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25 December 2011 @ 01:53 pm
When Darkness Fall -fourteen-  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul 14

- spiritul şi dragonul, the spirit and the dragon-

It was a wonderful peaceful evening in the world of the spirit. When suddenly a loud thump of footstep interrupts the serene atmosphere, everything was not that alright in spirit world after all.

Fey: “How come we only get such a small portion of appearance in the story?!!”

Neuge: “That’s because we usually being hidden underneath our master’s power, you know”

Fey: “But still!! It’s not fair!”

Neuge: “Yah! You shouldn’t complaint! Be glad that at least your bitchy master decided to call you!”

Fey: [huffed] “I know! He didn’t summon me often since he was afraid that I will be more popular than him in the story!”

Neuge: “How come you can be that narcissistic?!!”

Fey: “I’m not. It’s the fact! I’m more beautiful than him, beside…”

Neuge: “Beside?”

Fey: “I am a WOMAN!” [laughing hard]

Neuge: [shook his head] “What so happy about being a woman?”

Fey: “So I can be more beautiful than him, pabo!!”

Neuge: “Even if you are a woman, your master still called as the most beautiful man than any woman out there”

Fey: [pouted] “I’m more beautiful! I am cuter than him, you know!”

Suddenly, a strong wind blew and stopped the conversation for a while. Both of the spirits shifted their eyes into the new intruder who just cama and stop the entire talk.

Ryu: “What are you guys talking about?”

Fey: “Ryuuuu~~~~~!” [flying and hugging Ryu’s neck]

Neuge: “She was complaining why she gets so little scene in the story”

 Fey: [pouted] “YEAH! You got more scene than me! Could you believe it, Ryu?! That unknown horse or unicorn or Pegasus got more scene than the beautiful forest fairy!!! The world turns to be so crazy now!”

Ryu: [sighed] “You are whining over such an unimportant thing, Fey”

Neuge: “YAH! I am a beautiful and majestic Pegasus! You chubby short woman!”


Neuge: “You are shorter than me! And your cheek got more fat than me!”

Fey: “I’m not! My height is normal, you’re the abnormal one! And this!” [point at her cheek] “Is not

fat, it’s called the fluffy layer which made you look younger and cuter!”

Ryu: [sighed] “Will you two cut it out?”

Fey: “Ryuuu! That horsie is being mean to me”

Neuge: “I’ve told you! I’M NOT A HORSE!”

Ryu: “Fey, just stop it and be quiet. You ruins out this intense story, you know”


Ryu: “Aissssh, stop yelling! I don’t care” [flying out]


Neuge: “Even Ryu got tired of you, maybe you should fix that attitude of yours”

Fey: “Nothing wrong with my attitudes!”

Neuge: “Do I need to buy you a mirror?”

Fey: “You are so dead, horsie!!!!”

Neuge: “See! This kind of attitude, I mean”

Fey: “WHAT?! IT’S CALLED EPIC, YOU KNOW?! Epic as in E, P, I, C!”

Neuge: [rolled his eyes] “Whatever~”


LOL! I know this was so random XD I just wanted to insert some filler of these spirits since I want to introduce them to you guys ^^ they’ve made their appearance at the previous chapter, right? It full of such an intense battle, so I couldn’t introduce them to you there since it will be very weird. I know you guys are dying to know the continuation of the stories, but I feel like I must at least give some explanation about them so you guys don’t get confuse over this.


Name    : Aka Ryu

Form     : Red Flying Dragon

Type      : inner spirit and dragon

Master : Hangeng

Aka Ryu is Hangeng’s dragon as well as spirit. As a Voivode, Hangeng got his special spirit where both of the spirit and the dragon are one creature. Hangeng’s enormous power make his spirit turns out to be exactly the same as his dragon. Aka Ryu’s was covered in red color all over his body. He got a really powerful wing which can fly higher than any dragon and a powerful breath of fire.

Name    : Ophelia Fey

Form     : Forest fairy

Type      : inner spirit

Master : Heechul

Fey has a form of a beautiful girl with long green hair and a pair of cute black cat ear. She wears a long kimono which covered her entire body and danced beautifully as she flew. She was a total resemblance of Heechul, aside from the more narcissistic and childish personality.

Name    : Terra Dracones

Form     : Flying long-tailed brown dragon

Type      : Earth Dragon

Master : Heechul

As Heechul couldn’t summon his dragon alone, he needs the help of Fey to summon it. The earth dragon had a color of gold brown and a pair of white small wing. It was really powerful near the earth and couldn’t fly really high.

Name    : Neuge

Form     : Pegasus

Type      : inner spirit

Master : Zhoumi

Zhoumi’s spirit was called Neuge. It was in a form of a Pegasus with icy blue color of feathers. It had two wings on its back and really can’t stand Fey’s behavior. He always fight with the fairy and ended up losing.

Name    : Glacie Draco

Form     : Blue flying dragon

Type      : Ice Dragon

Master : Zhoumi

Same with Heechul who couldn’t summon his dragon alone, Zhoumi also need Neuge’s help to call the ice dragon. The dragon appearance pretty much the same as fire dragon, but the ice dragon was covered in blue and it produced a freezing breath from its mouth.