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22 October 2011 @ 05:44 pm
When Darkness Fall -five-  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : PG-15
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

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Capitolul 5

- spiritul interior, inner spirit-
The gorgeous pale man sat down with pile of paper on top of his desk. The man’s attention was totally into the paper and he was busy scribbling some sort of note on it. When a knock on the hard wooden door broke the silent inside the dark yet cozy luxurious working room, the man diverted his gaze towards the entrance.
Another gorgeous looking man entered slowly, his head bowed down as the sign of total respect towards the other man, “Excuse me, Hangeng-ssi” the man uttered gracefully
“What is it, Zhoumi?” the leader replied as he put down his quill.
“Are you busy?”
Hangeng eyed him seriously, “I am, but you seem have something more important to be discussed with me” he smiled afterwards
Zhoumi blushed, “I’m very sorry to disturb you… since I didn’t know whom should I talk with again about this”
“Why do you want to study about this spell suddenly?” Hangeng asked after he read Zhoumi’s mind perfectly
“I… want to be more powerful… I want to be stronger…so…” Hangeng smiled even before he heard the continuation of Zhoumi’s word, “So you can protect Henry and keep him safe?” continued the Voivode since the other was too shy to blurt the thought.
Zhoumi nodded, Hangeng smiled gently, “No needs to be embarrassed about it, but you have to understand one thing, Zhoumi”
“What is it, Hangeng-ssi?” “Power…is important to protect someone…but…it also may widen the gap of both being”
The Voivode stood up from his chair, he approached the wide window and gaze towards the darkness of the night. Zhoumi understood what was the meaning of the Voivode last sentence perfectly, greater power means greater fortitude, Henry must be able to cope down with Zhoumi’s power in order to receive his blood… if the power difference was too great, Henry’s body won’t able to endure it and the boy might scatter.
Maybe that was the only reason why only Heechul who could be the Voivode’s partner. Even though the power difference of the two was big, but among the entire living vampire, he was the second strongest person after the Voivode. Zhoumi eyed the figure in front of him, he was amazed by the sight, why there can be a vampire who looked so graceful, gorgeous, charming, powerful, and charismatic in the same time.
Hangeng turned his sight towards the other vampire and smiled gently, “Maybe because of that, I was the only one who could handle that Heechul. Thanks to my look then, Zhoumi-ah” he said softly
Zhoumi clearly blushed from the statement, why he must always forget that Hangeng has that power to read mind, “I’m sorry for thinking…”
Hangeng laughed and approached the boy, “Nah, it’s okay. I’ve been used to that kind of thought already, come on, you want to study how to summon an ice dragon, right?”
Zhoumi nodded and followed the Voivode exited the room.
“Summoning the dragon was one of the highest techniques for every ability, it requires a lot of concentration and a sincere heart. Your mind must be connected with the spirits of your element, call it, ask for it, tell it that you trust it, tell it that you need its ability, tell it that you rely on him completely. Once you build the connection, call it by the spell” Hangeng explained thoroughly to the boy.
Zhoumi tried to close his eyes, trying to digest the meaning of each Hangeng’s word and apply it directly. He seeks the spirit of his element, concentrated in calling him, and practiced to memorize the spell. He tried, yet, he failed.
Hangeng smiled, “Don’t worry, learning about this spell will take some time, you can’t do this in an instant. Even Heechul was having a great time when learn this.”
“Heechul hyung can do the spell? He learned it from you as well, Hangeng-ssi?”
Hangeng shook his head, “He can, but he didn’t learn it from me. He learnt it by himself and I was totally mad at him because he kept it as a secret”
“ Why?” Zhoumi asked, “Because afterwards, he kept groaning in pain and I couldn’t watch him like that… I just…can’t see him suffer…” the Voivode explained
“Now, I will just go back to finish my work before Heechul got back and nagged me to be a judge while he show me all of his new clothes, you stay here and keep practicing, try to bond with the spirits of the ice.”
“Yes, Mr. Voivode” Zhoumi smiled as he watched Hangeng left the scene and he continued his practice.
Zhoumi closed his eyes once again, his mind traveling to the deepest of his heart, searching for the spirit that he’s been longing for, the spirit that has been with him since he was born with the power, the spirit that has accompanied him. He let his body being dragged to his inner being, traveling alone in a dark path until he finally met a ray of light which guided him. He could hear a voice, a mumbling that has been calling his name ever since he entered the world.
The soft whispered which attracted him and lured him more to move deeper. Seeking the source of the voice, he could see perfectly the white and cobalt blue crystal of ice piling along his sideway. It guided him towards the center of the path which was surrounded by the thin wall of crystallize ice and slight snow under his feet. The area was cold, but Zhoumi has gotten used to it, he was the ice controller after all.
After standing for a while in the middle of the circle-shaped room, he heard a deep growl came near and his sight was greeted by the most beautiful creature that he ever saw in his life. A long-haired Pegasus came towards him, Zhoumi stood still in his position, amazed by the fact that was happening to him at the very moment.
Magically, he didn’t know how he could do that, or even how the creature could do that to him, he could hear this Pegasus-or-Unicorn thing talk to him. “How the hell in the world you could speak like that??!!”
“You’re too rude to the being who gives you so much power, Zhoumi-ssi” the creature said
“I..I’m sorry” Zhoumi widened his eyes, “I didn’t know…”
“Well, what do you expect? The cool icy blue dragon would appear in front of you? Are that what’s your mind telling once Hangeng told you about the spirit of your power?”
“Aniyo… I just…didn’t expect the spirit could be this beautiful…I thought it will be more manly and majestic”
“Am I not majestic enough in your eyes? Well, Zhoumi-ssi, how could I do, you’re the one who make me, your power was the one who resemble my figure right now”
“My shape and my figure was the resemblance of your power.. if you thought that I’m beautiful and feminine, well, that’s your way of fighting~ so sorry, I didn’t meet your expectation to be born as a dragon as Hangeng’s spirit look like”
“Hangeng-ssi spirit was a dragon??” Zhoumi asked. The creature nodded, “A red Chinese dragon which somehow very stubborn and powerful”
Zhoumi chuckled, “Just like its master, huh? And how about Heechul hyung then?”
“Ah, that feminine brat? A forest fairy which was obsessed with beauty and too damn talkative! The most annoying thing, she is indeed a beautiful and strong”
“Then I understand what you mean by the resemblance of each vampire’s power and fighting style. It makes this easier to understand if you give Heechul hyung as the example. That person… is just too damn obvious” Zhoumi nodded his head to signal that he’s understood the whole situation now.
“Let’s go to that shop!!!” Heechul exclaimed as he saw a beautiful chinese dress on the figurine across the street.
“Heechul! We’ve been to almost 12 shops and you still want to go to another one?!!!” complained Leeteuk unbelievably
Heechul nodded, “You guys could wait here if you didn’t want to go there~ That dress was so beautiful! It’s Chinese, and I bet Hannie will love it to see me with one!” he chirped and skipped happily towards the shop without bothering to hear any reply from the elder.
Leeteuk sighed, “Seriously that guy…” Henry chuckled, “Let him be, hyung… it’s been a long time to see him smiling like that again”
Leeteuk eyed the younger boy, “Aish, you know~ I thought you’re older than Heechul when you talked like that! Your thought was much more mature than him!”
Henry laughed, “Maybe I mature too fast” “Maybe” Leeteuk replied before they trapped in a comfortable silence.
Henry’s eyes roamed the area. It’s been a long time since that day… There’s not so many change occurred in the town. It still looked perfectly the same, it still give the feeling of a medieval town with traditional European style. Beautiful yet peaceful. He looked around the town, he still could remember his way back to his old house, he still could remember where he cried the first time he was lost from his previous family, and he still could see his previous self laughing happily as his father bought him some apple at the very same store.
He smiled when he remembering those times, it was so nostalgic and he missed it a lot. His smile suddenly dropped when he saw a late-aged woman who was too familiar to him. The face that he couldn’t ever forgot even though he had escaped from her grip for 8 years.
“Henry-ah? Henry?? Are you okay???” Leeteuk called the younger for several times
Henry snapped back to reality and tried to hide his face as close as possible so the woman won’t recognize him. He didn’t want her to see him again and greeted him, he was so sick of her already.
“Henry-ah, what happen?” Leeteuk asked with concern
“Teuk-hyung… I just met someone whom I really disgust from my previous life… could we move to another place?” Henry whispered silently as he was too scared right now.
Leeteuk nodded, “But we can’t just leave that princess here alone Henry-ah… You wait at that bench first while I called Heechul alright?”
Henry nodded and obeyed the older comment. He then walked towards the bench while Leeteuk approached Heechul. Henry tried to scan the entire scenery as he was walking, he was looking for the woman but she was nowhere to be found. He sighed in relief and sat at the bench near the store. However, a few seconds after he set his body at the chair, the familiar voice greeted him, “Henry-ah? Is that really you??”
‘Shit.’ Henry thought, he turned his gaze towards the voice and his worst dream had come true, it was that woman.
Henry nodded, “Long time no see, Auntie…”
“Oh my god!! Where have you been?? You were disappeared that night and never came back home!! you do know how much I’ve been worried about you!” the woman immediately hugged Henry.
‘Still? The same stupid act and the very same idiot reason every time she found me again. It just for disguise as she didn’t want to lose her precious maid and worked hard every day’ Henry sighed, “I found my new family, Auntie”
“What?” The old woman abruptly released her hug and looked confusedly at the boy.
“I won’t go back to your house anymore and stop looking for me. I’m not the same Henry that you know…” explained Henry mysteriously
“What are you talking about, Henry-ah? Why are you being like this? I was the only family that you got” the woman let out a smile, still puzzled at Henry’s word
Henry remained compose, his face was straight, “I know, you’re my only family right now… but I can’t go back to you”
“Why? Let’s go home and solve it there, alright? Your uncle and cousin missed you a lot” the woman tried to grab Henry’s hand and pulled him with her when suddenly she let go of them out of surprise, “Henry-ah, why are your hand so cold? Aish, have you been out here for too long??”
Henry shook his head, “I was normally this cold, Auntie” ‘What can you expect? I’m a vampire’ he continued inside his mind.
“Really?? I didn’t remember about it… you used to be very warm, sweetheart” Henry jerked back at the nickname, he was really sick of it, how come this woman could throw such a sweet word just to get him back. He already got use at all of her trick and he won’t fall at it again, he won’t ever come back to that hell again.
The old woman smiled, “Let’s go home, Henry-ah” she pulled Henry but the boy rejected her. He pulled back his hand, “No, I don’t want”
“Don’t be so hard-headed, Henry-ah!! Where will you live if you don’t come back home, huh?!!” the old woman started to lose her temper
“I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine out here.” Henry replied
“Stop talking back at me! How could you describe it as a fine condition? Your body was really cold and you called them fine??!”
“I’m cold, but I am warm inside. Don’t look for me anymore and just erased me from your life, you and I are different, auntie”
“The hell with all of that, you have to go back home with me!!!” the old woman forced Henry to stand up and pulled him hard.
“I don’t want!! Let me go!!!!” Henry shouted and rebelled.
“Let him go.” The voice suddenly interrupted them, the old woman stopped directly as she saw 2 handsome man stood in front of her.
“Excuse me?” Henry’s aunt finally got her voice back. “I told you to let him go, he was with us now” one of the man spoke while the other just rolled his eyes in bored.
“Who are you guys? I’m his aunt, I have the right to take him with me”
The man shot Henry a questioning glare while Henry could only replied with a plead, “He was yours before, but now, he was ours”
The woman chuckled evilly, “Did I hear that right? He never been yours, he was always mine. His father was the one who gave him to me”
“Yeah, but he was the one who willingly to run away from you and come to us”
“What? I have the right to have him since he was still under my care!” the woman replied back angrily.
“Tch! This won’t end, Teuki. Let’s just go from here and take Henry with us. This ugly old woman would just never understand”
“Chullie, your word is too harsh sometimes…” Leeteuk sighed at his friend’s antique
Heechul just shrugged and snatched Henry forcefully from the woman. The woman jolted in shocked at the man’s power in snatching Henry easily from her grip earlier.
“You! Give me back my Henry!” the old woman was about to slap Heechul as the later caught her hand and prevented her to do so.
He slanted his beautiful eyes, “Don’t you dare to lay your ugly hands on me. You will never know how much you will suffer by doing that” he then threw her hand harshly and pulled Henry further from the woman.
“What? You should respect elder! Hadn’t your parents taught you about that?!!” the woman still persistent
Heechul chuckled, “Excuse me old lady, apparently, I’ve been living here much more longer than you.” He left the scene and the still gaping woman behind. Leeteuk just sighed and followed the two.
“So, is that your nightmare?” Leeteuk asked as the three of them decided to take a rest at the hill just outside the town. Henry nodded while Heechul just sat lazily and leaned his back on a giant tree trunk.
Leeteuk smiled after he saw Henry’s expression, “Don’t be that sad, Henry-ah… everyone had even much more painful story than yours”
Henry brought his head up, curious at the sudden change of Leeteuk’s tone, “Ma…may I know about it?” he stuttered, afraid that he would re-open the old wound.
“You want to know about mine, Chullie, or Kangin’s first?” Leeteuk smiled at the question. “Yah!! Why are you bringing me as well? Don’t involve me at this!” Heechul protested
“I think…it’s time to tell him everything about us, Chullie… he’s one of the Zhupans as well…” Leeteuk gave him his reason
Heechul pouted, “Fine, but I won’t telling mine, it’s your job, I’m tired of retelling the same story all over again”
Leeteuk chuckled, “Arassso, I will be the greatest story teller right now, Princess”
Henry slightly opened his mouth, “A…am I allowed to hear this?”
Heechul stared at the boy, “It’s fine, every of the Zhupans know, you’re the only one who doesn’t know. That’s why we’re telling you”
“Bu…but, why?” Henry asked again in disbelief, “This was our way to tighten the bond of Zhupans, Henry-ah…if we know each other past, we could trust each other more and treasure them. That’s how it works here in Tzimisce” Leeteuk explained to him
“Heechul will tell you about Hangeng’s past as well later” Leeteuk continued
“Huh?? Do we need to bring him here as well?” Heechul asked
“Yah! You never told me about his past! You should do it a long time ago you know!” Leeteuk complained
“It’s your fault for being missing while I told Kangin and Zhoumi about it” Heechul retorted back
“I was flying and practicing my wing! And you didn’t call me, how will I know then?!”
“How in the world could I call you if you’re thousands feet up at the sky?!! Are you crazy?!” Heechul replied
“Heechul-ssi… Teuki-hyung…” Henry tried to interrupted
“Ah! I’m sorry Henry-ah, It will never end when you argue with this bratty princess!” Leeteuk said to Henry
“Who are you calling bratty?!! I’m not a brat, I’m wonderful!” Heechul protested
“Whatever” Leeteuk rolled his eyes, “Why Heechul hyung is the one who knows about Hangeng-ssi’s past?” Henry asked
“Hangeng only tell his past to him and he didn’t talk much about himself with us.” Leeteuk explained, “He always distant himself from us… that’s why we’re really afraid to ask more about his personal life”
Heechul chuckled at Leeteuk’s confession, “You look like a child who was afraid at his scary grandfather right now, Teuki!!”
“Yah~!!” Leeteuk blushed
Heechul continued laughed while Henry could nod in agreement, he knew exactly how was Leeteuk’s feel about Hangeng, “He’s really a sweet person once you get to know him, you know… he’s really gentle and kind” Heechul continued
“Yeah, he only acted that way towards you!” Leeteuk replied, “Of course~ I’m Kim Heechul anyway~~” Heechul said back proudly.
“Erhem! Alright! Shall we start about the story telling time now??” Leeteuk stated clearly.

This story is developing too far away now...Heck, I don't even know where I get the idea about that magical creatures...~__~ Aigooo...and I become more and more confuse myself... I watch too many fantasy and read too many fanfics, thus, it affect my story lol

Anyway~~ please leave me some comment :D Love you ^^

wonderboylii: prettyheewonderboylii on October 22nd, 2011 12:20 pm (UTC)
MUAHAHA i'm the first~~

i laughed so hard at zhoumi's part with his unisus
i thought of this unicorn/pegasus of sailor moon that looked so feminine with a dark manly voice xD

and when he said heechuls spirit would be a forest fairy i was like: yup.

then i calmed down :'D

woaaaaah those old b**ch <.<'
she reminds me of the aunt of harry potter and his family :DD
heechul needs to smack a bitch~

lol how everyone is afraid of hannie :'D
(i want to be a vampire TT-TT)
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 22nd, 2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
yah spideeeey~~ first of all.... I'm sorryyyyyy! *bowing my head* I forgot to save you a spot ;A;

LOL, LOL~~ you know what?? I've got the pic of the three spirit~ I'm thinking whether I should publish it or not in this chapter :P I mean~~ I want to keep it a secret until the later chapter~

I love the almighty Hannie OvO he just gave me that vibe when I saw him lol (ME TOO, I COULD LIVE FOREVER 17 YOU KNOW)
wonderboylii: cuteheechulwonderboylii on October 22nd, 2011 05:16 pm (UTC)
no need to be sorry <3

xD omg show me!!
i want to see them.
please please please please please!
*heechul kitty eyes*

fuck. we can't be forever 17...we're expired xD
already over 17~
come on, let's get a vampire, be a vampire and pretend to be 17.
then scare little kids and rape hanchul C:{
and then...we're going to sparkle in the sun *^*
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 24th, 2011 01:16 pm (UTC)
but I want to keep it as a secret O^O
how about waiting until then??

Yah. don't curse! LOL I want to be 17 forever! Take me to neverland then~~~~ meet peter pan~
you are to obsessed with twilight and those corny romance ._.
wonderboylii: kimheechultonguewonderboylii on October 24th, 2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
...if i have to wait i'll wait patiencly (yeah this word su...rfs i'm not sure if this is right xD)

sorry x:
and tinkerbell~
i hate twilight :'D
edward is ugly...
and bella is annoying x.x
the should have been hanchul xD
FollowUrDestiny: HanchulTwinsfollowurdestiny on October 22nd, 2011 01:03 pm (UTC)
I'm liking this more and more... it's so interesting even with the creatures... and now I can't wait to hear about their past stories and what is going to happen next! Can't wait~! <33
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 22nd, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC)
Glad that you like this! I thought it will be weird with the creature and stuff :") Thanks for reading and telling me this~~ <3
phuheechulphuheechul on October 22nd, 2011 04:25 pm (UTC)

i love your update. So cute that geng spoiled chul a lot.
Geng is really cold....
He didn't talk too much.....
can't wait for next update
thank u...
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 24th, 2011 01:17 pm (UTC)
Thankieeeee~ <3
I'll update soon :3
Thanks for reading and commenting
ciolycioly on November 20th, 2011 02:57 pm (UTC)
LMAO this is funny XD
Capitolul 5*

(- interioare spirtoase <- you practically said that someone is drunk,that someone has a lot of alchohool inside him- haha)
inner spirit- spiritul interior -but it sounds weird because logically,the spirit is inside,it can never be outside...