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When Darkness Fall -six-

Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : PG-15
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul 6

-viata anterioara, the previous life-

I was born in a broken family. My mom was having affair with another man and my father was a perverted jerk who had slept with thousands bitches. I couldn’t even count how many times I couldn’t sleep due to loud moan and pant at night. My childhood was a nightmare. I didn’t believe how come everyone said that childhood was the happiest moments of one’s life, I couldn’t see where was the happy part of it.
I never understand the meaning of love. To me, there’s no such thing exist in this corrupted world. My mom and dad never care about me, they didn’t even dare to look at me and always act like I didn’t exist. The only thing that they’ve done to me was giving me money so I could continue my life. I was being taken care by my grandmother when I was small, but at my 5th birthday, she was died due to oldness.
Since that day, no one ever care about me. I was left alone, I was abandoned, and I was dumped. I didn’t know why I was still alive, what was the purpose of this life, and why every human wanted to live for tomorrow. For me, I always pray that I could die tomorrow, I could release all of this loneliness and this emptiness.
With no purpose of life and with my family’s background, I ended up in prostitution world. I saw my dad did a lot of sex when I was small, and I wonder why dad loved doing that so much. As my curiosity was building up and due to my teenage hormone, I was agreed to do one with stranger who happen to ask me in a bar one night. It was my first time, and I didn’t feel anything as that man took away my virginity. I felt that he was cared about me when we’re doing it. He was so gentle and took me kindly. The next day, he left me alone with a bunch of money at the bedside table.
It wasn’t so bad, I thought. I felt care, I felt loved, but I know it was all just a fake. Even though, I kept doing it and did it with a lot of man and woman. I ended up pathetically like my dad. I didn’t even care about it, all I care was one thing, I could get money and continue to live or just died tomorrow.
But, that night, everything was changed. That incident changed my life forever. I was walking down the dark alley when I met several man intercepted my way. I knew where this was going to, so I obediently allow them to take me. I was raped by them and they were taking me so many times until I thought I’m almost break. I was left alone in the alley as they’ve finished their lust on me. I was too tired to move and I decided to lay down for a bit there.
Suddenly, I heard someone approached me. His eyes were red and his skin was really pale. It was the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever saw in my life. He was staring at me hungrily then out of sudden, he attacked my neck and pierced my skin with his sharp fang. He was sucking my blood as I groaned in pleasure. But then, he suddenly stopped as he heard the sound of bird chirping excitedly to greet the morning. He left me fast before I could even ask what he was and why he was sucking my blood.
A minute later, I felt a jolt inside my body, all of my body was aching greatly and it was like thousands of needles piercing my body in the same time. I groaned in pain and passed out. When I woke up, I was here, inside the Tzimisce’s mansion.

Henry gulped as he heard Leeteuk’s story. He never knew that this kind and angelic vampire was once a prostitute who doesn’t even know the meaning of love. Now, the Leeteuk that he knew was really kind and full of love, he wondered whether was Kangin the one who change him.
Heechul came from a really well-known family at that time. A noble’s family you could say that. But, being an aristocrat and came from a high-class family wasn’t as happy as you thought. His father was really strict and his mother was a really useless woman.
Although his mother was very beautiful and his father was handsome, it didn’t mean that they have a beautiful heart as well. Heechul’s mother had a very weak body to begin with, she barely survives when she gave birth to Heechul and his father was a jerk.
Heechul’s father often beaten his mother up and Heechul always ended up crying when he saw his mom got tortured by his father. That’s why he was determined not to be a weak adult like his mom. He always hated her why he didn’t fight back and kept being with his dad. It wasn’t long when his mom could survive the hell.
When Heechul was 4, his mother passed away. Heechul’s father was a perfectionist, he wanted his son to be as perfect as him and be the most superior human out there. Since Heechul was small, he already given tons of lesson and training at education, music, and language. That’s the reason why Heechul was able to master everything so fast right now.
Heechul was never experienced freedom, he was like a bird in a cage which can’t ever escaped the reality that was called as fate. Once, he really wanted to be like a normal child who could play happily and ran around at the outside world.
Not only he needed to attend every lesson that had been scheduled by his father, he also must do everything perfectly. If he failed to do so, his father wasn’t give him any mercy and beaten him up. His body was covered with so many wound and there was some scar which you could see until now. It was a prove of the permanent painful memories that couldn’t be erased from his mind forever.
Once Heechul stepped into adulthood, he was finally fed up of all that shits and gathered up his courage to finally run away from home. He succeeded, he ended up in a big lake to take a rest for a bit. It was a beautiful full moon night when he met a gorgeous woman approached him and held him tightly.
Heechul thought that he met his mother’s spirit, but he was wrong. That woman was not her mother, she was a pure breed vampire who happened to be sick of the eternity stuff. She always found a way to die honorably, she didn’t want to commit a suicide with the sun, she wanted to transfer her power to someone so at least she could be a used for others.
Without even confirming to Heechul’s first, she bitten Heechul out of notice and transferred all of power in the same time. As the process done, the woman collapsed and her body turned into ashes that were being washed away by the night wind. Heechul groaned in pain as he received her power, he didn’t know that her power was too powerful for his body and he ended up aching up his head all the time. Heechul’s body was never strong to begin with due to his mother’s inheritance, that’s why the woman’s psychokinetic power was giving him hard time now. He collapsed at the process and he was waked up inside the mansion as well.

“So… that’s the reason why Hangeng-ssi was really over protective about Heechul-ssi?” Henry asked after he knew the entire story.
Leeteuk smiled and nodded, “He might have a great power and strong enough to be placed second in the entire clan, but his body was really weak and once he was hurt, he needed longer time to recover… that’s why, Hangeng always stick to him and carry him wherever he goes when Heechul was recovering”
Heechul pouted, “It’s not my fault… I also didn’t want to have such a weak body…”
Leeteuk smiled, “I know… no one will ever wish to have such a weak body, Chullie… Now, tell me about Hangeng’s story then”
Heechul scoffed, “Why did you want to know about Hannie’s story so badly, Teuki?”
Leeteuk stuttered, “Be..because, I want to know more about our leader, Heechul. So I could trust him more”
“You didn’t trust him now?”
“I trusted him! All the time, but wouldn’t it be more conventional if we know all of our past??” Leeteuk replied
As long as I remembered, Hannie was come from a professional assassin’s family. His father was the best assassin at that time and his family was known as the most elite assassin’s family. Many famous people, earl, and aristocrat hired them because of the cruel grudge and revenge that you couldn’t even imagine which happened in the upper society.
Growing in such family, made his father trained Hannie since he was small. Hannie really loved all the training, he thought that it was fun to study such techniques where no one could do that. He was being thought a lot of stuff about the dark world. That’s why his martial arts, ninja movement, and swordsmanship techniques were excellent.
However, it wasn’t as fun as Hannie’s thought before. He never knew the meaning of life by doing it. He was never thought by anyone how important one’s life could be. All stuff that was told to him was killing and that’s it. To him, killing was the only things that he could do in his life and it was the sole purpose of his life.
He admired his father so much, that’s why he trained very hard and wanted to impress his father. His mother was a caring one, and she wasn’t get involved in the business. His father prevented him to do so and always protect her. But one night, his father failed to do so.
Hannie’s father was doing his job as usual, but out of his knowledge, another man who held grudge towards his family came and killed his mother right in front of his eyes. The killer wasn’t known about Hannie’s position, that’s why he was alive. He approached his mother who was tainted with blood. He hugged him tight and took out his blade, he wanted to swear that he will kill the man whom took his mother’s away for sure.
It was when his father came back and thought that Hannie was the one who killed his mother. His father was in rage and hit Hannie’s hard. He was hurt, he wanted to explain, but it was too late, his father was killed by another man that came suddenly from the window. The man was sucking his father’s blood until the end. His father then was thrown away harshly as a trash as the man approached him.
Hannie’s was taking his fighting stand but the man was too fast, he was bitten Hannie and sucked his blood when the sun finally came out. The man dropped Hannie and he was crouched down painfully as the sun shone and burnt him down to ashes. Hannie then knew, he was a vampire. But one thing that he didn’t know, he was a pure breed which somehow turned him into one as well.

“And may I know how come he could be the Voivode, Heechul-ssi?” Henry asked curiously
“Hannie was brought here 5 years after me, when I met him, he was covered in blood and looked so lifeless… he really admired his father and loved his mother, seeing they were killed right in front of his eyes and he could do nothing was a total despair to him. He hated how weak he was at that time until he couldn’t protect his precious one…that’s why…when he got here, he was so obsessed with training and always seek the way to be the strongest person… he was really cold and never talked to anyone, the only thing in his head at that time was getting more power…that’s why he ended up being the strongest and getting the Voivode as his title…” continued Heechul
“And I think his cold personality couldn’t ever be erased from him now” added Leeteuk
Heechul chuckled, “But you know, when he’s being that cold… he looks so damn hot!!”
Henry laughed and Leeteuk could only nod in agreement. “How about Kangin-hyung?” asked Henry curiously to Leeteuk.
Leeteuk smiled, “I’ll tell you”
Kangin was a professional palace guard who loved his job very much. He was a bright muscular man who happened to be loved by everyone in the palace. He always cheerful and did his job whole heartedly.
Because of his achievement and such personality, he was promoted to be one of the Queen’s body guards. He was an expert and excelled at every hands combat battle. His wide and muscular body made him one of the strongest men in the palace that was respected by most of everyone.
However, there’s one secret that Kangin hided from everyone. It’s his biggest secret and he couldn’t let anyone knew it since it will threatened his bright career. Yes, he was in love with the Queen. The queen of his palace was a really beautiful woman, she was elegant and very kind to everyone. Kangin admired her a lot since the moment he met her, actually, she was the only reason why he joined up to be the palace’s guards.
When he got promoted to be the Queen’s bodyguard, he was squealing all night like a girl who just got accepted by her first love. During his new job, he spent a lot of time with the queen and he knew a lot of new side of her. The Queen was a really gorgeous woman with interesting personality. Kangin fell in love even more with her.
After being with Kangin a lot of time, the queen also developed the same feeling with him. They fell in love with each other. They knew that it was wrong, but the queen never loved the king since the beginning, they were married by political situation and social status. They began to go out and being so intimate with each other whenever there’s no one around.
Unfortunately, the news of the queen having affair with Kangin couldn’t be covered perfectly. One of the maids saw them making out and told it directly to the king. The king was in rage and immediately threw him outside the palace and the kingdom. Kangin was so desperate and broken. He lost his loved one and he also lost his home. He walked aimlessly towards the forest where he met an old man.
The old man was staring at him intensely and dripped out a lot of saliva from his mouth. At first, Kangin was confused what an old man was doing here at this time of night. But his confusion was answered second later when the man bitten him and turned him into a creature he couldn’t imagine before.


Henry gaped at Leeteuk’s story. He never knows that each one of them had experienced such hard time in their previous life. Even harder than him. His aunt was harsh, but at least, there’s someone who’re willing to take care of him. He felt ashamed at himself when he cursed how pathetic his life was. There’s many people out there whom experienced more difficult time than him, and they’re still here… they were still able to smile and forgot about it. After hearing such story, he couldn’t help but admire and respect them more. They were such an amazing person, that’s why… they’re deserve to be the Zhupans.
“How about Zhoumi?” asked Henry when he finally realized he hadn’t heard anything about his partner’s past
Leeteuk smiled, “Could you ask him by yourself about that dear?”
Henry blushed, “Why?”
“Because, this was a personal matter… each partner should tell each other’s past directly…and it wouldn’t be ethical if they knew it from others, right?” Leeteuk explained gently
Heechul yawned, “Let’s go back to the mansion. It’s getting late and the sun will rise soon, Hannie will scold me if I didn’t get back in any minutes, I know that”
“What are you? A psychic now?” replied Leeteuk who was pissed off because tons of Heechul’s shopping bag in his hand
“Because he kept yelling in my mind to get back there fast” Heechul said back
“You two could hear each other’s mind, Heechul-ssi?” asked Henry
Heechul shook his head, “I can’t read his mind, but he can interfer mine anytime he wants and it’s annoying!”
“So… you could hear Hangeng’s word in your mind when he wants to tell it to you?” asked Leeteuk, Heechul nodded, “I never knew about it” Leeteuk said back
“You don’t. I just keep it with me this entire time” Heechul replied as he walked away.
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I managed to finish the overall plot for this fic :D It will be around 17 chapter with 2 extra~~ and maybe I'll make a sequel for this ^^ Well then, enjoy the story of their human's life then~ I didn't make one for Zhoumi since my mind already ran off with the idea T__T If  you could suggest me one, I will be happy to write more about him :)

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