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When Darkness Fall -seven-

Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : PG-15
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul 7

- rapirea, abduction-

The 3 vampire walked back towards the mansion while Leeteuk kept complaining about the shopping bag on his hand. He couldn’t accept why the owner of the shopping bag himself didn’t bring any single thing of his stuff and he’s the one who deal with them. His hand was hurt already due to 6 bags that were given to him by Heechul.
When Leeteuk talked back, Heechul reason was just too unbelievable! He said that Leeteuk have to be grateful rather than complaining, he said he was the one who brought them to the city, at least they should do something in return, thus, bringing his shopping bag. Leeteuk couldn’t accept such a foolish reason like that, he’s sick of this pile of stuffs on his hand right now.
“Stop complaining and just bring it, Teuki. I didn’t care if you can’t accept the reason, I just want you to shut up and walk silently” snapped Heechul
“Excuse me, Princess Heechul. I’m not your slave whom you could order around!!!” replied Leeteuk pissed
Heechul slanted his eyes in annoyance, “I didn’t think you as one!! I just need your help to bring my stuff!!”
“You have your own hand and you could bring this by yourself!! It’s your stuff anyway!!!”
“I don’t want! Hangeng never told me to bring one, he never complained when he brought my shopping bags!” Heechul said annoyingly
“I’m not your Hangeng over here!! And your stuffs are fucking heavy!!! You should help me and don’t be a brat!!” Leeteuk fought back
“Don’t curse at me! And stopped talking like that!!! I’m not a brat! I’ve lived longer than you and I think you should remember our position over here, Leeteuk-ssi!” Heechul raised his voice. He was totally annoyed, no one ever talked to him like that, not even Hangeng.
Leeteuk stopped immediately after hearing Heechul’s last word. He kept his mouth shut and just brought Heechul’s stuff silently. When Heechul already acted like that and raised his voice, he should stop complaining and did what Heechul told him to do obediently. If he failed to do so, Heechul wouldn’t hesitate to use his power and made you do it. Heechul was always right and Kim Heechul always wins. Sometimes, Leeteuk really hate this kind of Heechul! Maybe his ‘bratty and spoiled’ attitude of him was given by the very special treatment by The Voivide. That Voivode was spoiling him so damn much until he acted like this.
Leeteuk sighed, Heechul walked ahead of the two, and the atmosphere was so tense. Henry just could watch his hyung fighting each other and he didn’t like the situation after that. It was just too uncomfortable.
Suddenly, Heechul’s step was stopped by the rustling sound around the area. Leeteuk and Henry didn’t notice it, but as the Voivode’s partner and the Earth controller, Heechul noticed it very well. The other two Zhupans were confused by Heechul’s sudden action.
“What happen, Heechul-ssi?” asked Henry
“Shit!” Heechul cursed as he stood by in his fighting position.
Henry and Leeteuk got more confused at that, but then he realized what the hell was happening right now. Leeteuk rushed to get in front of Henry to protect him while the boy still couldn’t figure out the situation.
“How come I didn’t notice them earlier?!” Heechul blamed his stupid self who got too carried away by his ‘instant’ vacation.
“I’m sorry, Chullie… I didn’t notice them as well…” Leeteuk looked at the Zhupans apologetically
Heechul shook his head, “It’s not your fault Teuki”
As he said that, around 50 Salubri surrounded and trapped them with nowhere to run. Henry finally noticed the whole situation now.
“Damn it!!” Hangeng suddenly cursed as he was in the middle of the meeting with Kangin and Zhoumi regarding the next battle plan with the Salubri
Kangin and Zhoumi both widened their eyes as they heard the Voivode’s curse. Hangeng rarely curse like that unless there’s something really dangerous was going on. The Voivode stood up rashly and headed towards the door without even explaining to the two Zhupans.
“Wait, Hangeng-ssi! Where are you going?” asked Kangin before he finally lose sight of the Voivode
“Heechul! Damn it, that Salubri!! If he dares to lay a hand on my Chullie, I’ll fry him raw immediately!!!” yelled Hangeng as he exited the room, leaving the 2 dazed Zhupans.
Kangin immediately followed the Voivode and so did Zhoumi, ‘Shit! How could he run that fast?! Aigooo, that Voivode…’
“What the hell was happening, Hangeng-ssi?! At least explained it to us first!” Kangin asked when he finally able to catch up with Hangeng
“Heechul, they were surrounded by the goddamn Salubri!!”
“How could you know about it?”
“Heechul’s mind was telling me that way! Anyway, got there as fast as you could. I’ll head there first!” with that, Hangeng sped up and leaving Kangin with Zhoumi who were speechless at their leader’s power.
Leeteuk and Heechul were struggling by the amount of Salubri which were attacking them. Henry’s power couldn’t do much in helping them as well. Heechul was dealing with several of them and Leeteuk was separated 2 miles away to protect Henry.
Heechul bulged his eyes as he saw one figure in front of him, he stopped his action immediately as he stunned in silence, “You…” he finally got his word back
The figure smirked evilly at the vampire, “Long time no see, Kim Heechul-ssi” he said
“Wh…what are you doing here?” Heechul asked as he clearly remembered the being in front of him, the painful memories that he couldn’t erase no matter what and haunted him until now.
“What? You thought I was dead already? After I was being kicked out by you? Do you think you already win that time?”
“Bu—but!” Heechul’s word was cut down by the other, “But, the fact wasn’t like that. I came back, to take my revenge on you!”
“Villeitta-ssi, I’m not the one who exiled you!” Heechul argued, he’s trying his best to explain the whole misunderstanding situation and made everything clear.
Villeitta stared at Heechul in disbelief, “Do you think I believe in your word? I’M NOT STUPID, HEECHUL-SSI!!!” he yelled at Heechul and summoned 10 Salubris all at once to attack Heechul.
Heechul was taken back at his action and retreated away from Villeitta. The Salubri’s leader was laughing madly at Heechul’s misery. “I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER, HEECHUL. JUST WAIT AND SEE. YOU WILL UNDERGO MUCH MORE PAINFUL EXPERIENCE THAN MINE. I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW DID IT FEEL TO LOSE YOUR LOVELY ONE!” shouted him to make sure that Heechul heard the sentence.
The Vampire was struggling in defeating the army of Salubri, Leeteuk as well was dealing with some of them. Heechul slanted his eyes to concentrate, he leaved the Salubri one by one into the air and then dropped them hard to the ground, hard enough to make them break their head and died. Leeteuk was calling the wind to help him in sweeping the bunch of monsters in front of him away.
They finally met each other, Leeteuk’s back was at Heechul’s and Henry was standing between the 2 Zhupans. Leeteuk began first and eliminate several of them. He then proceeds to have some hand combat battle with one of them. Leeteuk wasn’t that good at those stuff but at least, he had some training about martial arts before he was promoted to be the Zhupans.
All Zhupans need to past several training and mastering some power before they could carry such title. Since Leeteuk hasn’t had much experience about it, he got some scratch along his beautiful skin and one at his cheek.
Heechul was frustrated by the never ending attack from the brainless monsters, he let himself calm down for a while before he casted the spell to call the earthquake.
He took a long deep breath, closed cat-like eyes, and then mumbled, “Thy goddess of the earth, I call upon your help. Break the wall, split up the ground, shake the entire earth, Terrae Motus”
The entire ground suddenly was shaken very hard, Leeteuk who was battling with one of the Salubri was forced to retreat to higher place, and the beautiful vampire wrinkled his eyebrows in deep concentration. The tremor became stronger and the soil was tore into several parts. The ground was ripped down and opened a wide dark crack.
Heechul then focused his attention to the remaining Salubri and leaved them into the air. He brought them forcefully towards the dark crack and then dropped them hard. The ground crumpled again before it finally covered the entire army of Salubri completely.
As Heechul was concentrated in eliminating the monster, Villeitta took the chance to get near Henry and captured him. Leeteuk who was brought far away from the boy due to the earlier combat cursed loudly, “Shit! It was all a trap!!”
The other Zhupans who heard Leeteuk’s cursed immediately shifted his gaze as he saw Henry was held by Villeitta. Heechul who realized the entire situation immediately tried to reach the young boy who was captive by the Salubri’s leader, but his feet was stopped by the sudden ache which attacked his head. He crouched down in pain and held his head with his two hands.
“Heechul!!” Leeteuk shouted as he noticed Heechul was in pain
“Urrggh,” groaned the feminine vampire
“Hahahaha!! You both fell into my trap! I know you are powerful, Heechul-ssi! But I also know your weakness and that pleasure headache of yours every time you use your power too much!! I’ll take this precious younger boy with me” Villeitta said
“Let..urgh HIM GO!” Heechul yelled as he tried to call the surrounding woods to help him. The weeds was moving and stretching to reach Villeitta and Henry, forming a formation to trap the two and get Henry back.
Villeitta smiled evilly at that, “You are too late to do that, Heechul-ssi. It’s nice meeting you again” he said and left.
Heechul grunted, “aarrghhhh!!!!!” he held his head more firm and Leeteuk approached him, “Heechul! Are you alright??!!”
Leeteuk scouted down and held the other, he tried to comfort his friend, he knew… Heechul used his power too much today… and he couldn’t do anything to help him, even though he was there, even though he witnessed everything. He hated himself so much, he was really weak to be able to do something in helping his friend. He felt really guilty as he heard another painful screamed from Heechul.
“Chullie..” he tried to call him again
Much to Leeteuk’s surprise, Heechul’s eyes began to wet, “I…couldn’t protect him, Teuki..”
A hard pang hit Leeteuk’s heart. It wasn’t Heechul fault at all, Heechul was protecting them with all his might, but he? He didn’t do anything! He even got injured by a mere low level monster like them. He felt so ashamed at himself, “It wasn’t your fault, Chullie… It’s never been your fault…”
“UURGH!” groaned Heechul again as Leeteuk held the vampire tighter. A strong pair of arms suddenly snatched the wounded figure from his arm. Leeteuk shifted his gaze to see who did that and then brought his head down apologetically after he knew the person.
“I’m sorry I was late…” the new comer spoke gently at Heechul as he embraced the feminine vampire tightly into his hug.
Heechul buried his head to new comer’s chest, he slipped out some tears and sobbed slightly in pain, “I couldn’t protect him… I couldn’t save him, Hannie…”
Hangeng brought Heechul closer to him, “Sssh…it wasn’t your fault… you used your power too much Chullie…”
“Urrgh!!” Heechul cried in pain and then passed out as it was too aching to be handled by the vampire.
Hangeng kissed Heechul gently on the lips as he brushed the later cheek and carried him in bridal style. Zhoumi and Kangin who arrived later were confused by the whole scene in front of them. Kangin approached Leeteuk immediately as he noticed his lover was crying on the ground, covering his face with both hands.
“Teuki…” he called
Leeteuk who noticed the voice immediately threw himself into his hug, “I…I was there, Kangin…and I let all of this happen… I can’t even protect Henry… Heechul…he…suffered so much…”
Hangeng stopped his step in a sudden, “Let’s go back to the mansion now. All of you.” He instructed
“Hangeng-ssi, could we stay here for a bit longer? I need to calm Leeteuk down first…” replied Kangin pleadingly
The Voivode didn’t even turn his body around to face his subordinate and said coldly, “No. Go back to the mansion, and I want to have a word with your dear partner, Kangin”
“But, Hangeng-ssi..”
“Return to the mansion. Now.” Hangeng ordered then walked away with Heechul in his possessive arms.
When Hangeng already threw that kind of voice, the remaining Zhupans knew it very well, he was mad and they all must follow his order. His statement was absolute and no one could deny it. Zhoumi, Kangin, and Leeteuk finally returned back as they were told to. Leeteuk was never lifting up his head along the way, he was too afraid of the Voivode and he felt really guilty about the incident. He knew perfectly, Hangeng will scold him or even worse, the leader could punish him or throw him away from the clan for the worst scenario. What can you expect more? Heechul was hurting so badly because of him, and the entire universe knew that the Voivode will never forgive anyone who hurt his precious princess.
Leeteuk sighed. Kangin looked at his partner in concern, he circled his strong arm around Leeteuk’s small shoulder and brought the later closer to him, “You will be fine, Teuki…” whispered Kangin in assurance.
“No, I won’t” replied Leeteuk coldly and threw his face away from his partner.
“Teuki… he wouldn’t that cruel to do such thing to you…” Kangin brushed Leeteuk’s cheek and made the other face him forcefully.
“You sure?” Leeteuk asked with teary eyes. Kangin sighed and nodded, he hugged Leeteuk tightly, to be honest, he also scared at the awaiting punishment for his beloved partner, he just hope Hangeng wasn’t that cruel to give him such a harsh punishment.
Hangeng settled down at his throne couch, with Heechul still placed protectively in his strong arm. Hangeng called the 3 Zhupans into his room to hear the exact story from the previous incident.
Leeteuk, Kangin, and Zhoumi entered in silence. Hangeng motioned them to sit down before he began to talk, “What happen exactly at the forest, Leeteuk?” his voice was deep and dangerous enough to make the later flinched in fear.
Leeteuk brought his head up slowly, afraid at the Voivode’s deathly glare at the moment, his voice stuttered, “We..were going back to the mansion…when suddenly our way was blocked by the Salubri. We all didn’t notice their presence as we were too busy fighting…”
Hangeng eyed Leeteuk, “Fighting about what?” he asked perilously
The angelic Zhupans hesitated to answer for a while, “About…” he paused for a long silence which made the Voivode annoyed, “What?” Hangeng raised his voice a bit and made Leeteuk jolted at his seat.
Kangin eyed his scared partner, he wanted to comfort him and did something to help him, but he too… was hopeless against Hangeng. He sighed deeply and tried to rub Leeteuk’s back, hoping that the later could relax a little at his touch.
“I…it was my fault!” Leeteuk shut his eyes, “I was complaining at him because I didn’t want to bring his stuff… Heechul was angry at that and…he couldn’t detect the surrounding as sharp as usual due to that…”
Hangeng sighed, “Go on, and what happen after that?”
“We were surrounded by about 50 Salubris… Heechul and I tried to defeat them while protecting Henry at the same time… Heechul did most of the fighting and I was in charged in protecting Henry… but then… the leader came and pushed Heechul back… Heechul…he seems knew this Salubri’s leader… that leader was talking about revenge and really pissed at Heechul… after that..we were attacked by all of the Salubri at once and I was forced to leave Henry in a fight. Heechul called the earthquake and defeated all the Salubri while Henry was taken…” Leeteuk said in soft voice.
Hangeng clutched his eyebrow together and growled in fury, he stroke Heechul’s cheek gently before returned his attention towards the remaining Zhupans, “He called an earthquake?”
Leeteuk nodded in guilty, “I..I’m sorry Hangeng-ssi…I couldn’t prevent him…I…” his word was cut down by the cold leader, “Why you didn’t rush in and save Henry?”
“I..I… Heechul…he made the woods extend and tried to recapture Henry back…I couldn’t move since my way was blocked by one of Heechul’s woods…I’m sorry…”
The Voivode took a deep breath to control his anger, his voice was so dark and dreadful, “Leeteuk, go with Kangin and do more training. I didn’t need any weak Zhupans to be here, polish your skill more and do some combat training. Don’t show your face in front of me if you haven’t prepared enough for the battle. I give you 3 days to do that.”
Hangeng’s word was so piercing, Leeteuk nodded his head down and tears began to flood in his eyes. Kangin shocked at the leader’s word, he never heard Hangeng spoke that cruel before to one of the Zhupans… Kangin hauled his partner to retreat as he saw Hangeng glared straight at them.
As Kangin and Leeteuk left, Zhoumi embolden himself to speak, “Hangeng-ssi… how about Henry? We couldn’t leave him alone there…”
“I know. You didn’t have to tell me that” Hangeng replied sarcastically. His mood was really bad right now, at one side, he really angry at himself because he arrived so late at the scene and made Heechul turned out this way, but at another side he regretted himself since he was so foolish for not pushing all of the Zhupans to train harder.
Zhoumi immediately shut his mouth as he heard Hangeng’s tone. He was scared, but he also very worried about Henry. He couldn’t let his partner suffer there alone, he was new in this world, yet he already captured by the enemy. Zhoumi didn’t dare to imagine what kind of things that could happen to the younger boy. “Let me go and save him” he asked bravely
“Don’t ever dare to step outside this mansion without my permission. Wait for the next 3 days to see the situation further. If nothing happens and it’s getting worse, you will go with me and Kangin there to save Henry.” Hangeng ordered Zhoumi coldly
“Bu--!” “Stop talking back to me! And please understand the whole situation right now!” told Hangeng harshly
Zhoumi glared at his leader, he couldn’t believe it that the Voivode asked him to wait for another 3 days to save his partner, what if anything bad happen to Henry in that 3 days? Hangeng was just too selfish and taught about himself only! He only concerned about his Heechul! How can that kind of person be the leader?!!! He should think about his subordinate more than his own partner!!
Hangeng slammed the table hard and made Zhoumi jumped at his seat. Zhoumi really forget that the Voivode could read mind, he cursed silently ‘Crap!’
“I’m not just thinking about myself here! You just didn’t understand anything. If you go out there alone, what could you do? You think you strong enough to defeat them at their own territory?? Don’t be such a fool, Zhoumi. If you were captured by them as well, it will be harder for us to beat them. Use your brain here!!” yelled Hangeng while explaining his logic towards the Zhupans.
Zhoumi brought his head down in guilt. The Voivode was right…he couldn’t just act carelessly in this situation…as much as he cared about Henry, he couldn’t risk his entire clan here. It’s not like Henry going to die anyway… that Salubri’s leader… has nothing to do with his partner, right? He hoped so…
“I…I’m sorry…” replied Zhoumi
Hangeng sighed as he finally controlled his emotion. These whole things happen with Heechul and Tzimisce really made him lose his cold side easily. He just couldn’t stand it whenever he saw his partner in pain like now. “Go back now and practice more to master the technique in calling your dragon. We might need an Ice Dragon to defeat the Salubri” Hangeng said and smiled playfully to enlighten the mood at his last sentence.
Zhoumi finally grinned as he saw the Voivode’s face, “yes, Your Highness” he replied playfully
Hangeng chuckled, “and don’t curse at me again. You can’t do that to The Voivode , you know”
Zhoumi smiled sheepishly, “You heard that as well? I’m sorry…”
“Never mind, now go and practice. In 3 days, you have to master it completely” Hangeng ordered Zhoumi as the later bow his head and retreated.
Hangeng sighed, he pinch his nasal bone to get rid of his headache due to the chaotic situation right now and calmed himself down. He looked at his partner who was sleeping peacefully and snuggled his head towards him. He enjoyed Heechul’s smell so much, it was so sweet and intriguing. Hangeng brought the feminine vampire closer and gazed painfully as he saw some scratch at his partner’s face. He brushed it gently and treated it softly. ‘I’m sorry, Chullie… please wake up soon…’
The Voivode then reached for the knife inside his drawer, he took it and slashed his smooth skin with it. Fresh blood flew directly from the wound, Hangeng sipped it from his arm and took it to his own mouth. As he thought he took enough of it, he brought his mouth to Heechul’s and gave the later his blood. He then took the bandage and closed his wound.
Hangeng kissed Heechul’s lips gently for quite long before he finally pulled back and pecked Heechul’s smooth cheek, “Get well soon, my beloved Chullie” he said then brought the vampire towards the library for some research at the Salubri and settled him in his lap securely.
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