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25 December 2011 @ 01:39 pm
When Darkness Fall -twelve-  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitol ul 12

- intarire, fortification-

Two weeks after a complete bed rest and do nothing, Heechul finally gain his strength back. It wasn’t as powerful as before, but it was enough to go onto the battlefield. He exited the room that had been surrounding him for the last twenty days and presented himself to the clan. He had to be strong for this, he must, his clan needed him, Tzimisce’s fate was all on his hand right now.

Heechul was greeted by Leeteuk, Zhoumi, Kangin, and Henry at the living room before he could gather the entire clan and gave some speech about the whole situation. The four Zhupans had been waiting for him anxiously.

“Are you alright now?” asked Leeteuk as Heechul setteled down on the couch across him.

Heechul nodded as a reply. “Have you being prepared for this?” Kangin asked

“If I’m not, I wouldn’t go out and meet you here.” Heechul replied coldly

“They will be coming tonight, hyung…” Henry said in soft voice

“I know… That’s why I need to gather the clan and tell the entire situation to them.” Heechul said. Leeteuk nodded at the sentence and immediately went out from the room to call the Tzimisce.

Kangin followed his partner and left Heechul with the two Zhupans inside the room.

“Heechul hyung… are you okay? Is it still hurt?” Henry asked again, he was being so concerned about his hyung’s health especially after he knew that his body wasn’t that strong to begin with.

Heechul threw him a gentle smile, he could notice the worried in his dongsaeng’s eyes, “I’m okay, Henry-ah… thank you for worrying about me”


Heechul smiled, he signaled the younger vampire to come near him then he enveloped him in a hug, “Yeah… the headache has gone… but the heartache still there. It needs a lot of time to heal it” mumbled Heechul

“Hyung… I..I’m sorry…” Henry cried.

Heechul brushed Henry’s hair lightly, he really loved this youngest Zhupans, he always wanted to have a younger brother and Henry was acted like one, “It’s not your fault… Stop blaming yourself, Henry-ah”

“Bu..but hyung…” “Yah! Stop being so melancholy, won’t you? It’s alright. We need to settle this whether you want it or not, arasso??” Heechul said in his usual sarcastic self

Henry eyed Heechul, he knew that Heechul was pretending to be strong, he couldn’t disappoint his hyung if he already made such effort to cheer him up, “Hyung…! I’ll protect you, we will protect you, hyung.. we will always by your side” he said innocently

Heechul smiled and ruffled Henry’s hair playfully, “Thank you.” He then eyed Zhoumi, “What?” the ice controller replied

“Why you never been so kind to me like this cute partner of yours, huh?”

“I’m not that type of person” Zhoumi replied

“Aish, you and your ice-freak nature was really annoying!” Heechul scoffed

“Say the one who always shouting and throwing weird sentence all over the mansion” Zhoumi rolled his eyes.

“Yah!” Heechul yelled but then interrupted by Henry’s chuckle. Heechul sighed then stop his tantrum at Zhoumi. The room was filled with silence once again when Heechul noticed some change at Zhoumi.

He studied the vampire deeply then finally understood what was it, “Who taught you to summon the dragon?” he asked, broking the uncomfortable silent.

Zhoumi widened his eyes in shock, “How?” “How did I know about it? Come on, Zhoumi. I know it, some part of you has changed” Heechul interrupted

“But..” Zhoumi was still confused, “Who?” Heechul cut in again

“Hangeng-ssi…” he whispered the name in a really soft tone, afraid that he will make Heechul cried again if he heard the name.

Heechul sighed, trying to ignore the name of the man that could make him cry again, “We’re gonna need it” he replied shortly.

Zhoumi nodded, Henry threw Heechul his worried look again, and Heechul ignored the look this time. The sound of creaking from the door disturbed the dim atmosphere and two vampires entered the room.

“I’ve gathered them.” Leeteuk informed Heechul

Heechul threw him a nod then got up from his seat. He walked towards the hall, followed by the four Zhupans behind him. Heechul was the second strongest vampire after the Voivode. When the Voivode wasn’t available, he was the one who responsible in replacing him and led the entire clan. It was all just been decided naturally since long time ago.

The door to the main hall was opened, all of the Tzimisce had been seated tensely with their partner beside them. As Heechul entered the hall, the surrounding became tenser and silence engulfed the dark hall. The four Zhupans was settled down in the couch while Heechul remained standing.

Heechul exhaled a deep breath before he could finally talk, “I didn’t mean to disappear this entire time… I think, you all have known my situation as Leeteuk already talked to you guys previously. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t avoid this situation from happening… and I’m sorry for bringing the clan into another state of misery once again…”

The entire Tzimisce brought their head down, they knew that it wasn’t Heechul’s nor the Voivode’s fault, they never blamed them and they always respected them. That’s why they were willing to experience the nightmare together right now.

“The clash will happen this morning… when the sun set perfectly on the western part of the earth, the army of Salubri will come here… along with their leader, Villeitta… and… Hangeng…” Heechul said in a heavy tone of the last name. It was hard for him, and he knew it also hard for everyone, hearing their previous leader’s name as one of the enemy.

“I hope you guys be prepare for this and protect this whole mansion. Because this mansion…is our pride and our symbol of existence. Don’t let them destroy us, and protect the Tzimisce’s name. I need your power and I need your cooperation. Please fight with me and let’s protect Tzimisce together.” Heechul said and earned a nod from every Tzimisce’s vampire inside the hall.

“One more thing…” Heechul stopped and hesitated for a while, “Please… be really careful of Hangeng… he was so powerful and he couldn’t recognize every one of us right now… just… don’t hesitate to attack him. I give you guys my permission to do it”

“Chullie…” Leeteuk said as he heard Heechul’s last statement. He didn’t know that Heechul could make such decision… it must be really hard for him to say that word, it must be so tough… Heechul… you are really strong…

Heechul settled down to his chair as Kangin stepped forward and explained the plan. The entire clan was listening carefully and they were preparing their own heart to face this.

As the meeting finally ended, the clan then spreaded into their position that had been assigned earlier. It was like forming a layered position. The Tzimisce’s vampire were all placed at the front line and then followed by another stronger vampire. The Zhupans were placed in different location. Henry was placed in front line as he was responsible for teleporting all the injured vampire to safe place. Kangin placed at the second layer as he must bring the number of Salubri down by his strength. Leeteuk was positioned after him and need to wipe them away with his wind. Zhoumi was in the next layer and Heechul was the last.

Heechul still hadn’t fully recovered and his body was still weak, thus, he couldn’t use his power too much and had to be protected inside the mansion. He was located in the center of the grand hall as he also began to chant a spell for building the protection shield all over the mansion.

The feminine vampire sat silently inside the quiet mansion, he closed his eyes as he prepared his mind and heart for the attack. Slowly, he began to concentrate himself, “Guard me in a shield of steel, rock, diamond, snakes, and fire. Utilize this wall to defeat any and all malignant intentions towards us. I call upon all powers and deities that be, allow the darkness to wrap us in black, Secretum Murum

Building a shield was a high class technique of spell and only some vampires able to do that. In Tzimisce, only Hangeng and Heechul who had the power to do it. Thus, it requires a lot amount of power in doing one. After the whole mansion finally covered in an invisible layer of shield, Heechul concentrated again then locked every window and door inside the mansion, hoping that it would limit the access of the Salubri in entering the mansion.

When Heechul thought that the physicall protection was enough, he opened his eyes and panted heavily. He held his head as it started to hurt again, ‘Please… cooperate with me for once, I need you to be strong to protect the clan’ He said himself and tried to endure the pain.


The night got deeper and the sun started to hide its body. When the sun finally disappeared, Villeitta smirked. He led his clan to move forward and headed into the Tzimisce’s mansion. The Tzimisce were covered in tension. Heechul could feel that they were coming, closer to the territory, slowly.

He exhaled and inhaled for a few times, trying to calm down and told his mind that everything will be alright. Though, he knew, it was all just a fake assurement.

The Salubri finally arrived in front of the Tzimisce’s mansion. Villeitta motioned them to run and attack them but the army was thrown aback. He smirked, “I never thought he was able to build the shield. It was such a high-class spell. At least, you won’t bore me, Kim Heechul”

Villeitta then turned at Hangeng and told him to break the shield. Hangeng nodded and he was trying to cast another spell to cancel it. Heechul could feel it, the opposite force that was trying to bring his shield down. Both were involved in a high-class mind battle to fight over the shield. It was all about how long you could endure and how much your power was to retain it.

Hangeng finally won after a quite long battle and it gave Heechul a great pain in his head. Heechul groaned in pain and panted heavily. His body was really weak right now and he didn’t know whether he could stand this or not.

The Salubri broke into the mansion. Fight was unavoidable and a bloodshed battle was inevitable. Some Tzimisce were able to defeat the low class Salubri easily but then some were in trouble to defeat one. As Hangeng moved and attacked them, a lot of Tzimisce couldn’t afford him and ended up hurt. Hangeng advanced alone in the front row and brought a great amount of Tzimisce down. His mind was still under Villeitta’s control and he didn’t know what he was doing right now.

Henry struggled as he needs to move a lot of his subordinates who hurt badly into another place. He got exhausted already but he had to stay still and saved as many as he could. Hangeng was passing Kangin’s quickly as the later was engaged by another Salubri. Kangin cursed as he let Hangeng pass easily and he hoped Leeteuk could stop him.

Hangeng encountered Leeteuk. The angelic vampire was covered in pain as he met the Voivode whom he once admired. The one who was standing in front of him wasn’t the Voivode that he knew… he was a different person. Hangeng stopped his step as both exchanged look.

Leeteuk casted his wind but then was repelled easily by Hangeng. The Voivode shifted quickly as he threw a fire ball towards him. Leeteuk called the wind and extinguished it fast. But then, without notice, Hangeng hit him with a painful lightning and made him growled in pain.

“Teuk hyung!!!” Zhoumi yelled as he saw the scene. He was furious and tried to freeze the motionless Voivode, but Hangeng quickly melt his ice away by the fire. Hangeng moved towards him fast then kicked him hard.

Zhoumi was taken aback, he groaned in pain and as he finally got his sense back, the Voivode was gone. “Shit!! Heechul hyung!” He cursed and tried to get into Heechul’s place immediately. But, his step was stopped by the army of Salubri that had reached his place.

Hangeng ran quickly into the center of the mansion. He opened the door and greeted by the darkness. He met Heechul’s eyes which were just opened by the vampire as he was waiting for the moment. Heechul stood up from his seat and Hangeng walked slowly towards him. As they finally got closer, Hangeng grunted in pain.

“Urrghhh!!” He winced and held his head tightly. He was fighting his self, his mind was telling him not to hurt the man in front of him, his body was telling to protect this man, his heart was telling that he was the most important being for him. He grunted heavily as he tried to fight the spell inside his head.

Heechul let out a silent tears, he extended his small hand and gently reached Hangeng’s cheek. He cupped the other’s cheek as Hangeng finally looked Heechul in the eyes. A painful sting hit his head once again and made him crouched down.

The feminine vampire then brought his weak body closer to the grunting Voivode. He circled both of his slender arms around the Voivode’s neck and buried his face deeper in the later shoulder. He missed this warm, he missed this scent, he missed this secure feeling around him, he missed this Voivode so damn much.

Heechul sobbed quietly, “Come back to me… you are mine… Hannie…” as Heechul recited his final words and called Hangeng’s pet name, the Voivode groaned louder and clutched tightly at Heechul.

However, the strong force suddenly separated the warmth away from Heechul’s body and a great pain landed at his smooth cheek. Villeitta came and saw the scene. He was furious and punched Heechul directly, “GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!”

Heechul grunted, he touched his aching cheek with one of his hand. Before he could get up and fight back, Villeitta already threw him another attack and a really painful sting of dark electricity hit his body. Heechul yelled loudly in sore. Villeitta then turned at Hangeng who was helding his head and casted another spell at him. Hangeng as well shouted painfully and then he was back to his mannequin state.

Noticing that he could lose Hangeng to Heechul if they stayed any longer, Villeitta decided to retreat and called back his army. Heechul tried to stop him and make Hangeng stay, however, he was hit by Hangeng’s fire. Heechul lay painfully at the ground and cried hard as he saw Hangeng got away from his grasp again.