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10 October 2011 @ 10:32 pm
When Darkness Fall -three-  
Title : When Darkness Fall
Rating : R
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

IntroductoryCharacterTrailerPrequelPrologueOneTwo ● Three

Capitolul 3

- separare, disjunction -

Heechul entered the living room in despair. He sighed for the nth time and sat down lifelessly.
“What happen now?” asked Leeteuk who was sitting on the same chair
“It’s a rare thing to see you this cheerless” followed Kangin
“I’m hungry and hurt.” Replied Heechul short
“Ae? You’re not eating yet?” Kangin asked again
Heechul shook his head, “I’m not talking about real food over here, duck head”
“Don’t start, Kangin-ah” warned Leeteuk. Heechul sighed again and laid his back on the sofa. “What happen Heechul-ssi?” asked Henry to change the mood.
“Hangeng was ignoring me since he came back from Salubri mansion. He even didn’t come to me and always engaged with his work nowadays. When I wanted to suck his blood, he pushed me away and left me alone. After that, he never left his room” explained Heechul solemnly
Leeteuk brushed Heechul’s hair gently, “I’m sure he was just busy, Heechul… he’s not that kind of person you know…”
“I don’t know, Teuki… it’s just… strange… and I felt so weak” Heechul closed his eyes, he felt so tired and weak. Not staying beside Hangeng for several days made him didn’t get enough supply for his power.
“Heechul-ssi…” Henry looked concern with Heechul condition as well, if he could do something to help the beautiful man, he would have done it right now. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that he can do now.
Heechul smiled gently, “I’m alright, I will go out for a bit for some fresh air” he stood up from the sofa.
“We can’t go out from the mansion, Heechul-ah” reminded Leeteuk
“I know…” smiled Heechul again, “I only go to the small lake inside the mansion, Teuki” with that, Heechul exited the scene.
Leeteuk sighed, “What’s happening right now, Kangin-ah? Hangeng-ssi never acted like that towards Heechul…”
Kangin who remained silent might know Hangeng’s reason at doing that. He remembered what that bastard Salubri had done to the Voivode. Maybe, that was the reason why Hangeng avoided Heechul and not letting the feminine man had his blood.
“Kangin?” Leeteuk called once again and make Kangin back to reality, “Yes? You said something, Teuki?”
Leeteuk frowned, “You must know something here. What happen with Hangeng-ssi?”
“Teuki.. it’s…” Kangin then explained the detail about Hangeng’s mark and the possible reason why he avoided Heechul.
“What? Is there any way to remove the magic? If this goes on, Heechul will keep misunderstand and suffering, Kangin-ah…” Leeteuk expressed his shock, along with Henry and Zhoumi.
Kangin rocked his head, “I don’t know… I just don’t know about that stuff…”
Heechul sat under the giant tree near the small lake. During this time of night, the lake was so peaceful and he always loved it there. The reflection of moonlight could be seen perfectly in the lake and it made the water shone beautifully as a jewel. The night wind which was rather chilly felt like a refreshing breeze to him and the darkness around the lake even make it perfect. It could engulf everything, secluded him from the rest of the world, and enjoyed his private time alone.
He felt really weak, he didn’t has any energy even to move a bit from his position. It felt like he could faint whenever right now. Slowly, he closed his eyes and thought what could possibly happen to his partner. Why did his partner avoid him suddenly? Why he didn’t allow him to have his blood? Why he didn’t come near him and hug him like he used to do before? What happen in Salubri’s mansion? Why the Salubri has gotten much stronger? Drowning by numerous thought make Heechul’s head dizzy and brought him to sleep.
“He doesn’t deserve this situation! It’s not his fault. Maybe he did that because of some important reason! You guys should give him a chance to explain it!” Heechul could see his younger self shouting like crazy to the elder inside the room.
“He will be expelled from the clan and that is final.” One of the elder spoke and stubbornly decides by themselves
Heechul saw, his younger self struggling to fight those old-fashioned elder who couldn’t consider others opinion. His younger self lose and ran away from the room, ran desperately to search for someone. As his younger self stopped, Heechul could see, the man was being brought by the guard to be thrown away from the mansion. The man that he was defending until end, he couldn’t protect that man… he couldn’t save that man…
The man looked furiously into Heechul, rage shown perfectly on his eyes. Then, everything went black. Heechul was brought to the darkness, he couldn’t see anything with his own eyes, he couldn’t feel anything. Suddenly, he could see the man, standing angrily in front of him. The man shouted with a loud voice, “You are the one who expel me! Are you happy now? Why are you expelling me?!! Did I do something to you before?!!!!”
Heechul fought back, “No! You’re wrong! I’m not –“ his sentence was cut by a huge vibration. The pitch black around him was collapsing and soon his scenery was replaced by another picture.
Heechul opened his eyes abruptly, waking up from the nightmare that haunted him for the past 300 years, he couldn’t ever once forget about that incident.
“Heechul! Heechul! Are you alright?! What happen to you?” Hangeng shouted frantically as he saw Heechul shook crazily in his sleep and talked desperately. ‘Why I can’t get inside his mind now? What was happening to me?!!’
Heechul could see another man was in front of him right now. His vision was still blur and he mistaken Hangeng as the man inside his dream. He accidentally pushed Hangeng away, “NO! Don’t get near me!”
Hangeng was taken back at Heechul’s word. He couldn’t move at his partner’s sentence. Frustrated by his mind-reading power which doesn’t work and followed by Heechul’s action, boiled his anger. “Fine, do what you want to do now. Don’t ever find me anymore, Heechul! I’m done with you!” he left Heechul alone.
“Han…” before Heechul could reply, the sight of his partner had disappeared. Tears couldn’t avoid Heechul’s eyes. He cried, he never wanted to do that… it was an accident, for a few second he thought that Hangeng was the man inside his dream…
“Hannie… why… you never being this hot-temper before… you always calm me down whenever I have a nightmare… why you are like this now… you’re not the Hangeng that I know anymore… I don’t know what to do…” mumbled Heechul in his cry. He was hurt, scared, insecure, he just need a warm hug and a sweet assurance voice right now.
Leeteuk approached the broken man immediately, “Heechul! Are you alright? Your eyes look so puffy…”
“What are you now? A panda vampire??” Kangin tried to enlighten up the mood a bit
“Kangin!” Leeteuk scolded the muscular man, glaring at him which indicates the man to understand the situation a bit.
Heechul ignored the two vampire, “I’m going to my room” he mumbled audibly
It has been 3 weeks since the incident on the lake and it also has been 3 weeks since Heechul last seen Hangeng. Hangeng always locked himself up in his room and Heechul hasn’t got enough energy to approach the Voivode as well.
“What are we going to do with them, Kangin-ah?” Leeteuk whispered silently to his partner as he saw how lifeless Heechul was.
Kangin brought Leeteuk to his arm, “I don’t know… I really have no idea”
“He had been laying there like a corpse these past 3 weeks… and we couldn’t do nothing?!” Leeteuk raised his voice frustrated.
Kangin brushed his hand gently to Leeteuk’s upper arm, “Ssshh… calm down Teuki”
“How the hell can I calm down seeing my friends laying like a mannequin there and our leader has been locking himself up in his fucking room with no words?!!! Tell me?” yelled Leeteuk
“Teuki! You need to cool down! Only you who can talk to Heechul…” Kangin told his lover to cool down.
Leeteuk sighed, “I know… I’m sorry… I just am being too frustrated… Why we become like this, Kangin-ah…”
Kangin could only stay still. He didn’t know what to say and how he should act during this situation. He let Leeteuk move away from his grasp and approached Heechul.
“Heechul…” Leeteuk called the lifeless man softly, “You need to talk to Hangeng…”
As Leeteuk has expected before, there’s no reply from the other vampire. He continued to convince him to solve this problem as soon as possible, it’s hurt to see both of their friends suffering like this, “Look, if you both keep acting like this and no one succumb, the problem won’t be solved!” However, the figure in front of him just stayed still with no life. Leeteuk sighed heavily and left the room. At least, he already did what he could do. The rest will be up to the 2 vampire.
Heechul’s eyes spaced out to the dark sky, focused closely at the red moon which began to rise. The usual big, round, a beautiful and lively eye was gone now. All you could see now was only blankness and sorrow reflected from both of his eyes. Heechul’s face has turned pale, his lips gone blue, and he started to lose weight. The vampire then shifted his gaze to the duvet beside his bed, a glass of water and a bottle of artificial blood tablet laid silently. He sighed deeply then finally moved his body towards the door.
Heechul touched the grand door in front of him, his white and slender fingers traveled silently on the hard wood. He gathered his courage and forgot about his pride, at least for now, he couldn’t continue to live on with this situation. He opened the door silently, afraid that he could wake the other man inside the room. The room was dark, too dark to see a single thing, the curtain seems always remained close, the candle was never lighten on, and the moonlight was blocked by the thickness of the wall.
Slowly, the beautiful vampire approached the bed, he could see the Voivode cool figure perfectly with every step he took. He raised his thin hand until he felt the coldness of Hangeng’s cheek. Heechul then moved his face closer to Hangeng’s and locked their forehead together. He then closed his eyes and kept still, feeling the moment that he missed so much.
Tears gradually fallen along his smooth cheek before went to Hangeng’s face, ‘Why we became like this, Hannie? Why are you acting like this suddenly… what was happening back there… why you didn’t tell me anything? It’s hurt to be the only one who didn’t know…it’s hurt to be torn apart like this, Hannie… could you hear me right now? Could you read my mind right now? At least… tell me the reason for treating me like this…’
Heechul retreated slowly from his position, he wiped his tears when he could hear his stomach growling. He haven’t eaten anything for the past 3 weeks and it seems his stomach already reach its limits. ‘I’m hungry… maybe that artificial blood tablet can help me to surpass this hunger…’ he thought and turned his body.
However, a strong arm prevented him to move from his position and pulled him hard towards the bed. The Voivode trapped him underneath his sculpted body and he quickly attacked Heechul’s delicate neck without notice. Sharp fang tore Heechul’s smooth skin and fresh blood flown out freely to the other’s mouth.
The beautiful vampire groaned, “Han…geng…” his body was too weak to fight back. What could you expect? With his empty stomach, his blood was being sucked like crazy by the other. Any vampire wouldn’t stand that. Heechul passed out while Hangeng still occupied with Heechul’s neck.
Hangeng kept on sucking Heechul’s blood. He, himself also had suffered so much due to the incident. He couldn’t see his partner, he couldn’t get closer to him, he couldn’t speak a word to him, and the worst, he must act like an asshole to him. He needs to do this, if you asked his true feeling, the Voivode will definitely say no to this. But, it’s inevitable right now. If he got too close to Heechul, he won’t be able to control himself and let Heechul had his blood.
The mark that was left by the Salubri really affects him. How the hell he could act that careless and stupid back there?! He was so mad at himself.
After a few minutes, Hangeng retreated back from Heechul’s neck. He studied his partner’s beautiful eyes and brushed his cheek gently, “I couldn’t let you have that artificial blood, Chullie… I didn’t want you to taste that sucks thing… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry to make you like this…” he whispered silently to Heechul’s ear and hugged the vampire tightly. He missed Heechul’s thin figure, he missed Heechul’s smooth skin, he missed Heechul’s tantrum, he missed everything from Kim Heechul.
The Voivode studied his partner’s face thoroughly, he ran his gentle hand along Heechul’s smooth cheek and he brushed Heechul’s hair. He sighed deeply as he looked at the sinful mark on his arm. He widened his eyes as he saw the mark began to disappear, it became blurry and softer than before. ‘What? Why did this mark begin to disappear? I’ve tried to rub it as hard as I can but it never came out, and now.. it’s fading away. Wait… because of… Heechul’s blood?’
Hangeng abruptly shift his gaze to his partner who was sleeping peacefully in his arm. He smiled gently after he realized the wonderful fact that he had just found thanks to the beautiful vampire. As the darkness in the sky fade away and the morning sun came up, the vampire sleep peacefully, sharing their lost time, side by side.
Heechul slowly opened his eyes, his body still aching everywhere and his stomach keep on rambling due to the hunger. He rubbed his heavy eyes and jolted as he realized the one who was sleeping next to him all the night. He eyed the vampire with his big rounded eyes until the other finally woke up. Feeling uneasy at the direct gaze towards his face, Hangeng opened his eyes, his sight was greeted by the most beautiful scenery he ever saw in his life. He smiled gently and leaned to chase a kiss from his still confused partner.
As the kiss gets deepened, Heechul pushed Hangeng away from his body. He demanded an explanation for his lover antique behavior. Hell yeah, he should be the one who threw tantrum and acted antiquely, not the other way around! Hangeng then smiled again after he saw confusion in Heechul’s face. It looked so cute to Hangeng right now. He attacked Heechul’s neck fast and had his blood again. Heechul moaned at Hangeng’s action and he couldn’t fight back. After a while, Hangeng retreated from the addictive neck and looked at his arm where he could see the mark has completely gone.
When Heechul about to open his mouth and protested, Hangeng planted his lips again at Heechul’s and silenced the other immediately. After an hour session of sharing hot kisses, seductive whisper, wet tongue, and hungry hand, both vampire pull apart.
“You owe me a really great explanation here, Mr. Voivode” Heechul’s voice was stern, demanding the details from the other.
Hangeng smiled, he leaned forward as he nuzzled his pointed nose to Heechul’s and enjoyed the sweet vanilla smell from the feminine vampire. He then buried his handsome face beside Heechul as he placed his arm securely on Heechul’s slender waist. He told Heechul the entire story in a deep alluring whisper which travelled seductively to Heechul’s ear.
Heechul widened his eyes in shock as he knew the whole reason why his partner was being a total jerk in these past 3 weeks. “WHO THE HELL IS THIS VILL-SOMETHING?!!” shouted Heechul angrily as Hangeng managed to cover his poor ear just before the piercing yell.
Heechul sat up abruptly from his previous position and glared dangerously at the Voivode who still lay peacefully on the bed, “AND WHY YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THIS EARLIER, YOU BASTARD?!!”
Hangeng winced at the voice, he sighed, “I can’t… I don’t want you to get hurt, Chullie…”
“AND, YOU THINK BY ACTING AS A JERK LIKE THAT DIDN’T HURT ME?!” Heechul shouted even louder as tears slowly forming on his beautiful eyes
Hangeng noticed it and immediately sat up to envelope the feminine vampire in a gentle hug, “I didn’t think it will be this bad, Chullie… I’m really sorry…” he whispered
Heechul buried his face on Hangeng’s sculpted chest, he missed his touch, he missed the secure feeling whenever the Voivode held him tightly like this, he missed how Hangeng keep whispering those gentle and soothing word on his ears, he just missed this awesome partner of him.
“I’m rather being hurt physically rather than mentally like this Hannie…” Heechul managed to find his word between the sobs, “I’m sorry…” replied Hangeng as he continued to brush Heechul’s hair
“And.. Hannie…” Heechul pulled away from Hangeng’s embrace and pouted cutely. The Voivode chuckled lightly at the sight and he knew perfectly what was his antique lover was thinking right now.
“I know, you sure do lose a lot of weight, Chullie…” Hangeng pulled Heechul into a hug and tilted his neck before exposing it to the other vampire
“And, whose fault is that?” Heechul said before he attacked the muscular neck of his partner and suck his blood.
Hangeng groaned in pleasure as Heechul continue, Hangeng moved his hip forward until their hips grinned perfectly each other. Heechul moaned as he felt Hangeng’s member pressed against his, he released his lips for a while from Hangeng’s neck, only to catch some breath before he bent forward and suck more blood. He was too hungry to stop right now.
“Hee…chul..” Hangeng tried to call his partner, “St..op..” he tried to regain his power so he could push Heechul away from his neck. Hangeng managed to do so and resulted a pouted looking Heechul.
The masculine man chuckled, he kissed Heechul’s lips lightly, “You can’t do this at once, baby… I don’t want you to groan in pain due to receive too much of my power”
“I won’t! I can endure it! Beside, you don’t feed me for 3 weeks Hannie! I am hungry like hell! I could suck the entire dragon blood by myself right now!!!” Heechul protested
“I’m sorry for that, baby… but still, you won’t endure this… I need you to stay awake tonight…” Hangeng claimed Heechul’s lips again
“What for?” asked Heechul, confused by the last statement from the leader
Hangeng smirked, “I missed you too much, Chullie. What else do I need you to stay awake for?” He smashed his lips again to Heechul’s, silencing the feminine vampire before throwing another protest, he nibbled Heechul’s lower lips, asking for entrance, Heechul gasped from the action and Hangeng took the opportunity to thrust his tongue inside Heechul’s mouth. Heechul moaned as their tongue dancing erotically inside his hot cavern and groaned lustfully as Hangeng sneaked his hand into Heechul’s shirt.
The Voivode then pulled away and pushed his partner back to the bed, trapped the beautiful vampire between his muscular arm. Heechul still catching his breath from the previous session, he grunted as he felt Hangeng’s knee rubbed his hardened member playfully, “Urrgh! Han..nnie!”
Hangeng bent and pulled Heechul’s shirt upward only to reveal the pale milky skin of his lover. He licked Heechul’s nape and threw butterfly kisses all over Heechul’s sensitive body. Heechul managed to push Hangeng’s body away from him, “Stop molesting me, you pervert! I thought you will wait until night!!”
Hangeng smiled gently, Heechul always loved his smile, the kind of smile that will make your heart flutter crazily when you saw it, the kind of prince-like smile that will make any girl’s heart melt, “Stealing some start won’t give you any harm, right?”
Heechul blushed, “Pervert!” he turned his sight sideway so he won’t face the handsome Voivode straightly. He was too embarrassed to do that right now.
“I thought you like it when I am this playful” said Hangeng before he landed his head beside Heechul’s
“Whatever~ you owe me a ton of new clothes, Hannie.” Heechul stated
“Ae?” Hangeng shifted his body sideward to face his lover’s face, “I’ve told you. No going out to the city right now. Not until the whole situation is settle, Chullie”
Heechul frowned, “Why you always invading my privacy and kept reading my mind?!! And why I can’t get my new clothes?! I want to go shopping, Hannie!!”
Hangeng sighed, “You know, I can read your mind all the time even if I didn’t want to… Who said you can’t get your new clothes? You could have anything you want after this matter finish, baby”
“When will this matter finish, Hannie??? Just this once, allow me to go to the city, pleaseeee”
“Heechul…” Hangeng brushed Heechul’s hair gently, “I will bring Leeteuk and Henry, Hannie! Pleaseeee” Heechul continued and stared at his lover with his puppy eyes.
Hangeng released a deep breath, he couldn’t say no when Heechul already looked at him like that, beside… he already starved his lover for 3 weeks, and he made him cry all day… He agreed finally, only to see his lover back to his cheerful side and regain his normal body posture again. Heechul was too thin right now, as if Hangeng could break him anytime in his hug.
Heechul smiled widely at Hangeng’s nod and pecked the other lips, “I know, I love you too much, Hannie”
“Where are you going now?” asked Hangeng as he saw Heechul jumped out from the bed
“Telling this wonderful news to Leeteuk and Henry~~~ Beside… we already make them worried, Hannie… at least, I want to tell them that we’re fine now” explained Heechul and left the Voivode alone in his room.
‘Seriously, Chullie… what can make you more excited other than shopping? He sure has a unique hobby to begin with. But, he was right… these whole things with Heechul really make Leeteuk and the other worried too much. That calm Leeteuk even dare to curse me back then, aiishhh… I thought I need to greet them and present myself again in front of them to ensure that I was okay now’ Hangeng sighed at the thought and get ready to go out from his room as well.

Okay, don't kill me for this chapter .____.
I've told you~ this fic going to contain a lot of angst. And it's my first time writing this kind of stories though...and forgive me if this was too lame and not that cool.. T^T I wanted to write a good action story, but with my limited vocabulary and sucks English...it turns out this way -____-"

Well then, don't scold me and enjoy >.<" aigooo~ pinkdaisuki out

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phuheechulphuheechul on October 10th, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
love ur update
chullie so cute......

pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 11th, 2011 11:31 am (UTC)
aigooo, thank you :* *hugs*
super15journalsuper15journal on October 10th, 2011 05:04 pm (UTC)
actually, I like your style of writing it's not wrong to venture to other road. so I hope you continue to write this good stories.
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 11th, 2011 11:32 am (UTC)
omg! thank you! your comment make me more confident about this >.<"
FollowUrDestiny: HanchulTwinsfollowurdestiny on October 10th, 2011 07:16 pm (UTC)
I'm glad the 'first' problem is solved like this... Heechul's blood can cure the poison/mark mmmmm...interesting... :D HanChul <3 Looking fwd to more!
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 11th, 2011 11:34 am (UTC)
I know, that idea just popped out into my mind when I write this LOL I didn't plan that Heechul's blood could erase the mark at all in the first place! XP
wonderboylii: kimheechultonguewonderboylii on October 10th, 2011 08:15 pm (UTC)
i love this fic
wow i feel like some sort of...stalker?
...get well soon o:

sorry i had a huge laughing....attack right now.
because, you said you wanted to write action but your vocabulary isn't expan/widen/extent enough. (yeah....google is my friend and helper)
and i know your situation just too well :'D

yeah i'm bored. it's a monday afternoon and i'm too lazy to do anything beside sitting in bed and eating.
oh man. i need a live
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 11th, 2011 11:47 am (UTC)
LOL~~ you are one! :P
I felt better now~ thank you *kiss*

TT^TT yah! you are so cruel to me! don't laugh at me *hiks* I know my English is not that good! aigoooo

exchange life with me then! Why your life is so wonderful at monday afternoon??? :"(
wonderboyliiwonderboylii on October 11th, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
:'D i'm happy i could make you feel better

i'm laughing WITH you :')
because...i fell the same xD

it's so boring ~~
i need a man, man.
*quickly flies to korea and steal kyuhyun* MUAHAHA
i don't want to change anymore.
but why is your monday afternoon not wonderful?
(wow awkward sentence xD)

pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 12th, 2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
aren't we too pathetic? LOL! laughing at our sucks English XD

me too! *following you* *steal Chullie* *abduct from the military camp*

my monday never be that good. *sigh* TT^TT
wonderboylii: blondeheelonghairwonderboylii on October 12th, 2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
yes we are xDD.
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*whisper* let's say we can speak proper english without any mistakes and feel like super gangsta

omg i'm coming with you *^*.
kyuhyun has to come along. i mean....his leash isn' that long.

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i'm spider-man
chulie_7chulie_7 on October 12th, 2011 07:24 am (UTC)
hahhahah...chulie with his shopping freak hahhahha..
thanks for update dear
hand hanchul ...yeahhhhh so sweet
update soon
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on October 12th, 2011 04:36 pm (UTC)
I just love the shopping freak Heechul :P
your welcome and thanks for reading too ^^
ciolycioly on November 20th, 2011 01:42 pm (UTC)
Oh god,i love Heechul in this fic XD And Hangeng too!X3
Teukie is cute even when he is mad hehehe
and:Capitolul 3* the same for the other chapters *Capitolul 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc* we use capitol in phrases like "this chapter is greate" (acest capitol este grozav) or "I really liked this chapter" (chiar mi-a placut acest capitol)as I do now X3
-disjunction - separare. =)
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on November 21st, 2011 02:54 am (UTC)
LOL! I fell bad for you for correcting all of the chapter...>< maybe I will message you for the upcoming chapter so you won't be troubled in correcting it all the time? *puppy eyes*
thank you so much btw :*)
ciolycioly on November 21st, 2011 07:42 am (UTC)
Yup! I would be waiting~ hehe and don't worry...I'm glad i can help =}