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19 November 2011 @ 02:30 pm
When Darkness Fall -nine-  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul  9
- primul pas spre salvare, first step of rescue-

So, it has been decided to rescue Henry. The Zhupan classes Tzimisce are the one who will go because it was too dangerous to break in to the Salubri’s hideout. Hangeng gathered the Zhupans into his working room in order to develop some plan.
“Have you guys ready for this?” The Voivode asked charismatically
Leeteuk and Zhoumi nodded as they were the one who were told to practice by the leader. “Great, let’s get down to the real business here”
“Hannie…” Heechul peeked from the grand door and showed half of his face cutely. He was just finished taking the shower and he was looking for everybody who were suddenly disappeared.
“Heechul!” Leeteuk exclaimed happily as he saw the other entered the room, he ran towards Heechul and practically jumped at him, “Are you alright?? You awake already??”
“Urgh!” Heechul groaned, “YAH! It hurts!” he complained as Leeteuk was pouncing at him accidentally.
Leeteuk grinned at him sheepishly, “Mianheeee, are you okay, Chullie??” he rumbled Heechul’s hair like a baby
“Teukiiii!” he pouted, “Stop destroying my elegant hairstyle!!” he complained and tried to break away from Leeteuk’s playful action.
“I’m just so happy to see you, Chullie… I thought that you’re…”
“tch~ I’m fine, Teuki. Stop worrying so much!”
“I’m sorry…” Leeteuk suddenly lowered his voice and brought down his head. “What for?” asked Heechul
“For being so weak and couldn’t be any help at all…” mumbled the angelic vampire guiltily
Heechul eyed Leeteuk confusedly, it was so strange that Leeteuk could act like this towards him, he never apologizing over this kind of matter previously, “Teuki, did you hit your head somewhere?”
Leeteuk shook his head. “Then, did Kangin give you some weird food?” Leeteuk shook his head again. “Did you finally repent yourself to God?” asked Heechul again.
“Yah! I’m being serious here, Chullie!” Leeteuk replied in annoyed
Hangeng chuckled at his lover’s antique thought, disturbing the two conversations and lighten up the mood. Seriously, his Heechul was just too amazing. Heechul eyed the chuckling Voivode, he was sure enough that this Hangeng of his got something to do with Leeteuk’s weird attitude. “What? Did you do something to him?”
Hangeng stopped immediately, how he could know about it? He threw him a gentle look and asked him to come to his side. Heechul followed the Voivode’s signal and shifted next to him. “I just ask him to train harder and prepare for the battle”
“Just that? You didn’t tell him that he was too weak right now so he couldn’t be called as a Zhupans, right?” Heechul glared at Hangeng dangerously
Hangeng stood still at his position, he glanced at Heechul fearfully, “You… don’t tell me that you could read mind as well, Chullie”
Heechul widened his eyes and slapped his arm hard enough, “Yah!! I’ve told you don’t be too harsh to Teuki! My injury was nothing to do with him, Hannie! Why are you blaming him? Look, he’s acting weird right now!”
“I just told him to train, and you could have fewer headaches if he was stronger. It’s the fact, Chullie” the Voivode tried to defend himself
“Hannieeee!” Heechul scolded Hangeng as Leeteuk interrupted, “Chullie…it’s alright… At least, because of that, I’ve got a bit stronger right now”
Heechul sighed, “Arassooo…” he then glared at Hangeng, “If you did that again, I will definitely mad at you!” he said that dreadfully inside his mind which can be heard perfectly by the Voivode.
“Got it, princess” the Voivode pecked Heechul’s cheek as his apology.
“Okay then, let’s start the plan” Hangeng coughed before he lead the group for the serious discussion.
After confirming each other and telling Heechul’s connection with the Salubri’s leader, the remaining 3 Zhupans finally understood the real situation. They decided to break into the headquarter and brought Henry back as fast as they could, while defeating this Villeitta in process. It’s like, killing two birds with one stone in positive way, but it could turn out to be a real bad situation if something went wrong.
“Alright, this is a very bold plan and really dangerous. Kangin and Zhoumi, both of you will come with me. Heechul and Leeteuk will stay here and protect the mansion if the worst case happens.” Hangeng recited his final order
“What is the worst possibility?” Kangin asked
Hangeng sighed, “I was defeated and he will go here then kill all of the Tzimisce… I’m afraid…” he shifted his gaze at Heechul as Heechul also eyed his lover. Heechul sighed and cluthed his arm tighter around the Voivode’s body. Heechul knew, he understood perfectly what Hangeng meant by it, Villeitta… was after his suffering and his life…
All of them gulped in fear as they heard Hangeng’s sentence. It was really dangerous and this all was unavoidable. It must be done and someone had to stop this completely. The vengeful and endless hatred between the two clan must be resolved right now, if not, it will last forever and brought a lot of misery.
“Well, any objection? or maybe an opinion?” Hangeng finally spoke again to break the painful silent. “If not then—“
“YES!” Heechul cut in. “What is it?” asked Hangeng
“I want to go with you! It’s dangerous, Hannie… I…I…” he trembled as Hangeng immediately embraced Heechul in his strong arms. He knew what was inside Heechul’s mind right now, his anxiety, his hesitation, his fear, he knew everything. Heechul was too scared to lose him, he was worried that he couldn’t see him again.
“I will be alright, Heechul…” he cupped Heechul’s face, “I need you to stay here…you are the only one who capable to protect them…”
“Bu..but, Hannie….~” whined Heechul. “I’ll be fine” Hangeng smiled then planted a gentle kiss on Heechul’s trembling lips.
“Promised? You have to return and bring Henry back to here again”
“I promise… I will return back to your side and we all will be together again” Hangeng said before he was attacked by Heechul’s tight hug. ‘Be careful, he was strong, Hannie…’ ‘I know, but I’m stronger, Chullie…your partner here is the greatest Voivode of all vampires, right?’
With that, the 3 Zhupans leave the Tzimisce’s mansion and began to save Henry.
“Fuck!! This won’t end!! There’s too any of them! I will stay here, you guys go ahead and find Henry!” Kangin cursed as he battled the Salubri who already greeted them ‘kindly’ the moment they arrived at the dark castle. There were at least more than 100 of them and they were acted as the opening parties to greet the three.
“Bu..but, Kangin-hyung!” Zhoumi was about to reject the choice as another monster came up to him and forced him to pause his word. “You won’t be able to handle this alone. Stop acting like a damn hero, here!” he continued after he froze the ugly creature.
“Yah! You should fix your choice of words when talking to your hyung, Zhoumi!” Kangin protested, he brought another Salubri to the ground then another then another one again, “and don’t underestimate me, you ice-cold-freaking vampire boy!”
On the other side, as the two Zhupans were throwing sarcasm towards another, Hangeng decided to concentrate himself. He built a perfect shield among his body to repel all Salubri’s attack, he then closed his eyes to focus on his mind and tried to search for Henry’s location.
After he finally figured out the exact location, he chanted his spell, “Great Loki, Child of Chaos, I invoke thy name to further the cause of destruction. Through these sacred runes I summon forth thy fury, and dispell Muspell's fires to ravage the Earth. Fly forth and destroy, Procellae Ignis” and threw all Salubri away from his path by a strong fire storm which made the 2 Zhupans stopped their bickering.
“Stop all of the childish argument and follow me. Kangin, stay behind and finish the matter here. After that, catch up with us to the center of the mansion. Come on, Zhoumi” Hangeng said then ran fast.
Zhoumi immediately follow his leader so that he didn’t lose sight of him, he already knew how fast his leader could run already, and heck, his speed was magical. “Well then, don’t let your ass being kicked off by that brainless monster, hyung!”
“Bastard kid!” Kangin yelled his final statement before he was left alone and did his job. “Well,” he said, cracking his fist then smirked, “Let’s get serious and make you guys rest peacefully”
“Where are we going, Hangeng-ssi?” Zhoumi asked as he wasn’t familiar with the surrounding and getting confused by the complicated path of the mansion.
“To Henry.” Answered the Voivode simply. Zhoumi growled as he got the answer that he wasn’t expected. Seriously, his leader needs to speak more and socialize more. Why Heechul hyung can’t influence him to do that anyway?
The two finally arrived at the main hall of the mansion. It was gloomy and rotten. If Heechul was here, Zhoumi could predict that the feminine vampire will definitely complain how ugly this place was. It was old, abandoned, and full of broken furniture. Unlike the Tzimisce’s hall which was too grand and too fascinating for being as a mere function hall.
“Finally, we could meet again, Voivode of Tzimisce” the deep voice roamed through the dark room and welcomed the two.
Zhoumi twitched as he saw the man standing in front of Henry who was being tied in a rope and cried in fear, “Henry-ah!!!” he yelled
The man smirked, “Oh, you brought a friend?”
Hangeng threw Villeitta his deathly glare, seriously, if it was Zhoumi, he will probably already run away and hide from that glare, “I came to take what’s mine.”
“He was yours? Aw, I’m sorry I didn’t know that” he replied in false gasping tone
“Give Henry back!!!” Zhoumi yelled as he was about to rush into Henry’s side and saved him immediately.
Zhoumi’s path was blocked by the sudden attack of dark lightning ball from Villeitta. He growled and he tried to freeze the attack. He succeeded in one try, surprising the other who was grinning deliciously.
“Wow, this Zhupans is better than that fatty-looking one!” he licked his lips, “I never thought you will be this generous to present me a more powerful Zhupans, Mr. Voivode. That’s so kind of you”
Hangeng slanted his eyes, disgusted by all of the bullshit and the tone that was used by the man, “Stop throwing shit from your mouth. Give Henry back.”
Villeitta smirked, “What if I refused?”
“Then, I will take him by force.” Replied Hangeng as he began to chant his attack. Zhoumi ran into Henry’s side, but Villeitta was blocking his way again.
The Zhupans was battling the Salubri. He was taken aback by Villeita’s power as the later were more powerful due to his age and his experience. Zhoumi’s skin was pierced by a sharp dark lighting that was thrown by the other. Villeitta then took his chance to punch the tall vampire right at his face and brought him to the ground.
Zhoumi licked his bleeding lips and Villeitta flashed his winning smile at him. “Dragon of Ice I summon thee, to protect the friend to hurt foe. Use all your might to destroy them quick so they can suffer your poisonous lick, Glacie Draco” Zhoumi murmured as he stood up and regained his fighting posture.
Suddenly, the temperature was dropping and cold air enveloped the entire area. A heavy growled could be heard. Villeitta was looking upward to search the source of the unknown voice. A sight of big and long creature greeted them as it was flying near the ceiling. Villeitta widen his eyes as he finally realized the creature.
Zhoumi glared at Villeitta, he ordered the ice dragon to attack Villeitta. The Salubri was thrown into the opposite wall by the great force of the dragon. He then recites his spell to throw the attack towards the dragon. But it was useless, it left no damage at the dragon’s hard skin. Then, Zhoumi made the dragon thrown a cold blast of ice towards the Salubri. Villeitta able to dodge some of it, but his right side was hurt badly at the attack.
Seeing Zhoumi had limited Villeitta movement, Hangeng threw his attack, “Thunder my anger, Lightning my might, Bring to me clouds, Black as night, Lumen Perpetuus” A continuous 10 strikes of lightning hit directly at the Salubri.
Villeitta unable to move and he was spitting a lot of blood. Zhoumi immediately ran into Henry’s side. He untied the rope and brought the scared boy towards his hug, “Henry…are you alright?”
“Zhou..mi…” Henry sobbed, “I..was scare…” he sunk his face into Zhoumi’s chest as he cried harder.
Zhoumi brushed Henry’s hair as he hugged him tight, “It’s alright now…it’s alright..Henry-ah…”
“I hate this place… I… I…”
“Ssshhhh” Zhoumi calmed the boy down, “We will go back to Tzimisce soon, Henry-ah…we will go away now…”
Henry sobbed, his skin was covered by a lot of bruise who already turned purple and some of them even bleed, he was scared, he was hurt, he only wants to escape the place as soon as possible. “Let’s go now… I’m sorry for making you wait, Henry-ah…” Zhoumi said again, he was in pain as well when he saw Henry’s bad condition.
Hangeng eyed the sight, it’s glad that they finally got Henry back. He smiled at the two, Zhoumi was reminding him at himself right now. How he will go crazy and just want to save his partner as soon as possible if the other was in danger. As Hangeng wanted to approach them and invited to go back to the mansion, he caught the Salubri who were chanting a spell at them. ‘Fuck!’ he cursed at his mind and got in front of them to protect the two.
Villeitta smirked as he saw Hangeng’s action. The Voivode was fell into his trap, his first intention was him from the beginning. He wanted to cast this spell to him, he wanted to make him get this spell. That was his plan, that’s why he abducted Henry so he could make the Voivode go here, then he will make a scene where he wanted to kill his subordinates.
The Voivode was hit by the spell as Henry and Zhoumi was too shocked at the fast incident. “Hangeng-ssi!!!” both yelled at the same time when they saw Hangeng scouted down in pain to the ground.
Hangeng growled, “Urrrgh!!!”
Zhoumi approached him, “Hangeng-ssi! Are you alright?!! Hangeng-ssi!!!”
“Go back to Tzimisce’s mansion…urggh! Take Kangin with you and protect Heechul…uurrrgh!!” He ordered in pain
“Bu..but, we can’t leave you here!!”
“NOW!” Hangeng yelled at Zhoumi and made him obeyed the order immediately. Zhoumi took Henry in his arm and he went to fetch Kangin then headed back to the mansion.
Villeitta smirked in victory as Hangeng lost his consciousness. He ran his hand on the Voivode’s cheek and brushed it, “You are mine now, Voivode of Tzimisce. Welcome to the family, handsome prince” then kissed his cheek.
“Let’s go back, Zhoumi!!! We can’t leave Hangeng-ssi alone there!!!” Henry struggling in Zhoumi’s hug and tried to break free so he could go back
“What the fuck is happening, Zhoumi?!” Kangin asked angrily
“I will explain later!! We can’t go back! That maniac will surely come to Tzimisce’s mansion and we need to protect Heechul hyung and Leeteuk hyung!!”
“But, Hangeng-ssi!!” Henry shouted
“He will be fine!!! HE WILL!!!” Zhoumi yelled back in frustration. The three then fell into a silence and ran as fast as they could while Henry couldn’t stop his tears.
“He was hurt, Zhoumi-ah…he was protecting us…”
“I know…I know, Henry-ah…He must be fine…he’s our Voivode…he’s always fine…” Zhoumi whispered unsurely
Little did they know, Hangeng wasn’t hurt at all. He was perfectly fine, he was collapsed since the spell was trying to manipulate and control his mind. That’s why, the Voivode felt a really great headache once he was attacked by the spell and lost his consciousness.
Meanwhile, at the Tzimisce’s mansion, Heechul and Leeteuk were waiting for the other to be back. Both sit in silence as they stared into empty space. Leeteuk could see a glance of fear and worry inside Heechul’s eyes, he too, felt the same with the feminine vampire across him.
“Chullie…are you alright?” Leeteuk asked Heechul who was stayed still in a sudden on his seat. Heechul could feel a really nasty feeling inside him, he didn’t understand what is that…but the feeling was totally unpleasant and he afraid that something bad will happen.
Heechul sat up abruptly as his elbow accidentally threw a picture of him and the Voivode to the ground. A large glass breaking sound could be heard in the silent mansion. Heechul picked up the photo which already broke down into pieces.
“I got a really bad feeling about this, Teuki…” Heechul brushed Hangeng’s photo as he tried to wash his insecurity away, ‘You will come back here safely, right? You will come back to my side, right?’

chulie_7chulie_7 on November 19th, 2011 09:11 am (UTC)
omo hannie in danger ...oh i hope his okay
chulie can feel it
poor henry
next please :)
ciolycioly on November 20th, 2011 03:16 pm (UTC)
waaah~ XoX please don't let something bad happen!

Capitolul 9

- first step of rescue- primul pas spre salvare-