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19 February 2011 @ 11:31 pm
New Life  

Title : New Life

Pairing : Zhoumi/Henry, Hangeng/Heechul, Kangin/Leeteuk

Rating : PG-15 (for mention of sexual activity)

Genre : supernatural, vampire!au, fluff, romance, a bit of angst

Summary : Henry was an ordinary village boy whom has his fate changed forever because of one dark incident at the alley around his village.


A/N : I suppose to update my ‘Of Rival and Marriage’ but.. I get a little distracted with the whole vampire stuffs that are floating in my mind right now. So, I write this au ~ It’s the first time I write about Zhoury anyway..and if you’ve known me..you should know for sure that there must be Hanchul in this fic..hahaha I will update my ‘Of Rival and Marriage’ tomorrow night ^^ thank you so much for being with me the entire time~ and I hope you can be with me as well in the future





A young boy walked pass through the grand door of the dark and mysterious mansion awkwardly, accompanied by two pale young men who leaded him the way. The mansion was dim and secluded enough to be found by a mere human being. Human. Yeah, the boy used to be one, but he didn’t know how his body could change like now. As long as he remember, he was wandering around the village at night and he got into someone who apparently changed his fate for eternity.


‘Henry, can you go to the market and get me some potato for the soup? I forget to buy it earlier’ a woman’s voice roams through the small house, passing the thin wall that was surrounding it.


‘At this time, auntie?’ the boy replied, loud enough so it could be heard by the woman who was cooking in the kitchen. He looked at the window, darkness had engulfed the entire village since the sun had set an hour ago. They lived in a traditional small village at Romania where various legends grew fertilely. The village only being occupied by few people and all of them usually worked as a farmer or a breeder. Henry didn’t know when was it started, but he always heard about the village chief’s suggestion for not strolling around at night alone, since many people who did so was missing and never returned. Rumor was spreading quickly in this small village and some believed they were made into vampire’s dishes as one victim was found with that famous vampire’s bite mark around the neck.


‘Yeah! Quick! I need it for the soup!’ the woman ordered the boy harshly. Henry never liked to be in that house since the beginning. He always being treated like a slave, like a Cinderella who never met her fairy god mother and suffered forever. His mother had died as she delivered Henry to the world and his father followed her 4 years later due to horrible illness. Henry was being brought to his aunt’s house and lived there up till now.


He sighed heavily, he took out his winter coat and wore it to cover his body from the chilly night wind. He proceeded outside the house and began to walk to the market, even when he knew the fact that the market had closed a few hours earlier. Henry understood his aunt intention since the beginning, it’s not to buy that potato but to search for it. He even knew that his aunt won’t let him entered the house if he went home with empty hand.


Henry decided to visit some neighbor to ask for it. But his step was held back by the sight of a skinny anorexic man who was cornered by a tall and pale young boy in the alley nearby. Curious, Henry walked closer towards the two and he gaped at the scene as he realized the whole situation. The boy bitten the man’s neck and sucked his, according to Henry’s thought, blood. Henry couldn’t move an inch as the boy turned his gaze at him and eyed him dangerously. What was that? Vampire? The legend was true?? Really? Thousands of question appeared in the same time at Henry’s mind and as the boy shifted his position quickly to be in front of him, he fainted.


Henry woke up a few hours later and he was being brought in a carriage. He didn’t know where he was being taken and by whom. After that, he found out that he was standing in front of a grand mansion, which looked pretty much like a castle as well, and was asked to follow the two pale men who greeted him.



“So, he is the new one?” a beautiful pale young man, or woman, approached him as soon as he entered the huge luxurious yet still dim room in the mansion.


Henry eyed the man, or woman, confusedly. He didn’t has any idea what was happened to him, what the heck was this place and why it must be so dark. The man, or woman, Henry still couldn’t figure it out, smirked at him. Indeed, he, or she, was too beautiful when Henry looked at him, or her, in closer distance.


Noticing the blushed on Henry’s white cheek, the man, or woman, grinned evilly, “Hmmm. Not bad~”


“How many times should I tell you to stop bullying the new person, Heechul?” another good-looking and feminine man approached Henry, this time Henry was pretty sure that he was a man since his body look manlier in some aspect.


The Heechul guy, or lady, pouted at the sentence, “I’m not bullying him. He was the one who mesmerized by my beauty” and Henry blushed even more at the sentence which was he, himself admitted as a true fact.


The man who just entered the room sighed heavily, “That’s why I tell you not to bully him by spreading those excessive amounts of your pheromone around the poor boy”


“You’re not fun, Leeteuk~” Henry watched the scene blankly before he could finally utter some word, “Excuse me…”


“Oh! The new boy finally finds his word!” the beautiful man, or woman, exclaimed


Leeteuk, presume Henry as the name of a kind looking man in front of him, spoke, “Right! I forget to introduce myself. Hello, emm…”


“Henry..that’s my name” Henry said directly


Leeteuk showed a dimple smile, “Okay, Henry. Hello, welcome to this mansion. My name is Leeteuk and the beautiful man that you were admired earlier was Heechul” Henry nodded at the introduction and nodded even more as he found out the truth that Heechul was a man.


“So…where was I right now? And why was I being brought to this mansion?” Henry asked more


Heechul brought his eyebrow together then sighed, “You didn’t know??” Henry shook his head a ‘no’


“You’re apparently one of us, Henry.” Leeteuk explained before Heechul could open his mouth and threw out some complaint.


“What?” Henry still didn’t get it. Heechul smiled evilly and leaned forward him, “A vampire” he whispered seductively at Henry’s ear which followed by a heavy blush by the younger boy.


“Hmmm~ I like you.” Heechul hummed in excitement as he found out Henry’s reaction.


“Don’t take his word seriously, Henry. He always like people who was mesmerized by his beauty and blushed idiotically like you, right now” Leeteuk cleared up the whole situation.


Henry brought his head and gaze down to the floor in embarrassment while Heechul was smirking all the time.


“So… I am a vampire?” Henry finally able to speak again after a few minutes. Leeteuk nodded as he answered the younger boy question.


“Ho..how come???”


“I never knew you can be this dull, Henry-ah. Listen, you’re bitten by another vampire last night. That vampire was apparently came from outside of the territory and hunted down at the village. We’ve managed to get rid of him as one of us found you lay down unconsciously at the scene.” Heechul explained it fast. Really fast till Henry needed to open his ear widely so he could get the entire story.


“But..I wasn’t dead? The other man died immediately as the vampire suck his blood!” Henry freaked out


“You’re lucky enough, Henry… when our man come, the vampire wasn’t got any chance to suck your entire blood so you could be saved… but… in consequence, you need to live your life as one of us now” Leeteuk answered Henry’s question wisely


“So… I need to suck… blood, human blood… like that vampire?” Henry’s body shook greatly at the thought of how disgusted will it be to suck human’s blood.


“Fortunately, our clan was never thought to suck on any human’s blood, Henry-ah” Leeteuk said again


“Then.. what do we eat?” Henry asked again. “Euh, don’t associate me with that lower vampire clan who suck any man’s blood like that! It’s disgusting to suck a blood from an ugly human like them!” Heechul protested


Leeteuk smiled at Heechul’s word, seriously this guy was only connected to anything handsome and beautiful, “You need to find a partner, Henry.”


“A Partner?”


“Yeah… a partner… our clan was the highest vampire clan out there and we only drink our partner’s blood.” Leeteuk continued, “Basically, you and your partner were drinking each other blood. You can’t drink another blood, aside from your partner’s since our body trained to be like that since the beginning. We’re not exposed to human’s blood directly so our interest will be shifted to vampire’s blood.”


“Then.. how do I find my partner?”


Heechul scoffed playfully, “Attraction towards the other vampire”


“Excuse me?”


“You need to find someone who looks attractive to you and vice versa” Heechul said


Henry combined Heechul’s word carefully, he digested every word and then clarified, “So… I must find someone whom I was attracted to and that someone must be attracted to me as well?”


“Exactly~” Heechul ruffled Henry’s head playfully


Henry blushed at the action then finally snapped out the truth, “Then..my partner is you?” he pointed towards Heechul


“Hahahaha!!! Another partner proposal for you, Heechul-ah?” a voice interrupted them before Heechul could laugh himself.


Henry looked at the man who just entered the room, he looked tough and so manly, his shoulder was broad and Henry could assume that this man was much more powerful than him in term of strength.


“It can’t be helped, Kangin. I am too beautiful for them” Heechul replied as Kangin walked closer to them and pecked Leeteuk’s cheek, “How’s my angelic partner over here?”


“Gah! So cheesy!!” Heechul added even more


“Hmm…excuse me..” Henry asked for an explanation, “so..he’s not my partner?”


Heechul smirked, “Why do you think me as one?”


“Seriously, Heechul. Hangeng will really kill you if he knows this” Kangin said playfully before Henry answered the question


“No~ he won’t~~ He loves me too much~” Heechul answered and gazed at Henry to get his answer


“Errm.. because I was attracted to you and you… was attracted to me also?” Henry answered hesitantly


Heechul laughed, “Hahaha! I’m sorry, but I wasn’t attracted at you! Poor boy… was I made you heartbroken?” he pinched Henry’s cheek


“You..wasn’t?” Henry blushed more in embarrassment. “That’s why I told you to stop bullying him, Heechul” Leeteuk added


Heechul smiled, “Come on~ you need to find your own partner~” and walked first to lead the way.


Henry widened his eyes at the incident, was he being played? “Heechul always act that way, don’t mind him, Henry-ah” Leeteuk said as he walked beside Henry.


Henry nodded, “Does he has a partner as well?”


Leeteuk smiled, “He has. Someone whom you should respect most here.” “And I still didn’t get it why Heechul can make him as his partner” Kangin complained


“You won’t get any reason to explain about a soul mate things, Kangin-ah.. just like you and me” Leeteuk explained wisely.


“Who is he? And why do I need to respect him?” Henry asked again after a while.


“You’ll see once you meet him, Henry-ah” Leeteuk said and left Henry behind as the group reached the destination.


Henry gaped at the sight in front of him, it was a hall, a really huge hall which packed by hundreds of man chit chatting with each other. One thing that Henry understands for sure was all of the man in that hall was good looking enough, more than a human could be. So..this was what a vampire world look like, huh?


“This is the hall where we gathered if we had a new member in our clan,” Heechul explained, “Our clan wasn’t very big, it’s only consist of hundreds vampire and thus we need to introduce a new member to everyone so you could live comfortably here.”


“And for additional information, there are 3 class of vampire in our clan. The lowest class called Aigidios which consist of the new born vampire and only has some particular skill, the middle class is Kleitos, the one who has been a vampire for more than hundreds year and has a great additional skill belong to this class. Lastly, the highest class is Zhupans. The Zhupans class only consists of 5 people in our clan, they are the greatest vampire and their skill was totally amazing, they can destroy the world if their skills are out of control.” Leeteuk added


“May I know what kind of skill are you talking about?” Henry asked in confusion


“This…” Leeteuk said before he stretched out his hand forward and closed his eyes to concentrate, suddenly there’s a huge wind blew inside the hall and many stuff was being brought to the air. Henry widened his eyes as Leeteuk brought back his hand and smiled at him. “My skill are controlling and producing the wind, Kangin’s are about strength, no one can beat him in strength and hand combat type battle”


“So..two of you are belong to Zhupans?” Henry gaped in amazement.


Kangin and Leeteuk nodded, “Heechul was a Zhupans too along with Zhoumi”


“Hmm..let me see, there he was! Look at that tall boy with a long leg over there. He’s Zhoumi. He is one of the Zhupans and his skills are controlling the water and ice” Leeteuk pointed out the boy in the corner of the room who was chatting with other.


Henry eyed the boy, he blushed at the sight, the boy was tall, he’s rather skinny but that was covered with the long and slender leg he had, his pointed nose and black hair was fit perfectly with the flawless face. Heechul noticed the change in Henry’s eyes as he looked at Zhoumi. He smirked, “Looks like it doesn’t take you long enough to find your partner, Henry-ah”


“Wha…what?” Henry stuttered at Heechul’s word


Leeteuk noticed it too, “Hmmm~ it’s about time for him to have one. He’s been single for his whole life! Poor Zhoumi~”


“Anyway! What is Heechul’s skill?” Henry tried to divert the conversation


“My skill?” Heechul asked, as he saw Henry nodded curiously, Heechul slanted his eyes as a sign he was concentrating on something and suddenly the door towards the terrace was opened by itself and the things around them began to fly by themselves as well.


“His skill is psychokinetic. A really powerful one, he could drop a plane and float the entire house by his mind. He could control the ground as well and made a huge earthquake. Ah, he also could release his pheromone to make other people attracted at him, just like you earlier” Leeteuk saved Heechul for the explanation.


“Yeah, and because of his second ability he was being watched and protected like a princess this whole time!” Kangin protested


Heechul grinned, “I’m deserved to be treated that way anyway~ by the way, where’s Zhoumi?”


When Kangin wanted to shout to call Zhoumi over, the door was opened again, revealing the most charismatic and handsome man ever. All of the vampires were kneeled down at the person who just entered, along with Kangin and Leeteuk. Henry didn’t know who he was, but he has to admit it that the person was too gorgeous and flawless. “Do I need to kneel down too?” he whispered to Leeteuk and immediately followed him.


Henry squatted down and he gazed at Heechul who remain to stand up arrogantly. He wanted to tell Heechul to kneel down as well but Heechul was already walked forward and left his previous place. Henry eyed the beautiful man and widened his eyes as Heechul enveloped both of his hand at the neck of the person who just entered the hall.


“Hey” the person smiled and greeted when Heechul hugged him


Heechul smiled in return, “How was my almighty partner doing?”


“He’s doing great, just a little bit tired with the previous vampire intruder incident” the person said again before he turned his gaze at the people in front of him and motioned them to stand up.


Kangin and Leeteuk stood up as well and Henry followed them in confusion. Leeteuk saw Henry’s face and explained, “He’s Hangeng, Henry-ah. The Voivode, the leader of our clan and apparently Heechul’s partner”


Henry snapped at the explanation, so that’s why I must respect him, “Is he one of the Zhupans too?”


“Hmm.. particularly he’s indeed a part of Zhupans, but we called them as The Voivode since that’s the title of the most powerful vampire that ever live…” Kangin added


“So this is the new boy that you guys are talking about?” a voice came in between their conversation.


Henry immediately bowed down his head as he realized who the person was. “See, Hannie? He’s cute, isn’t he?” Heechul said


Hangeng chuckled, “No need to be that polite when you’re talking with me, Henry. He’s cute, Heechul.. but that doesn’t mean you can tease him earlier”


Heechul pouted, “Yah. It’s not good to read my mind like that. Quit that! That’s interfering my privacy, you know!”


“Hmm.. is that so?” Hangeng said playfully, “By the way, has he found his partner already?”


“About that~ I think we should introduce Zhoumi to him and look at his reaction” Leeteuk said


“Zhoumi? Ah! It’s about time for him, isn’t it?” Hangeng nodded knowingly at Leeteuk’s sentence.


Kangin called Zhoumi and in an instant, he was standing in front of the group, making Henry blushed heavily as he looked at him closer. Zhoumi was introduced to Henry by the group and as expected, he widened his eyes at the boy in front of him. He never saw a boy as cute as him, he looks so small and fragile, making him want to hold him close so he could protect him from anything.


“Hmm, looks like you finally found your partner, Zhoumi-ah” Hangeng broke the silence


“Han…Hangeng ge.. what are you talking about?” Zhoumi flustered at Hangeng’s word but then the sound of empty stomach disturbed the atmosphere. The group looked at Henry whom had his face redder than tomato right now.


“Hahaha, you’re hungry, Henry-ah? It can’t be helped. You haven’t ate anything since last night” Leeteuk laughed


“I think it’s about time to teach you how to suck blood, Henry-ah” Kangin added


“Hmmm. Wonderful timing, please follow me” Hangeng smiled as he tugged Heechul’s hands to walk with him in front.


They arrived at another room. A bedroom, according to Henry’s analysis. The bed was big enough to fit 4 person on it, but it seemed that it was only occupied by 2 person since there’s only 2 pillow placed on top of it.


“This was Zhoumi’s room. And since you’re his partner, you are using this room with him now” Hangeng explained and Henry was amused by the fact that Zhoumi wasn’t complaining to share a room with him.


Kangin and Leeteuk were already gone since they left the hall. Leaving Henry with the remaining 3 Zhupans in the room.


“Henry-ah, are you hungry?” Heechul asked out of nowhere


Henry nodded at Heechul’s word. Heechul smirked at Henry’s answer, “Heechul… I have some paper to work out after this” Hangeng said, confusing Henry even more.


“You can do it later, Hannie~ I’m hungry too. You left me since morning!” Heechul pouted as he leaned closer towards Hangeng’s neck. He opened his mouth delicately and bitten the leader’s neck slowly. Heechul sucked the blood as Hangeng groaned in both pain and pleasure. Henry eyed the situation for a while but soon averted his gaze as he was too shy to watch it. Heechul couldn’t leave his lips from the other’s neck as Hangeng lifted Heechul’s body in bridal style.


“Well then, I guess you learn enough how to do it, Henry-ah. If you have any more question, you could ask Zhoumi. Excuse us” Hangeng not forget to excuse himself properly as Heechul continued to do his activity.




“… Hello… so you’re my partner?” Zhoumi broke the silence after the couple leaves the room.


Henry nodded shyly. “You don’t mind to live here and leave your human life? I mean.. you have to live here for… forever you know… since we’re vampire..and vampire can’t die even expose to the sun…” Zhoumi said awkwardly


“I don’t mind. I’m tired of my human life after all. I feel very happy that I was turned into a vampire though.. finally, I can escape from that hell… I’m tired of being treated like a slave..it sucks…” Henry explained.


“Well… someone has it hard there… but I agree with you… being a vampire was far more wonderful than being a human.” Zhoumi said as he cupped Henry’s face gently and leaned forward towards his neck.


Henry was too shock at the motion and stood still until he could feel a tongue lick his neck gently and a pair of lips smooch it. Soon, the lip was replaced by a sharp thing that pierced his skin and Henry knew what it is perfectly. Zhoumi sucked Henry’s blood hungrily. It strange though, Henry didn’t scare of it, instead he felt a lot of pleasure at Zhoumi’s action. He unconsciously moaned to the pleasure and unknowingly laid down helplessly at the bed after Zhoumi carried him, similar to the way Hangeng carried Heechul earlier.


As Zhoumi continued at his activity, Henry put his hand at Zhoumi’s hair, he brushed it gently and pushed Zhoumi’s head deeper towards his neck. Their hips clashed each other severally and brought a great sensation to both of them. After that, Henry could hear a sound of skin that rubbed against each other vigorously and a moan of pleasure that came out from his own mouth, demanding for more and pleading to fulfill his lust. Zhoumi was taking Henry’s virginity that afternoon and Henry didn’t mind that. He knew what the meaning of this ‘partner’ thing was all about now. A partner was a soul mate that was attracted to each other, depended on each other, care for each other, and loved at each other.


“So, how was it?” Heechul asked teasingly at the couple who just entered the room as he sat on Hangeng’s lap comfortably


Zhoumi and Henry were being told to come to Hangeng’s room by one of the subordinates. Since, it’s Hangeng’s order they couldn’t ignore it at all.


Henry blushed at Heechul’s question. “Ah..” Hangeng yelped a bit, making the three of them eyed him confusedly.


Heechul who seems has known the reason widened his eyes, “They’ve done it?! Seriously, Hannie? In their first meeting??!”


Hangeng nodded, “I think we’ve done it in our first meeting as well, Heechul?”


“We’re different, Hannie! It’s because you can’t resist me from the first place!” Heechul explained


Hangeng smiled, “Hmmm… are you sure? I think you’re the one who couldn’t resist me?” he pecked Heechul’s lips quickly


“Yah! Don’t argue with me!” Heechul pouted cutely and turned his gaze towards Henry, “Our innocent Henry is gone now? Anyway, Henry..that’s how it feels when your partner suck your blood… it feels like he’s taking you raw and hard there, right? That’s why I didn’t want my blood to be sucked by someone else! It’s disgusting!”


Henry blushed even more, “I never thought you can move this fast, Zhoumi.. really, I think you’re suffer from a drought of partner for a long time which make you bursting out like this~” continued Heechul


“This is none of your business, Heechul hyung” Zhoumi also blushed at Heechul’s word.


“Zhoumi” Hangeng called seriously


“Ah..no, it’s not that Hangeng ge.. I’m sorry, Heechul hyung for talking like that..” Zhoumi said immediately as he scared of what Hangeng could do. Heechul smirked at that while Hangeng eyed him confusedly.


“Hahaha. I’m not going to scold you because of that, Zhoumi-ah!” Hangeng laughed. “Yah! You should scold him! He’s being disrespectful to me!” Heechul complained


“He already said sorry, Heechul-ah…” Hangeng kissed Heechul’s lips gently so he could make Heechul shut up for a while, “Zhoumi… you should protect Henry no matter what since you’ve agreed to be his partner. I hope you understand very well what’s the real meaning of a partner, Zhoumi.. it’s not just about providing food for each other, it’s far more beyond that”


Zhoumi nodded and Henry eyed Hangeng in amazement, no wonder why he was chosen as the leader of this clan, “I understand, Hangeng ge.. it’s about sharing, caring, and loving each other everlastingly..” Zhoumi replied.


“No, it’s not enough with that only..” Heechul cut the conversation and continued, “You need to add trust and loyalty in your word”


Hangeng smiled, along with Zhoumi and Henry as well when they heard Heechul’s last sentence.


“I never know Heechul hyung can be this poetic.” Zhoumi said playfully. “He’s amazing… he’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, Zhoumi!” Henry added as well.


Before Heechul could protest, Hangeng captured Heechul’s lip to share a soft and lovable sweet kiss, “He’s always amazing, Henry-ah. Amazing, just like that. Because he’s Heechul, my Heechul.”


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pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on February 20th, 2011 06:24 am (UTC)
Thank you! <3 hahaha Heechul being playful at Hangeng was always on my mind this whole time lol
TakaGacktHydetakagackthyde on February 19th, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)
this could totally be a seriously bitchin chapter fic.
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on February 20th, 2011 06:25 am (UTC)
I know, but my brain can't make me to write more :O
Thanks for reading :)
Exotaoooookamakazza on February 19th, 2011 08:17 pm (UTC)
Oo I just love this!! I just wanna squish Henry!! I wish you would write more about this!
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on February 20th, 2011 06:26 am (UTC)
hahaha XD *sguish him first* I'll try if I have more inspiration about this fic XD Thanks for reading~
sweetichigo227sweetichigo227 on February 20th, 2011 04:46 am (UTC)
omg! this is amazing!!! xD this series is going to be awesome! I can't wait for the next chapter! Ah! How I love vampires! :D
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on February 20th, 2011 06:27 am (UTC)
hmm..I'm not planning to make this a chapter fic though :/ I don't have any idea what I should write next..lol but thanks for reading anyway ^^
wonderboylii: blondeKyuwonderboylii on September 13th, 2011 05:11 pm (UTC)
wow. i just found this yet o.o
this is so cute. <w< i really love this partner-thing i want to have one too v.v -flies to korea and get kyuhyun- satisfied. xD back to the os/prequel (was it that name?) now that i read it, i really can't wait for your update :'D money love fashion fame (sorry too much u-kiss the last days)
ciolycioly on November 19th, 2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
Hello there~ new reader here XD
I'm Cioly,nice to meet you~ I am a Cassie,as you can see,but i'm also 45% Elf.XD
So this story cought my interest for certain reasons:
1.the plot is interesting
2.Vaaampiiiireeessss ^,.,^
4.my home country-Romania XD and i also noticed that you use certain phrases in romanian,and as a native speaker I have to ask you this,no offense but...Do you use google translate?
pinkdaisukipinkdaisuki on November 20th, 2011 05:10 am (UTC)
hiiii :3
Thank you for loving the story hehehe
YES, YES! I'm using google translate T^T I don't know any romanian phrase and none of my friend knew about the language :"(