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13 September 2011 @ 10:44 pm
When Darkness Fall -one-  
Title                       : When Darkness Fall
Rating                   : PG-15 to NC-17
Pairing                  : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre                   : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller
Summary              : When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N                        : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

IntroductoryCharacterTrailerPrequelPrologue ● One

Capitolul 1

- inceputul, the beginning -

The sun set perfectly on the western part of the town. A pale beautiful man slept perfectly on a fluffy bed with a soothing tone of breathing. The man’s hair was brushed a little by another gorgeous man beside him, revealing his beautiful temple and sculpted jaw line. The gorgeous man kissed the other’s lips softly and walked out from the quiet room.
“How’s your first night here as a Zhupans, Henry-ah?” Kangin and Leeteuk asked the boy who’s busy roaming the tremendous mansion with Zhoumi.
“Ah, good morning, Kangin-ssi and Leeteuk-ssi” Henry greeted before he answered the question, “I like it to be here… no irritating shout and endless yell..just so quiet and peaceful..”
Leeteuk smiled, “Have you experiencing such a terrible life as a human, dear?”
Henry scouted closer to Zhoumi at the question, he didn’t want to talk about it. That experience was just too painful to be shared to anyone, even to those whom he respected a lot. Looking at Henry’s vulnerability state, Zhomi hugged his partner, “Leeteuk hyung, please don’t ask him about that”
“It’s okay, Henry-ah. Everyone in this mansion has it hard back then… without any exception, Henry-ah… everyone…” Leeteuk said in a very gloomy tone.
“Teuki…” Kangin hugged Leeteuk gently.
“YAH~~ Good morning! What happen with the solemn mood in this early morning???” Heechul entered the scene playfully. In fact, the morning according to vampire’s world was actually the night time in human’s world. It was just shifted oppositely following the nature of the vampire which couldn’t stand the sun.
Kangin shook his head in disbelief, “Why are you so fuckin’ hyper in such an early morning, Heechul-ah?”
“Yah! Don’t be that disrespectful to me, you fatty grumpy vampire!” Heechul pouted and scolded Kangin annoyingly
“BWOH?! What did you just call me??!!!”
Heechul stuck out his tongue playfully and went behind Leeteuk to hide, “Teuki~ look, your personal raccoon is about to explode!”
“Heechullie… stop that already” Leeteuk sighed heavily
“Right! Find your so-called almighty partner! Shoooo!” Kangin added
Heechul huffed, “He left for doing some paper work! And I’m bored!”
“Then you can just accompany him until he finish” Zhoumi suggested
“That will be even more boring!!!!!” Heechul rolled his eyes
Kangin shook his head, “For these past 300 years, I still couldn’t figure out this one simple question…”
Heechul asked curiously, “What is it?”
“Why that Voivode choose you as his partner? I just don’t understand how come he can handle this bizarre-crazy-maniac vampire who was obsessed with beauty?”
Henry threw out a small laugh and Zhoumi chuckle lightly after hearing the question. Leeteuk widened his eyes in shock before he smacked Kangin right on top if his head.
Heechul pouted then smirked after he found out some good answer, “You want to know why?”
Kangin nodded as he rubbed his head which was beaten by Leeteuk earlier. Heechul smiled evilly as he slanted his eyes to concentrate and made the situation tenser. “Because…”
“Because??” Kangin asked impatiently
“I’m amazing.” The 5 kg vase landed perfectly on top of Kangin’s head and smacked the sculpted man to the ground. “Just like that~” Heechul smiled happily as he prepared to run before the others murdered him.
“OUCH!! GOD DAMMIT YOU BASTARD! Come back here!!! You’re cheating, bitch!!!” Kangin shouted as Heechul ran and stuck out his tongue.
After a few seconds, Kangin was silenced. Heechul who’s confused by the sudden change of Kangin, looked back and wanted to ask what happen when his small figure bumped into another man. Heechul who was about being thrown to the ground from the collision was saved by the man. Strong arm were enveloped his feminine figure securely as Heechul faced his savior.
“I told you not to use your power, Heechul”
Heechul pouted, “I’m okay, Hangeng. It just a small action, besides.. Kangin need to be given a lesson sometimes”
“But still, your headache will come again if you use it too much”
“Hannie, moving a 5 kg vase won’t give me a headache. Just please, stop worrying for awhile, won’t you?”
Hangeng sighed. He just couldn’t win against Heechul in word fight, if he kept on, Heechul would sulk and ignore him for the entire day.
“Have you finished your work, Hangeng?” Leeteuk tried to avert the conversation
“Not yet, but I just got a report about the Salubri inside our territory. That’s why I need to go out to check on this matter.” Hangeng explained the situation
“Salubri?” Henry asked confusedly. Henry was new in the clan, he apparently just master his teleportation skill and being promoted as a Zhupans.
“The blood-crazy monster who hunt human. They are the result of imperfect vampire transformation” Zhoumi explained to Henry
“It’s getting more often…” Leeteuk whispered softly in audible voice
“What the hell has happened? Why that monster never learned their lesson?!!” Kangin got up from the floor, “Where is it? Let me handle this one”
Hangeng smiled, “Valea Viilo. Just be careful. You sure you can handle this alone, Kangin?”
Kangin huffed, “Who do you think I am, Mr.Voivode?”
“A grumpy-fatty-impatient vampire bastard.” Heechul answered the question mockingly.
“Whaaa—“ Kangin’s word was stopped by Leeteuk who pinched his ear and brought it closer to his mouth, “Don’t make any other ruckus, Hangeng is here, Mr.Incredible”
Hangeng chuckled as he could hear perfectly Leeteuk’s mind, “Don’t be that afraid of me, how long have you guys known me anyways? Just threw the formality, Leeteuk hyung”
Heechul frowned and slapped Hangeng lightly on his chest, “Yah! Be more charismatic, will you? If you are acting like this, they will bully me continuously!”
Kangin sighed, “Alright, alright, you won Heechul. Now, I got to go and check this monster out.”
“Be careful, ok?” Leeteuk hugged Kangin as he passed his farewell
“Be careful, Kangin-ssi..” Henry said shyly. He still couldn’t throw a conversation easily among the Zhupans since he respected them a lot.
“No problem, I am the strongest one here. Bye!” Kangin left the mansion.
“Let’s do some training, hyung” Zhoumi suggested to Leeteuk
“Yeah, it will kill some time instead of worrying about Kanginnie..” Leeteuk agreed softly
“He’ll be find, Teuki. He is a monster beyond every monster living out there” Heechul tried to cheer his friend as well.
“No, you’re not going too.” Hangeng said suddenly, unrelated to the topic that was being discussed.
Henry eyed confusedly and wanted to ask what it is about. But Hangeng could read Henry’s mind and answered it before the younger asked, “It’s not for you, Henry. It’s for Heechul” Hangeng smiled.
Heechul pouted, “Why?? If I’m not doing it, my skill won’t be any better!”
Hangeng sighed, “Arrassoo.. but not too much, ok? I need to finish my paperwork and check on others after that I will go to you, alright?”
Heechul nodded and gave a small sweet peck on Hangeng’s lips before the later went to his room. “Let’s go, guys~” said Heechul brightly to the other 3 Zhupans.
The training went as usual, Leeteuk spread his hidden wing and tried to fly just above the field while he tried to control the wind around him, Zhoumi stood near the pool in the courtyard and made the water arise several times before he turned it into solid crystal ice, Henry concentrated and teleported his body to different position while counting how long did it take to get into another place. While, Heechul, he took a long deep breath before he could lift all the plant pot in the garden and put it back in its exact position. He was satisfied by the result and he tried to do something harder, he closed his eyes while all of the window and door in the mansion were closed suddenly then locked by themselves. He smiled at his success so he tried to open back the door and window again. He then tried to lift the entire fountain pool by his mind.
“Don’t lift that fountain, Heechul-ah!!” shouted Leeteuk while he landed near the feminine man
Heechul ignored the shout and kept on concentrating to lift it. He never heard what others were saying and he always stubborn like that. Kim Heechul always got what he wants. There’s no one could deny the statement.
“Heechul! Stop that!!” Leeteuk gave another tried to stop the man.
However, it was too late, Heechul crouched down painfully as he held his head hard. Groaning in pain when he felt thousands of needles stroke his head at once.
“Heechul, are you okay??!” Leeteuk asked and scouted down to Heechul’s position. Heechul just kept grunting in pain.
“Henry! Get Hangeng now!!” shouted Leeteuk to the terrified Henry
Before Leeteuk could shout again to tell Henry for calling Hangeng, Heechul who was held on Leeteuk’s grip abruptly being taken away. Shocked could be seen perfectly at Leeteuk’s eyes but soon he felt relieve after he realized the one who took his friends.
“I remember I’ve told you not to use your power too much, Chullie” whispered Hangeng softly as he hugged Heechul. “Urgghh..” Heechul groaned again before he buried his face to Hangeng’s chest.
Hangeng then lifted Heechul in bridal style, “I’ll take care of him, you guys don’t worry and go back to practice” he said to Leeteuk, Henry, and Zhoumi. The three could only nod at the leader’s order.
The Voivode settled down on his chair and positioned Heechul securely on his laps. He brushed Heechul’s hair softly then touched the later’s cheek gently. He showered Heechul’s face with sweet butterfly kiss and whispered Heechul’s name softly over and over.
“Chullie.. chullie.. are you okay?”. Heechul let out a small nod from his still hurt head.
“Sleep now.. regain your power, alright?” Hangeng pecked Heechul’s lips gently and followed by a nod from the later.
As Heechul sleep peacefully on the leader’s laps, Hangeng continue his paperwork after he let out a deep sigh. His partner always stubborn and never listen to his word. Heechul often gave Hangeng a heart attack whenever he acted irrationally and Hangeng couldn’t even count how many times he was worried by his antique lover.
“Well, well, well… what do we got here??” A slender man with goat-beard hair on his chin said, acting in a shock.
Kangin was tied up with his hand up and his leg was chained. His face and sculpted body was covered by wound, his breath was hard, and his clothes were torn apart. “Who the fuck are you?” said Kangin in pain
The man smirked, “I didn’t know that Tzimisce’s standard has lowered this much. A vampire without no skill like you could even be a Zhupan? I’m very surprise.”
“Fuck you!” Kangin shouted as he struggled to let go of the rope.
“You won’t be able to break that rope, Mr. God-like strength. It was made especially for you” the man smiled as he hit Kangin fully with his fist. “Just take in mind, Tzimisce will be suffering from now on” he whispered dangerously to Kangin’s ear.
He left the Zhupan and let his subordinate continue in torturing Kangin.
Leeteuk couldn’t stay still. His partner hasn’t back since yesterday and he couldn’t do anything about it. If he went out from the mansion and looked for him, it will be the same as committed a suicide. Not only he doesn’t know where Kangin is and how many Salubri are out there, but also Hangeng will seriously punished him.
He felt so useless, he couldn’t even ask Hangeng to help him since he knew very well that the leader was busy with the paper work and his attention was fully on Heechul due to yesterday’s incident. He didn’t feel comfortable to talk about this matter with him right now.
“Teuk hyung.. Kangin hyung hasn’t back yet??” Zhoumi approached the gloomy Leeteuk. Leeteuk shook his head desperately.
“Why don’t you tell Hangeng-ssi about this?” suggested Henry
Leeteuk shook his head again, “I can’t… he must be very busy with the work and Heechul wasn’t recovered yet….”
“But, I still think that you need to tell Hangeng hyung about this… Hangeng hyung wasn’t that kind of person, Teuki hyung.. I’m sure he will look for Kangin once you told him about this” Zhoumi tried to convince his hyung.
“No, Zhoumi..” Leeteuk still persistent about his opinion.
Zhoumi sighed, he tucked Henry’s hand and left Leeteuk alone. “Where are we going, Zhoumi? Shouldn’t we better stay there and cheer Leeteuk-ssi up?”
“We’re going to tell Hangeng hyung about this. Even if we stayed there and cheer him up, the situation won’t change unless we make a move.” Explained Zhoumi as he dragged the younger to the Voivode room.
Zhoumi knocked on the grand door after the leader let him in, he opened the door, “Excuse me, Hangeng hyung…”
“What is it, Zhoumi? Henry?” Hangeng looked out to the newcomer
“Kangin hyung hasn’t back since yesterday…” Zhoumi told the leader
“What? He hasn’t back yet? You serious?”
Zhoumi nodded at Hangeng’s question. “I wonder how he can survive that sunlight?” said Heechul weakly after he finally open his eyes.
“Are you alright now?” Hangeng asked, ignoring Heechul’s question about Kangin. When he saw the nod from his lover head, he turned his attention back to Zhoumi and Henry, “I’ll find him. Tell Leeteuk to calm down. All of you must stay here and locked all the entrance to this mansion. Tighten up the security, once I got Kangin back… we would know what the heck is happening right now…”
Hangeng pushed Heechul gently out from his lap then cupped the later face, “I’ll be back, ok?”
“I’ll come with you… it dangerous to go out alone…” Heechul mumbled
Hangeng smiled, “You stay here… protect Leeteuk hyung and make sure he’s alright, ok? I’ll make sure that Kangin will be back to us..”
“But, Hannie…”
“I’ll return to your side, Chullie. I promised” Hangeng kissed Heechul’s lips gently, “But, I think I need to recharge my power first” he smirked
Heechul looked at the leader confusedly before he gasped when Hangeng suddenly attack his neck and sucked out his blood. He groaned in pleasure. Hangeng let go of his lover neck slowly and smiled, “Power fully charged”
Heechul chuckled, “Just be careful, okay?” Hangeng nodded and gone in a second.
Heechul averted his gaze toward the blushed couple in front of the door, he smiled, “Let’s go to Leeteuk’s place”


TADAAAA~~~~ :D the first chapter is up guys!! Actually~ I've made a prequel story of this fic and I've posted in my journal already.. if you guys are my loyal fans and keep checking up my fanfiction update, you should know which story I've been talking about :P Actually, I've changed some name of the clan in the prequel since I haven't came up with this story while I made that~~ I already revised it with the latest version which was connected to this story ^^ I would suggest you to read it if you want to know more about the position in Tzimisce :D

If you guys want to know more about the prequel, you could check it at here -->
But, I want to warn you guys before reading that since it was mainly a Zhoury fic ;p~~~ and with a bunch scene of Hanchul slipped in at some part XD *yes, you know me perfecly already :P*

Well then~ I've been blabbling too much here~~~
Don't forget to comment! ^^ I love your comment anyways <3


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wonderboylii: cuteheechulwonderboylii on September 13th, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
oh and....update soon! :D
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FollowUrDestiny: HanchulTwinsfollowurdestiny on September 13th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
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ashheemiashheemi on September 13th, 2011 11:38 pm (UTC)
I LOVE IT! i read the intro, characters, the prequel, the prologue, and now this. and basically, i am SOOO excited for the next chapter! i hope it`s updated soon. 8)

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