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15 October 2011 @ 08:57 pm
When Darkness Fall -four-  
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : PG-15
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

IntroductoryCharacterTrailerPrequelPrologueOneTwoThree ● Four
Capitolul 4

- vacanţă scurta, short vacation-

“Teukiiiiii~!!!!” chirped Heechul happily as he approached the gloomy couple on the living room.
Leeteuk widened his eyes as he saw the extremely excited Heechul who was marching towards him right now. The similar reaction applies at Kangin’s face, he raised one of his eyebrows, “Is it just me or what, I saw the overly excited Kim Heechul running idiotically this way?”
Zhoumi shook his head slowly, he still couldn’t close his mouth as he stared like a total moron at the amusing sight right now, “It’s not just you, Kangin hyung”
As Heechul finally reached the group, he hugged Leeteuk immediately and knocked Kangin away from his previous position. “We’re going to the city this afternoon~~!!” squeaked the beautiful vampire.
Leeteuk who was still in daze didn’t reply anything, he was too confused at the whole situation right now. Kim Heechul was hugging him, grinning like an idiot, yelling about the trip to the city, knocking Kangin off to the floor, and jumping around like a pregnant kangaroo.
“Hello, Leeteuk~~~ I’m talking to you right now” Heechul waved his hand in front of Leeteuk’s stun face
“Hee..chul..hyung?” Henry was the one who managed to gain back his voice first.
“Yes, I am. Unless you guys know another vampire who look exactly the same as me, where it couldn’t be happen because I’m the only Kim Heechul that exist on earth.” Heechul said
Kangin blinked his eyes several times before he could finally utter a word, “Now, I believe that this is the real Kim Heechul.”
“Yah! What was that suppose to mean?!” Heechul shouted at Kangin’s expression
Zhoumi sighed and then shrugged, “This loud, eccentric, and narcissist hyung is definitely Kim Heechul, the normal Kim Heechul.”
“Seriously! What happen to you guys?! Are you all getting hit by the UFO which landed who-knows-where in this gigantic mansion???!!”
Henry chuckled, “There’s no UFO, Heechul hyung… we only surprised because you are back to your usual self now”
Leeteuk who finally get back to reality hugged back the man beside him, “Yah! I thought I was crazy when I saw you chirping happily!!”
“Urrgh.. Teuki hyung, you’re basically crashing me right now” Heechul grunted
Henry chuckled at the sight, how childish his hyung could be at time like this, “We’re going to the city, Heechul hyung?” he asked after a while
Heechul nodded happily, like a child who was being offer a truck of candy.
Leeteuk widened his eyes again, “We can’t go out, Heechul!!” he yelled
“Yah! Stop yelling at me, Teuki hyung!!! You’re going to make me deaf really soon!” Heechul protested, ignoring the older previous question
“Sorry.. It’s just.. we cannot go out, Heechul!!” Leeteuk rewind his statement earlier
“Who said that we can’t?” Heechul rolled his eyes as he slumped his back lazily to the sofa
“Seriously, are you out your mind or something already?? Hangeng told us that! Don’t tell me you forget?” Kangin said unbelievably
Suddenly, a deep voice of laughter interrupted the conversation, the vampire entered the scene gracefully, “You guys really need to lower down your volume for a bit” he commented
Heechul lit up at the owner of the voice, he grinned like a cat and pushed Leeteuk away from his side. He rushed into the latest figure and pecked his lips. He clutched cutely at the figure while the later could only smile gently at his lover adorable action.
“Ah… we’re very sorry Hangeng-ssi…” the other four Zhupans bowed apologetically at the Voivode’s comment
Hangeng giggled, “It’s alright, but I did mean it anyway… you’re really loud, especially you” He then looked at Heechul and kissed his cheek.
“Yah~” pouted Heechul, “It’s good for being loud~ it makes the situation more lively!” he fought back
“Yeah, but when it’s becoming too loud, it’s disturbing the other, Chullie” Hangeng told him again
Heechul could only pouted and huffed, “I hate you” he then mumbled softly. Hangeng laughed, “No, you’re not. You love me” he grabbed Heechul’s chin and made the more feminine vampire face him before claimed his beautiful lips.
When the two finally broke apart, Heechul could only mumble “Over-confident bastard” while blushing madly and made Hangeng smirked, “which somehow looks attractive to you and you love him” before Heechul could protest, Hangeng pecked Heechul’s lips again, “That’s your mind right now, though” he said and silenced the vampire.
“Hangeng-ssi, sorry to interrupt, are you two really alright right now?” asked Leeteuk with concern, seriously, he could be the mother of all if he could!
Hangeng nodded, “Yeah… I’m sorry for worrying you… I know, you guys need me the most in this kind of time but I just act idiotically like that and left my clan wander around…”
“Ah..no, it’s not like that Hangeng-ssi.. I know that was just really hard for you… no problem, we’re perfectly fine here…” Zhoumi added
“That’s very thoughtful of you, Zhoumi” replied Hangeng
“Yah! Why you guys didn’t comfort me like that earlier?!! Not fair! Fine! I’m not taking you guys to the city with me this afternoon!” Heechul protested
“We’re really going to go to the city?!!!” Leeteuk responded shock at Heechul’s statement
“Of course~~~ But you guys didn’t treat me nice, so I won’t bring you!” Heechul replied, sticking out his tongue in annoyance
“Can we…go?” Henry asked silently, surprised that he finally can go out from the mansion after a long time.
Heechul nodded and beamed them an excited smile. Hangeng sighed deeply at his lover behavior, how he could become this happy and childish at the same time. He’s just too antique to be true, well, who can change him anyway? That’s Kim Heechul and that’s what makes Hangeng falls for him.
“But… Heechul…” Leeteuk said tremble, he shifted his gaze at The Voivode who remained quiet at this matter, he was too scare at The Voivode’s reaction toward this
Hangeng moved his head to Leeteuk which made the later turned his head away and blushed heavily. He really forgot that his leader has that annoying power to read everyone’s mind! Hangeng smiled at Leeteuk’s action, “You know what, Teuki-hyung?” he asked
Leeteuk faced Hangeng back in confusion. “He’s the only one who can make me take back my word.” Hangeng added.
“What do you mean, Hangeng-ssi?” Kangin finally had his word back
Heechul rolled his eyes, “He allows me to go to the city and shopping, idiot~ but only me!!” he added again
“Why only you? Yah! You said that you want to bring me there earlier!” protested Leeteuk. He also really want to go outside and has some refreshment at the city, it’s been a long time since he got out and tasted the outside world.
“You guys didn’t treat me nicely~ that’s why~~~” Heechul folded his arm in front of his chest and acted like a guy who had all the authorization
“Not fair!!!” whined Leeteuk. Kangin sighed at his partner’s and Zhoumi looked at Henry who already threw him his puppy eyes. “Fine, you can go” replied Zhoumi to Henry and awarded him a tight hug and cute kiss from the petite vampire.
Hangeng sighed, he pulled Heechul toward his side, “You said you will bring them and promise me not to go alone earlier” he said softly at the feminine vampire.
Heechul eyed The Voivode, he could see concern and worry look at his lover’s eyes, he knows…Hangeng just won’t allow him to go to the city in this kind of situation, not with the Salubri that has been wandering around their territory for the past month, Heechul was a Zhupans and he was strong enough to defeat the Salubri easily, but if there’s too many of them… Heechul will need a greater power to eliminate the monsters, which means, great headache in the end. “Arasso…Leeteuk and Henry will go with me, okay?”
Hangeng nodded, “Don’t be back too late, okay? And just be careful” he added
“I know~ if you worry this much, why don’t you come with me then, Hannie?” Heechul asked
Hangeng smiled, “You just want to have fun and had that precious gossiping time with them right? And you never involved me during that”
Heechul nodded, he kissed Hangeng’s gently while enveloping his arms around the charismatic vampire’s neck, “God! I love you so much, Hannie~ you do know me really well”
“I thought you didn’t believe in God?” Hangeng said after the kiss
“I’m not, I just expressing how happy am I until I brought up his name~” Heechul said playfully
.City of Bardêjōv.


“Chullie, seriously! How much more cloth you want to buy after this?!! It’s 6 bags in total already!” protested Leeteuk who happened to be one of Heechul’s victims as a bag carrier.
Heechul beamed the older his million-dollar smile cutely, “There’s too many good stuff here, Teuki..besides~ it’s been a long time since I gone out to the city! That Voivode of mine was being over protective to me these past 2 years!” he pouted then
“But it doesn’t mean that you need to take revenge and shop this much! At least! If you want to do so, carry your own stuff!!!” yelled Leeteuk
Henry could only chuckle and cover his ear from the piercing voice of the oldest vampire, he looked around the city, the city that he left 8 years ago… the city that had been part of his previous life, the city where he was born at. Nothing much has changed since that incident, besides, it became livelier and the store prolonged its business hours.
That’s why Heechul was so damn happy when he found out that fact. He said that he didn’t get much chance to shop previously due to short business hour of the shop. It couldn’t be helped though, they were a vampire, vampire only can go out at night, and most of the outlets had closed during that time.
“Did Hangeng-ssi ever go out to the city like us, Heechul-ssi?” Henry asked the vampire to divert the conversation
Heechul nodded, “But only once, he didn’t want to go again after that”
“Why?” Henry continued
Leeteuk chuckled as he rewind his memory back to that time, “He sure did gather a great amount of crowd there”
“Yeah! And because of that, I couldn’t go to the city as much as before” added Heechul and making a cute pout with his red lips.
“Why is that?” Henry was lost between the conversation, he was new and he didn’t know much of the story about them.
“Do you realize that there are so many human who have gathered around us since we arrived, Henry-ah?” asked Leeteuk and rewarded a nod from the youngest vampire, “And do you know what the reason is?” continued Leeteuk.
Heechul rolled his eyes and ignored the pair, he returned back to the pile of clothes in front of him and began searching. Leeteuk continued his explanation, “Because we’re happened to be more handsome and beautiful than a normal human… especially him” he pointed at the feminine vampire who still stuck in choosing the suitable clothes.
Henry diverted his gaze towards the said man, he automatically nodded at the fact, indeed, Heechul was too beautiful to be alive, especially for human. Leeteuk sighed, “That’s why, he couldn’t go to the city alone… and he’s being so disturbing due to that!”
The youngest vampire chuckled lightly at the antique behavior of the beautiful vampire, “Who’s the one that didn’t allow him to go alone?”
Leeteuk rolled his eyes, “Yah, do you still need to ask about that?” Henry raised one of his eyebrows before Leeteuk continued his line, “The Voivode of course”
“Sometimes… I envy him…” Leeteuk continued, “Why?” Henry asked softly, surprised by the sudden change of Leeteuk’s tone
The older threw a gentle smile, “Hangeng-ssi was being really over protective when it comes to him… and that Voivode really can change 180 degree with Heechul. He’s a very cold and cruel leader in the battlefield but he’s a total sweet and gentle man beside Heechul. It’s just… Kangin never acted that way to me…” Leeteuk explained.
“But…Kangin hyung was sweet to you as well, Leeteuk hyung…” Henry tried to cheer Leeteuk.
“I know, he’s sweet, but.. maybe I was just jealous?” Leeteuk smiled sheepishly, “Of what, hyung?” Henry asked again
“Of Heechul… getting Hangeng as his partner” Henry eyed Leeteuk, “Hyung…don’t tell me that you…”
Leeteuk snapped back, “No, no! It’s not what you think, Henry-ah! I didn’t like him that way! Hahaha! It’s just… they’re so perfect together…just like the most beautiful painting that comes to life”
Henry sighed, “Hyung, you scared me a bit there… I thought you like Hangeng-ssi…”
Leeteuk chuckled, “Who don’t like him, Henry-ah? You like him as well the moment you saw him, right?” Henry blushed, “Yah, Teuki-hyung…”
“What are you guys talking about up till now?!” Heechul shouted, interrupted the two conversations
Leeteuk and Henry laughed, “Nothing, have you decided what you want to buy next?” yelled Leeteuk
Heechul eyed both of them in confused, “Seriously, you guys are talking something behind my back, don’t you?!”
Henry chuckled, how the hell his hyung knows perfectly about it, “I just confused why Hangeng-ssi never want to come to the city again…”
“Tch,” Heechul rolled his eyes, “It’s because his annoying God-like face that make every human drool over him and turn everything into chaos”
Leeteuk laughed heavily, “Hahaha! Come on, let’s go to other shop if you’ve finished here, princess”
Heechul smirked, “Now you’ve admitted me as one~”

new chapter is up >.<" I decided to slip some happy moment here~ writing angst is not so me and I love fluff more! That's why I decided to inserted it here and there~ for those who like to read angst...I'm sorry to disappoint you...but this is the real me ;A; don't mad at me...

Anyway, please drop me some comments as usual <3 I love you guys :D

FollowUrDestiny: HanchulTwinsfollowurdestiny on October 15th, 2011 03:03 pm (UTC)
d'ahwww... some happy banter, chatter, fluff, I like it as well :D hihi lovin' this and looking forward to more!
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 16th, 2011 01:25 am (UTC)

:"D ikr? I love this kind of chapter as well..aigooo~ thanks for reading <3
phuheechulphuheechul on October 15th, 2011 04:53 pm (UTC)
Really love the way hangeng treat heechul, love him to no end.......

So cute, i am really crazy for ur fluffs, too sweet
love the update a lot.
Thank u
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 16th, 2011 01:25 am (UTC)
I love this kind of Hangeng you know :') The really powerful and influencing Hangeng but really sweet to Heechul~~ gyaaaaa
Thanks for commenting as well ^^
wonderboylii: pic#112695259wonderboylii on October 15th, 2011 06:51 pm (UTC)
(lol i have no idea what pic it's showing now~)

who wouldn't be blinded by a gorgeous looking hangeng and a drop dead beautiful heechul? xD
ahhh hangeng is so cute! he is like gaaaaw
*melted to chocolate ice*
i want him as bf too.
and you got to touch is amazing skin QwQ
-and heechuls~-

I'm afraid what happens next T-T
i can smell angst and fights from 1000 miles away.
i'm like a drug dog for these things, ya know xD

sorry for this late reply, i just got home and saw your entry and was like: YEEEEEEEEEEESH
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i feel...i feel like a hooligan xD i should behave like a 19 year old... (why are my comments so friggin long?)

anyways :'D
sarang~ <3
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 16th, 2011 01:28 am (UTC)
pic? what pic? O__o *confused*

nyehehehe~~~~ I did, *dancing around* I didn't even wash my hands after that *LOL*

yah, spidey, how come ur nose develop like a drug dog? hahaha! let's see what will happen next~ :P

LOL! you're 19 years old? no worries. I love your friggin long comment! <3 and I will save your spottie~ give me cookies in return ;D

love you too <3
wonderboylii: pic#112695271wonderboylii on October 16th, 2011 08:23 am (UTC)
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i know :']
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i am 19 xD
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i get that a lot...
I'm okay with that :'D

no problem ^^
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savour_twinsavour_twin on October 16th, 2011 05:39 am (UTC)
hangeng is so sweet to chullie
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 16th, 2011 11:20 am (UTC)
I always love that side of him :)
thanks for commenting
heechulmaniaheechulmania on October 16th, 2011 12:34 pm (UTC)
i really love all your fanfic.
please make this fic more fluff that angst.
i love to read all the sweet moment..
its to cute..
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 17th, 2011 03:18 am (UTC)
thank you so much :DDD
Hm...maybe I will balance the amount of angst and fluff..I can't guarantee you that it will consist more of fluff :P thanks for commenting
ashheemiashheemi on October 31st, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
love love love.....LOVE this fic. <3
ciolycioly on November 20th, 2011 02:56 pm (UTC)

Capitolul 4*

-short vacation- vacanţă scurta -