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19 November 2011 @ 02:37 pm
When Darkness Fall -ten-  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul  10
- infidelitate, infedility-
Heechul and Leeteuk immediately ran towards the entrance as they were informed that the Zhupans were back. Heechul ran as fast as he could to confirm his insecure feeling. He was happy seeing Henry back as he spotted the boy was crying heavily in Zhoumi’s arm, but he was feeling scared as he couldn’t spot his partner everywhere.
Leeteuk also ran with Heechul and welcomed the Zhupans. He hugged Kangin as soon as he spotted the boy and shared a long passionate kiss. Heechul kept looking at the group and went into the entrance to find Hangeng. He trembled in fear as he spot no one, he could only saw the empty and quiet forest ahead of him, cold darkness that fell and surrounding his pale body as he stepped his feet outside the mansion.
A gentle hand patted one of his shoulder and made him turn around, his body was shaking, “Where is he?” he asked after gathering all of his voice
“Heechul hyung…” Zhoumi looked at him in guilty
“Where is he?” Heechul repeated his question, his eyes were wet and Zhoumi knew that tears will drop any moment from those eyes.
Zhoumi shook his head, “I’m sorry…Hangeng-ssi…he…” Henry was crying harder and Kangin buried his face at Leeteuk’s neck as he covered his sadness
“He what?” Heechul said again lifelessly.
However, when Zhoumi was about to answer Heechul, a voice of evil laughter interrupted their moment. The group then turns their sight into the source of the voice. A figure was walking slowly from the darkness of the forest, while another figure was following him. Slowly, the figure revealing out himself as he walked closer and finally stopped in front of the shocked Zhupans.
“He was mine, Kim Heechul” the figure said as he put one of his hand at the second figure and kissed his cheek.
Heechul felt the whole world had fallen on top of his head. He froze at the sight as he saw his Hangeng was kissed by Villeitta and the Voivode wasn’t even rejected that.
“What did you do to him?!!” Leeteuk yelled, he was the one who able to gain his voice back out of the two.
Villeitta smirked, “I didn’t do anything, he sick of his partner and willingly be my partner” he lied to make the whole situation worse.
“Don’t lie!! He would never do that!!!” replied Leeteuk
“Oh, how did you know he won’t do that?” Villeitta asked back
“He…he..!” “He what?” Villeitta grinned as he saw Leeteuk couldn’t talk back. Then, he focused his mind to control Hangeng’s. He told Hangeng to suck his blood and void the blood contract with Heechul.
“No..Hannie…don’t do that…please… come back to your sense” Heechul pleaded as he was crying heavily.
Villeitta smirked, “You won’t reach him, Heechul-ah”
As Hangeng was completely under control of his spell, Hangeng obediently follow Villeitta’s order. He leaned into Villeitta’s neck and sucked his blood.
Heechul lost his word, his tears fell hard as he couldn’t utter any word. He couldn’t see any life from Hangeng’s eyes and he knew that the bastard was controlling him. However, this was too much for him to handle. His Hangeng…was sucking other vampire’s blood in front of him.
“Well, Kim Heechul. He was completely mine now.” Villeitta smirked winningly
“Why…” Heechul mumbled, he felt like he was being slapped by tons of weight. “Why are you doing this to me…”
“Do you still need to ask that question?!!! It’s all your fault!!” Villeitta snapped in anger
Heechul sobbed, “But… but I didn’t do anything…”
“Didn’t do anything?” Villeitta slanted his eyes in fury, “How could you still deny it?! You stole him! You stole him away from me!!!”
“I didn’t! I never stole him from you!” Heechul replied as his eyes never stop escaping the tears
“SHUT UP!” Villeitta yelled and hit Heechul with a dark lightning ball. Heechul hadn’t got any chance to avoid the attack and got hit directly. The vampire was brought to ground and he grunted in pain.
“It was a misunderstanding…” Heechul mumbled and cried.
The 4 Zhupans who watched the scene were filled with fury. They immediately advanced towards the Salubri all at once and threw their best attack. However, Hangeng was blocking all of their way and protecting the Salubri.
“Get back to your sense, Hangeng!!” shouted Kangin furiously and tried to throw him a punch. However, it was dodged by Hangeng and he got Kangin with his fire. Kangin hurt badly as the Voivode’s fire was really strong.
“Kangin!!” Leeteuk who saw the scene then tried to toss Hangeng away by his wind, but the Voivode didn’t even flinch a bit with the attack and hit Leeteuk with his lightning.
Zhoumi tried to stop Hangeng’s movement by his power but Hangeng’s fire was far more powerful than his ice. The Zhupan couldn’t do anything as he, himself, got hurt at the Voivode’s attack. Henry cried as he saw the scene. He tried to teleport the 3 Zhupans away from Hangeng’s vision and gathered them in safe place. He managed to do so, but Hangeng noticed them and tried to spell another attack at them.
“STOP IT! Stop it, please…” Heechul ran and positioned himself in front of the helpless Zhupans, spreading both of his arms and protecting them. “Don’t hurt them, Hannie… don’t hurt them anymore…” Heechul sobbed.
Hangeng immediately stopped his step as he heard Heechul’s voice. His inner self battling hardly against the spell as he heard Heechul’s pleading. He could never ignore that voice, he could never leave that voice alone. Villeitta noticed Hangeng’s behavior and casted a stronger spell which made the later grunted in pain.
Heechul glared at Villeitta furiously and tried to lift the volcanic rock near him to smash the Salubri. Yet, Hangeng fell back into Villeitta’s spell then threw the rock away.
“See? He even protected me. You’re really a good partner, Hannie-ah” Villeita whispered as he leaned and kissed the lifeless Hangeng.
Heechul twitched at the word and get really mad at the kiss, “Give Hangeng back to me!! He was never been yours!!!” He yelled in frustration as he lifted several heavy rocks and threw it into his direction.
Once again, Hangeng blocked the attack and saved the Salubri. Hangeng was under his spell, he was completely lost his consciousness and believed that he should protect Villeitta. Heechul got angrier as he saw Hangeng protected the Salubri.
He growled as tears couldn’t stop falling from his eyes, “He’s mine… he’s mine…HE’S MINE!!!!!!” Heechul yelled as he moved towards the man and tried to punch his face. But, Hangeng suddenly stood in his path, grabbed Heechul’s fist, and threw Heechul small body to the ground harshly.
“I’ve told you before, Heechul. I will make you suffer, I will make you experience those feeling when you lose your loved one, I will make you feel betrayed, then finally, I will kill you” Villeitta said as he looked down at Heechul who was crying on the ground.
Heechul glared dreadfully at Villeitta, “Look at yourself now, that very same eyes with mine… those eyes which I showed you that time…”
Heechul kept silence at the comment and still threw his glare. Villeitta smiled, “I just want to deliver the good news here. Be prepared, we will go back and finally destroy the era of Tzimisce”
The feminine vampire stood up and tried to throw another rock at Villeitta, but again, Hangeng prevented him and even attacked him with his fire. Heechul was able to block it, but he couldn’t stand the fact that the one who tried to hurt him was no other than his Hangeng. Villeitta once again pecked Hangeng’s lips and bid goodbye.
Heechul yelled uncontrollably, he cried and lifted all of the things around the area to the sky, the stone tower, the tree, the volcanic stone, just everything. He dropped all of it at Villeita’s escape direction. After that, he shook the entire ground hard as he kept yelling out of control. The weed also extending itself and just wiped everything away in its path.
‘Hangeng…he was my Hangeng…my Hannie!!! Why are you attacking me? Why are you allowing him to kiss you? why are you sucking his blood? You shouldn’t do that, Hannie…Hannie… how to get you back? How to make you remember? How to make you gain your mind back? Hangeng….’
“Heechul!! Stop! Heechul!” Leeteuk tried to approach the feminine vampire who lost all the control of his power. He yelled painfully as he kept holding his head. He scouted down, “No..no..no!!!!” he yelled again and made the tremble harder.
Leeteuk who got over his wound, finally approached the vampire and held him, “Chullie..stop..please…stop Chullie…”
Heechul grunted, “UUrrrghhhhh!!!!!!” he screamed and now made the weeds and trees wiping wildly. Leeteuk wasn’t given up, he held Heechul tighter as he also cried, “Heechul…you have to be strong, Heechul…”
Leeteuk was in pain, he couldn’t see Heechul like this. He was hurt, both physically and mentally, he lose control of his mind and power… if this continue, Heechul will lose his body as well. Why this must happen to him now? Why must Heechul? He was holding Heechul hard, caressing his soft hair, and throwing assuring word at him while Heechul couldn’t gain control of his power back and still acted wildly.
“Please Heechul…you have to stop…you destroy everything here, Chullie…”
Heechul keep growling and clutched his head hard. He cried loudly as he couldn’t stop mumbling the very same word, “Hangeng, hangeng, hangeng!!” the very same longing call of his partner’s name, the painful sobbing sound that made the other Zhupans’ heart were pierced.
The entire area around them was in chaos, the trembling won’t stop, the tree was torn away from its root and the soil was cracked in random pattern badly. Henry couldn’t stop crying as he saw the entire scene, Zhoumi was holding Henry tightly as himself also looked in pain, Kangin was grunted angrily at himself because he felt so useless and couldn’t do anything.
Heechul finally calm down as he was tired due to the amount of power that he used. He drained all of his physical ability and collapsed at Leeteuk’s arm. The flying things fell into the ground in large sound and the quake ended at the same time when Heechul lost his consciousness.
Leeteuk hold Heechul as he cried hardly. He buried his face at Heechul’s tired shoulder and he was shaking madly. Zhoumi, Henry, and Kangin went next to the two. They also looked in pain.
Kangin touched Leeteuk’s shoulder gently, Leeteuk brought his crying face and moved to Kangin’s broad shoulder to hide his face. Kangin hugged Leeteuk, his partner was really kind like this, he could never stand whenever his friend was in pain like this.
“Why? Why Kangin?”
“Sometimes…there’s question that doesn’t have any answer even though you’ve searched for it, Teuki…” Kangin replied gently
“Hangeng-ssi would never do that… he’s not our Voivode, right? Tell me that I’m right..tell me…” Leeteuk said again
“He’s under that bastard’s spell, hyung…” Zhoumi told Leeteuk
“What do you mean, Zhoumi?” asked Kangin for the clear situation
“He was saving us… he was tricked…” Henry added, still sobbing.
“Hangeng-ssi…was blocking the spell that was directed at us… we thought that it was a deadly spell…but it was a possession spell… we never knew that…” continued Zhoumi as Henry couldn’t say anymore words since he was too sad.
“Heechul…he…did he know about this fact?” Leeteuk asked
Zhoumi shook his head, “I’m afraid…Chullie hyung didn’t know about it” he mumbled in pain
“No…no…it’s too painful for him… it’s too cruel for him…” Leeteuk looked at the unconscious vampire in his arm
“Teuki… I think he knows…he’ll know, Teuki” Kangin said to prevent Leeteuk’s tears from falling again
“How is it possible, Kangin-ah?” Leeteuk cried
“It’s possible… if it was him, it’s possible…he understand Hangeng better than anyone, Teuki…he will know if something happen to him..”
“But this…this situation…everything…is so painful…Kangin…” Leeteuk buried his face again into Kangin.
“I know…I know…” Kangin said softly as he kept brushing Leeteuk’s hair.
Why this must happen again to the Tzimisce? Why everytime the Salubri made their move, the almighty Tzimisce always fell down shamelessly? Why we must all get into the cheeky trap of those lowlife vampires? Why? A lot of ‘why’ appered in Kangin’s thought… he sighed, he just said it himself, there’s some question which didn’t have any answers…and he didn’t understand how there can be such questions.
“Let’s go back…we must treat Heechul… his condition was really bad, he was really weak, and he couldn’t recover fast since Hangeng-ssi wasn’t here… we must get him a lot of rest” Leeteuk said after he finally got over his sadness.
Kangin nodded, he helped Leeteuk to carry Heechul. He placed the weak vampire on his back and gave him a piggy back. Leeteuk hold Kangin’s hand as he continuously checked on Heechul. Zhoumi also brought Henry back towards the mansion. They all were tired and they all were in pain, losing their leader and getting attacked at the same time make them really messed up right now.
“Once we’re back, we need to discuss some plan to get Hangeng-ssi back” Leeteuk said and followed by the nod from the other.

Two chapters as usual due to lateness :P
Please leave me some comment T^T I received so little comment at this fic! Is it not that good?? Is this story too boring and my writing not that good?? Tell me why you guys are being like this to me :"( Comment is my favorite cookies, I didn't know what is your opinion about this story without it. ;A;
chulie_7chulie_7 on November 19th, 2011 09:17 am (UTC)
omo this epi so good...poor chulie
im crying with him
hannie can't remember about him at all :(
thanks for update 2 epi
can't wait for the next chappie
FollowUrDestiny: HanchulTwinsfollowurdestiny on November 20th, 2011 12:43 am (UTC)
Evil!Villeitta ... but then again, he is just out for revenge -- and has chosen Heechul to blame for his loss...
Hope Han Geng will be able to fight the spell of, he will be able to do it eventually, because he is supposed to be the strongest of all... Looking forward to more! <33
ciolycioly on November 20th, 2011 03:18 pm (UTC)

Capitolul 10*