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When Darkness Fall -eight-

Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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A/N : Before you read... I must warn you for the NC-17 scene here :P If you don't like it, you can skip the part~~~

Capitolul 8

- trecutul, the past-

Kangin was with Leeteuk the entire time. He couldn’t let his gaze away from his partner as he knew perfectly that Leeteuk was too broken right now. He watched his partner worriedly as the later didn’t even want to take a break and kept training. Kangin understood Leeteuk completely, his partner wouldn’t stop before he could grow stronger and ready to face the Voivode to battle along with the others.
Leeteuk was always like that, he always tried his best and would do anything to please the Voivode. He never wanted to look bad at the Voivode’s eyes and he worked hard for that. Kangin recognized this well, his partner was just too obsessed with the ‘good boy’ role and never wanted to get rid of that. When the Voivode told him such harsh words earlier, Kangin knew… Leeteuk’s heart wouldn’t be able to take that, he knew… Leeteuk would torture himself and gained the Voivode’s trust once more.
Sometimes, it hurts him to see that…to see his Leeteuk never rejected anything that the Voivode told him to do. He felt that Leeteuk always favored that Voivode more than him, his own partner. Kangin sighed, he tried to understand Leeteuk’s situation, that partner of him was always like that since the moment he saw Hangeng, Hangeng was the reason why he could be one of the Zhupans right now, and Kangin always struggled to accept that side of Leeteuk as he loved his angel so much.
Kangin’s thought was disturbed by a sudden tight hug from the other, he was greeted by the happiest smile from the vampire that he finally saw after 2 nights, “I’ve mastered it!!” he said cheerfully
Kangin smiled at his lover’s cute attitude, “Really?? Let me see it, Teuki” ‘At least, he got Leeteuk as his partner and he should be grateful of that. The hell with the other, Hangeng was Heechul’s and Leeteuk was his.’
Leeteuk nodded happily and showed Kangin his latest technique in calling the hurricane. Kangin smiled again as he saw Leeteuk did it perfectly, he ran towards the vampire, hugged him, and lifted him up to kiss his soft lips which he missed so much.
“That’s my Teuki” Kangin whispered softly after the kiss while Leeteuk blushed then hit his partner, “Yah, put me down” he pouted cutely
Kangin chuckled, “You’re really cute right now~” he said then put Leeteuk back down. Leeteuk then tugged the other’s hand to walk with him, “Come on!”
“Where?” Kangin asked
“We need to tell Zhoumi and plan some mission in saving Henry” replied Leeteuk with smile on his beautiful face
Kangin laughed, “So, now my angel turned into a strategy planner, huh?”
“No, I’m not~ I just want to save Henry and pay my mistake…” Kangin sighed, “Teuki…it’s never been your mistake…it’s no one mistake…”
“I know…but I always put it that way in my mind… that I was too weak to protect him that time…” Leeteuk replied softly
Kangin pulled his partner into a hug, “You’re not weak, Teuki… if you’re weak, you won’t be a Zhupans”
Leeteuk stayed silent, he enjoyed the warm when Kangin held him like this, he felt so secured and relaxed. After he finally calmed down, Leeteuk pulled away and smiled, “Let’s go to Zhoumi”
Kangin nodded and sighed. His word never won against that Voivode’s word inside Leeteuk’s mind. But at least, he was the only one who can calm Leeteuk down, that fact was enough to make him felt lucky to be his partner.
Heechul flinched a bit in pain as he finally regained his consciousness, his whole body was aching and his head was still spinning like crazy. He tried to open his eyes while he groaned a soft ‘ugh’. He rubbed his big eyes like a little child who just awake from his deep sleep. When he finally could see the world after being passed out for 3 days, he realized that he wasn’t on his bed nor at a fluffy sofa inside his bedroom, he then looked around to find out where he was and what was he doing there.
The feminine vampire scanned his surrounding which was covered by the mountains of book and looked upward to see the owner of the two well-built arm that circling tightly around his small waist. He smiled at the sight, he rarely saw this scene and it looked extremely cute to him, he found out the tough Voivode was sleeping peacefully.
He cupped his lover’s face and pecked his lips gently. How he loved this day so much, he just woke up and his first scenery was the sleeping Voivode that was just too adorable to be ignored. Heechul was enjoying the sight for a while, he never got bored to watch over Hangeng’s sleeping face like this, and he loved it very much.
When suddenly the thought of Henry being captured flashed back in his mind, Heechul’s previous amused eyes changed into a fearful and guilty eyes in a second. He trembled in horror as he remembered the sight of that man took Henry away and he couldn’t stop him. Tears began to flood in his eyes when a gentle hand wiped them away and soft lips covered his.
“You’re awake?” asked the owner’s of the voice gently
Heechul nodded as he held the previous hand and brought it to his cheek when tears began to role down slowly. “Sssh…” Hangeng shushed him in the softest voice ever and wiped the tears with his other hand.
“Hannieee…” whined Heechul, “I…I..” he sobbed
Hangeng held Heechul’s lips with his index finger, “I know, Chullie… I know…”
The Voivode let Heechul sobbed in his arm for a while and waited for him to calm down. After Heechul’s sob finally faded away, Hangeng held the later chin and made the feminine vampire faced him. Slowly, Hangeng moved forward and capture Heechul’s lips to completely erase the sob. The kiss was gentle, it just lips brushing with the other, no tongue, no bite, just a sweet and cute kiss of two beings who were madly in love with each other. They stayed like that for a while, enjoying the lovely moment together when Hangeng finally pulled away from Heechul.
“Are you okay now?” asked Hangeng tenderly
Heechul nodded and snuggled more into the Voivode’s sculpted chest, “I couldn’t protect him, Hannie…I…I…” Heechul was about to cry again when Hangeng smiled and kissed him one more time
“Stop crying already, Chullie…” he said after the kiss, “It’s not your fault…it wasn’t anyone fault…It’s that bastard fault”
Heechul stared at Hangeng cutely, just like a kitten that was confused by the world, “You sure...? Can…we save him?”
Hangeng nodded, “But, you have to tell me first about your connection with that bastard… Leeteuk told me that he held a grudge towards you…and he also once told me that he wanted to take revenge at us…what happen actually, Chullie?”
Heechul pulled down his head, he didn’t want to remember about the man, he didn’t want to think about that nightmare anymore… He hesitated for a while and held his head which started to hurt again since it wasn’t fully recover.
Hangeng who noticed his lover’s pain immediately brought Heechul’s head closer towards his body and brushed his hair softly. “Is it still hurt?” he asked worriedly
The feminine vampire shook his head, “It’s just a little bit painful..but it’s better…”
Hangeng eyed him in concern, he couldn’t stand seeing Heechul in this weak state, his Heechul was just too fragile right now, he afraid that he could break him at any moment if he held him too hard, he scared that he could lose him to a stupid headache, he just too frightened to lose this beautiful vampire right now. “Did you need my blood again to make you feel better faster?” he asked gently
“Again?” Heechul confused by the Voivode’s strange question. When did he suck the other’s blood? As long as he remembered, he hadn’t done one since he left to Bardêjōv.
Hangeng smiled, “I made you drink it when you were unconscious earlier… it will make you heal sooner…”
“How?” Heechul asked again, Hangeng smirked, he brought his face closer, “Do you want me to do it again?”
Heechul tilted his head innocently, “Huh? Stop being so weird, Hannie!” he protested while Hangeng just chuckled
“At least, you’re back to normal, Chullie” Hangeng smiled and cupped Heechul’s face. Heechul blushed at the statement and looked away. Hangeng made his lover faced him again, “Now, tell me the entire story, Chullie… so I could understand the situation better…I was researching about Salubri these past 3 days here and I hadn’t got any clue.”
Heechul eyed his Voivode, “That’s why we’re surrounded by these old books?? And you didn’t get out from here for 3 days??” Hangeng nodded
“Oh my!” Heechul rolled his eyes, “How could you do that? You didn’t have any of that boredom nerves, did you??” asked him unbelievably
Hangeng laughed, “You’re with me those entire times, I won’t ever get bored, of course”
“Hannie, stop being that corny”
“I’m not, I’m just romantic”
“You called that romantic? I called that sappy”
“You always win, right?” Hangeng chuckled again at the argument.
Heechul grinned winningly at him and soon his grin was replaced by stiffness as he prepared himself to tell the entire things to the Voivode, “I won’t tell you twice about this, Hannie… it’s just…a nightmare to me…”
Hangeng brushed Heechul’s hair before replied softly, “Share it with me… I will take that nightmare away”
I was never meant to do that to him… He was one of the most respected vampires in Tzimisce at that time. I was new and I just joined the clan for 2 years. I was told that I need to study to control the power that was given by the womanso I could master it completely. They said that my body was too weak to handle the power, thus, I need to be stronger so I could bear it.
With all of the newly born vampires, I was following that entire boring training lesson with numerous extremely conservative old teachers. There’s only one teacher that I thought he was good enough and better than the other… It was that man…
He was really gorgeous and charismatic, his face wasn’t that bad, his power was strong enough, and his position was high enough inside the clan. He got a really kind and beautiful partner… I really love his partner, he was the only man where I could go to whenever I was down and sick of all those trainings…He always comforted me, throwing a lot of gentle words which made me calm, and brushing my hair lovingly… I just…felt like he was my mother…
My relation with that teacher wasn’t that bad either…he was called Villeitta, but his partner always called him ‘Villei’. I thought it was a pretty cute name for a tough man like him. Things going a lot better in Tzimisce and I began to love my new life. I then learned about a feeling which called ‘love’ from those two. They told me about that special feelings which I never experienced in my human’s life.
They were inseparable and I always love their relationship. But, everything was changed since that day… I was training as usual when suddenly I saw the elders were running in panic. I heard a lot of shouting about the monster who broke into the territory and stuff. We were told to stay inside the mansion and weren’t allowed to take any step out there.
A week later, I saw my gorgeous teacher was capture and being brought to the court room. That time, when Hangeng hadn’t been as the Voivode, all of the decision was made by the elder vampires and the previous Voivode. Their decision was final and no one could change that, thankfully all of those cruel systems were erased now as Hangeng hated that the most.
I was shocked by the sight, my teacher looked so lifeless and his body was covered in blood. He wasn’t the usual teacher that I know… he just changed into a different man… and I couldn’t find his partner anywhere…I followed them as I was curious. Then, since I was the only one who was considered close to both of them, I was being brought in to be a witness.
I knew nothing and I was really surprised when the elders told me the entire story… I couldn’t believe it… How come? I shifted my gaze towards my teacher, staring at him for a long time, hoping that the vampire could look back and told me that it was all a lie. But, he never did that to me, he never brought his head up, and he never returned my stare.
The elders told me that my teacher was killing his own partner, they found them inside the forest when he was sucking his partner’s blood uncontrollably until the later finally died. I never wanted to believe in that story, they loved each other very much, and they always cared for each other. My teacher was really over protective towards his partner and he always showed me how to protect him! He won’t kill him personally!! He won’t drain him like that…there must be a good reason for that…
As I was refusing the whole matter, the court decided to make the decision without even considering my opinion. They were coincided to exile the man out of the clan. I bulged my own eyes at the harsh decision and extremely rejected that choice. I was protesting continuously until the last minute but I was so hopeless at that time…
I taught I will tell my teacher to run away, maybe it will be a better choice for him. I ran quickly to search for him when everything turned to be really late. The moment I found him, he was being dragged out of the mansion by the guards and he was pleading hardly to stop their action. He spotted me standing at the scene, he turned his gaze at me. I was so scared at his stare at that time…the look which was full of pain, hatred, and fury. I…couldn’t save him…
I never thought that he will come back again…and being misunderstood about the whole issue… He thought that I was the one who exile him…he thought that my opinion leads him to be thrown away by the elders…he thought that I was in love with his partner so I did that for revenge… I was never in love with his partner, I only admire the man, but he sometimes jealous at me and I didn’t understand why. Over years…I never forgot the look on his eyes at that time… his stare…always haunted me and gave me tons of nightmare…
Heechul sobbed heavily as he finished his story, “I…I should save him, Hannie… I hated myself… why I have to be that weak so I couldn’t do anything at that time? Why of all persons, that incident must happen to them? Why, Hannie??” I cried loudly and put my face deeper into his chest. My tears began to soak Hangeng’s cloth as I cried so much.
The Voivode could only wince in pain as he saw his partner breakdown completely like this, he never let go of his hug and he never allow Heechul escape from his lap. He was so scared Heechul would do something stupid if he did that, and he wasn’t ready to let go of the warmth from the other’s body right now.
“Ssssh…Chullie…” The Voivode tried to calm the feminine vampire down, “It was all a misunderstanding… you shouldn’t blame yourself like this…”
“You don’t understand, Hannie… if I cleared this up that night, he wouldn’t come back and take revenge at us… he wouldn’t attack Tzimisce and take Henry away! It was all my entire fault!!” Heechul hit Hangeng’s sculpted chest before he buried his face again into it.
Hangeng sighed, he put his gentle hand at Heechul’s hair and strokes it lightly to soothe his lover. He pushed Heechul away from his body and made the later faced him. They stared each other for some time when Heechul finally stopped crying as he saw Hangeng’s secured and protective look.
Hangeng smiled when he realized that Heechul had stopped crying, “Everything will get better, Chullie… I promise you…I’ll bring Henry back and I’ll kill that Villeitta who makes you suffer for more than 300 years”
Without notice, Hangeng suddenly smashed his lips into the other. Heechul was taken back at the sudden action and unnoticeably replied the sensual kiss. He moaned as Hangeng continuously nibbled his wet lips and he let Hangeng’s tongue slipped in as he couldn’t able to resist it any longer. The kiss went deeper and hotter, Hangeng pushed Heechul’s body to lay down on the sofa which was surrounded by pile of old books that he was reading earlier.
The Voivode kept sucking Heechul’s lips. Heechul moaned in pleasure, “Geng…” he said. Upon hearing such sexy growl from his beautiful partner, he was turned on even more. He then let his mouth away from the addictive lips to travel downwards into Heechul’s smooth neck while his hand was slipped beneath Heechul’s cloth, exploring every part of Heechul’s body.
Heechul moaned even more as Hangeng’s hand reached his sensitive nipple and played with it, “Han..geng” Hangeng smirked as he heard that and suddenly he pierced Heechul’s skin to suck some of his blood. The other gasped in surprise before he finally groaned in delight. As Hangeng got some delicious taste of his partner, his hand removed Heechul’s cloth and moved away to attack Heechul’s lips again.
Slender hands were roaming excitedly on his hair as the kiss deepened and Hangeng grinded their erection together. Heechul jerked back and let out a deep ‘urgh’ escaped from his already swollen lips due to too much kissing earlier. Hangeng brought his face down lower and sucked Heechul’s nipples while his hand working on Heechul’s hard member.
“Stop…teasing me..!!” Heechul protested as Hangeng was the only one who were touching him all over his sensitive area
Hangeng smirked, “You love this, don’t you?” he then stroke Heechul’s member suddenly and silenced his lover.
Heechul panted tiredly as he couldn’t take the abundant amount of pleasure that Hangeng were giving him right now. He yelled loudly, “Hannie!” when Hangeng took out his underwear and made his member exposed directly to the Voivode.
Hangeng smirked even more as he moved his body upward, having both of his knee which were located on each side of Heechul’s slender waist as his support, trapping the feminine vampire underneath him, he removed his cloth sexily and began to unzip his pants.
Heechul licked his lips at the sight which was noticed perfectly by the stronger vampire. Hangeng didn’t let go of his smirk when he finally finished removing his pants and kneeling completely naked on top of Heechul. “You love this scene so much, huh Chullie?”
The feminine vampire who was exhausted by Hangeng extreme molesting earlier seems forgot about it and now he was getting more excited than the other. Heechul called Hangeng to kiss him with his pointed finger that was being played seductively. Hangeng chuckled, “Yah, since when you get this naughty?”
Heechul smirked back, “Since you always tell me that corny words and molesting me endlessly”
“When did I assault your body endlessly? You’re slandering me, Chullie” Hangeng replied playfully before he finally attacked Heechul’s lips again and exploring every single part of it.
It was getting rougher and hotter as Hangeng pumping Heechul’s member and licking all parts of Heechul’s body. Hangeng moved towards Heechul lower part and took Heechul’s cock into his mouth completely. He sucked it hard when Heechul moaned erotically at the action. “Hannie!! I…I’m co..ming!” he yelled. Hangeng took all of Heechul’s taste and drank it with satisfaction.
He then began to lick Heechul’s entrance, “Hannieee~~!!!” whined Heechul at the pleasure while he dipped his long nail on both of Hangeng’s shoulder. Hangeng ravished Heechul’s hole and slided one of his finger inside. Heechul groaned madly as Hangeng inserted another two fingers at the same time.
“Hannnie…I can’t take this anymore!” Heechul said pleasurably when Hangeng’s finger playing inside his hot entrance.
Hangeng pulled out his fingers and licked it one by one with his tongue, “What do you want, Chullie?” he asked evilly
“Bastard, you know what I want!”
“Hmm? What?” Hangeng said as he captured Heechul’s lips again and poked his hard member at Heechul’s entrance. Heechul was at his limit, he couldn’t take this teasing game anymore, “YOU! INSIDE ME! NOW!” he yelled between the kiss.
Hangeng smiled at his victory and pushed all of his length into Heechul’s hot hole. Heechul grunted as his tight muscle covering Hangeng’s large length. As the Voivode began to move, Heechul moaned breathlessly, “Geng..ahhh…Geng...ahhh” he repeated the same word when Hangeng hit his pleasurable spot simultaneously
Hangeng moved in exotic rhythm which was really great in Heechul’s thought. He went faster, and then slower, then faster again, bringing him into a totally pleasant state. Heechul screamed the Voivode’s name loudly as Hangeng’s cock hit his prostate, “Hangeng!!”
“Heechul..urgh! so damn good”
“Faster…Hannie..aah…aaah..fasteeerrr!” Heechul moaned excitedly at the thrust. “I..I’m coming Hannie!” he yelled when he finally reached his limit and came a lot into Hangeng’s stomach.
Hangeng needed another few more thrust before he finally released himself inside Heechul. Heechul growled as he could feel Hangeng’s hot liquid inside him. Hangeng threw his body towards Heechul and rested his head beside the later. He caught his breath while his member still rest peacefully inside Heechul. Heechul also did the same. Hangeng finally got his breath back and he faced his beautiful lover. Heechul met his eyes. Both were smiling at each other before Hangeng steal some kissed from his partner.
When they finally broke apart, Heechul hit him on his arm, “Yah, pull back your member”
Hangeng smiled, he retreated his length from Heechul’s warm and stroke Heechul’s hair to wipe his sweat away. “I love you” he said
“I know… I love you too…so damn much” Heechul replied, “Arassooo…let’s take a bath before meet them, ok?” Hangeng said out of the topic.
“Stop reading my mind, will you?” pouted Heechul cutely
“It’s unstoppable, baby” he said then continued, “feeling better now, Chullie?”
Heechul sighed, “We have to take Henry back immediately, Hannie…I..”
Hangeng silenced his word by putting his pointed finger on Heechul’s lips, “We will… let’s have a meeting and discussed the plan”


Sorry for the late update!! but as an apology, I gave you 2 chapters in a row ^^
I managed to write a lot this time and my ideas for this fic just flow crazily!!! LOL I enjoyed writing this so much!! So, I hope you guys enjoy reading this so much as well :D Thank you for keep following my fic and please leave me comment -O v O-

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