It was just too horrifying.

Hangeng eyed the Salubri’s leader once again, he was laying hopelessly on the floor, body filled with wound and some of them were bleeding badly, the Voivode moved forward to him, eye still covered in anger and hatred, he knew, everyone knew, the Salubri wouldn’t have much time anymore.

Leeteuk eyed Hangeng, ‘No…no… if he kills him now…he will die while thinking that Heechul was the cause of his misery… Heechul will be embossed as a killer in his mind forever… he can’t die when he didn’t know about the real truth!’

“Hangeng! Stop!!!” Leeteuk suddenly advanced forward and spreaded his arm, blocking the Voivode’s view of the helpless Salubri.

Hangeng growled, “Move.” He ordered demandingly

Leeteuk shook his head, “No!! Don’t kill him Hangeng!!! DON’T!!!”

“I said, MOVE!!! Or I’ll burn you down as well with him!!”

Leeteuk still being stubborn and didn’t move an inch from his position, his body was shaken in tremble due to the fear and his eyes was shut. “Go ahead, you can burn me down or do whatever you want but I’m not gonna move from here!!”

Hangeng grunted in fury, “MOVEEEE! WHY DID YOU PROTECT HIM?!! HE HAS TO DIE!” he yelled as the flame around him gets bigger and Aka Ryu howled violently.

“Teuki! don’t be so stupid!!!” Kangin warned his partner as he realized that Hangeng was getting so pissed of by his partner’s attitude.

Leeteuk cried, “If you kill him now, Heechul will suffer more!!!” he shouted

Hangeng stopped his action at the name of his partner. “Heechul will be in guilt forever if you kill him without explaining the real situation to him, Hangeng! Heechul… was not the one who did that…”

Hangeng eyed Leeteuk then shifted his gaze towards his beautiful partner who has been laying peacefully around his flame.

The surrounding was finally filled with silence after the destructive power that had been destroyed everything into ashes. Hangeng was calming himself down as he walked slowly towards Heechul. The fire wall around him was slowly disappearing as Hangeng got closer, it finally vanished into thin air when Hangeng reached the beautiful vampire.

The Chinese looking vampire crouched down, he took Heechul’s weak body into his arm as he held him tightly. He brought his face closer to the feminine vampire and kissed Heechul’s nose gently, crumpled his head down on Heechul’s neck, then claimed Heechul’s soft lips.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry Chullie…” he said barely inaudible.

Leeteuk gritted his teeth at the sight, he watched the scene in sorrow, ‘Why this must happen to them? They did nothing wrong… Heechul didn’t do anything wrong… why? Why his kind intention must be paid by this kind of situation? This revenge… this kind of things… why it always filled the world of Vampire clan? It won’t be the same with that corrupted human’s world then!!!’

Kangin brought the angelic vampire closer to his wounded body, he enveloped his strong arm around the petite shoulder and slowly rubbed it.

“Why they need to suffer, Kangin-ah?”

“…” Kangin kept silent as he didn’t know what to say anymore

“They didn’t deserve this kind of treatment…”

“Their power… their mind… their position… it’s the most respective one in the clan…” Zhoumi added as the 4 Zhupans sighed in grief

“We all know that very well Zhoumi-ah… we all know…” Henry sobbed between his words.


Hangeng still holding Heechul tight with his arm, he didn’t want to let go of him anymore, it’s enough already… this must be the last time he let go of his beloved one like this. He eyed Heechul’s beautiful features, the smooth and pale milky skin, the soft hair that fell down blissfully at his flawless face, the skinny figure and petite body… every thing about him is just too beautiful to be happened.

The Voivode roamed his wide and tough hands along Heechul’s face, brushing it gently and then crashed his lips into the other vampire. Hangeng never let go of Heechul’s lips, he tasted every single part of it, he missed it so much, he missed Heechul’s scent, Heechul’s soft lips, Heechul’s warm…

“I’m sorry, Chullie…” he whispered then claimed Heechul’s lips again, “I love you…” he said between the kiss, “Forgive me…” he broke the kiss, “Please… wake up soon…”

The scene continued for a while in the comfortable silence. The Tzimisce’s clan was gathered already as the entire Salubri had been taken care of by their ‘powerful, too powerful even’ leader. The clan watched in silent since they all knew that it was really hard for the Voivode right now.

Leeteuk grabbed Kangin’s hand and hauled him towards the two strongest vampires. The masculine vampire stared in confuse and let himself being dragged by Leeteuk. “We need to straighten up the matted strings” Leeteuk said

Henry smiled after he understood his hyung word, “Zhoumi, let’s go to them as well…” Zhoumi nodded and then they followed the 2 older Zhupans.

“Hangeng-ssi…” Leeteuk tried to call the Voivode who was still occupied with Heechul’s lips

Hangeng broke the kiss, he looked at 4 of his trustable Zhupans. Smile could be seen perfectly at their face while Hangeng could only stare in silent.

“Let’s tell the entire truth to him, Hangeng…” Leeteuk said and motioned his head to the helpless Salubri as a sign.

Hangeng nodded, he carried Heechul in bridal style and followed the 4 vampires. He walked in silent and he never let go of his precious Heechul in his arm. He just didn’t want to lose him anymore.


“Why? Why you guys are the only one who could be happy?!!” Villeitta asked between his wound, tears were now wetting his small eyes and aches were all over his skinny body.

Leeteuk watched him compassionately, “You know, Villeitta-ssi? If only… if only you give us just a little bit of your time to listen.. you wouldn’t need to suffer like this…”

“Even if I gave you some of my time, it will still pointless. I’m not here to listen up all of your bullshit and sweets words!!!”

“It’s not bullshit. At least, try to open your mind and take others opinion.” Kangin added as he began to lose his temper at him

Villeitta growled in anger, “IT IS! All of Tzimisce’s word always sweet yet dangerous! I do not believe any of it anymore! I’m not taking anyone’s opinion, especially from guys like you!”

“What you --!” Kangin was trying to advance towards the powerless vampire again due to his uncontrollable emotions as a gentle little arm prevented him to do so. He gasped in shock and his eyes then searched for the little intruder.

Leeteuk shook his head silently at Kangin’s gazed and mouthed a quiet ‘don’t’, he then shifted his eyes towards the angry Villeitta and began to talk again, “I don’t care about your opinion and your way of thinking, but at least… you need to hear the true stories. Whether you want to believe the story or not, it’s your own choice. I need to clean up my friend’s name in Salubri’s history and I’m willing to do anything for that.”

“Tch!” Villeitta scoffed, “How arrogant of you to talk like that, maybe it’s been planted in every Tzimisce’s gen to act that way”

“I’m not being arrogant nor cocky, I just tell you my own thought and this misunderstanding really needs to be cleared up really soon… before it brought another painful vendetta.” Leeteuk explained calmly.

The composed face and cool tone of Leeteuk finally able to make Villeitta shut up for a while and agreed to listen to the entire story. “Tell me what you need to tell me, then just leave me alone” he said and threw away his gaze from the Tzimisce.

“You won’t even know how much Heechul had suffered for you… yet you acted like this towards him…” Leeteuk added another sentence

Villeitta widened his eyes, he couldn’t believe it, how come? How come that bastard was the one who suffered for him?! He was the source of all his misfortune! He was the only reason of his suffering!!

“I just really hate all of you!!! Every single being of Tzimisce!!! Why? Why you need to throw me away? I was one of you once… I had contributing a lot to you and I had devoted myself to serve your clan… yet, why?!!! It was hard for me as well back then! You don’t even know how much ache I should endure in my heart after that incident?!! Losing my own sense, losing my own partner, losing my beloved one, losing my pride, losing my position, and losing my very own clan!”

Henry tightened his grip on Zhoumi’s clothes, hearing Villeitta’s sad word made him automatically imagining those things inside his mind.  How sad it would be? How painful it was? How lonely would he be? That was just too miserable even he just imagining those things. Zhoumi noticed his partner’s sudden change, he knew… Henry’s heart was too kind for this… he then hugged the smaller boys and embraced him to give him a comfort assurance.

“THAT’S WHY!!” Leeteuk risen his voice as he began to lose his patience but then he lowered it again when he realized he shouldn’t talk in that kind of tone, “That’s why… you need to listen… Heechul… he knew the pain… that’s why.. he…” Leeteuk couldn’t control his voice again, he then bursted in tears as he remembered how hard Heechul’s struggling that time.

“Teuki…” Kangin called his beloved name and soothed him.

The entire time, Hangeng could only watched in silent as he, himself just acted cooly and eyed them in dreadful gaze.