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06 December 2030 @ 05:17 pm

┗ ... ┗ ... ┗ .... ┗ ... (〃^∇^)ノ ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ \(^ω^\)

Welcome to my small world ♥ 私の小さい世界にようこそ!


This blog will be full of my fangirl-ing world, a lot of my favorites stuff, and thousands of my blabber. Just enjoy it and skip my personal rant :P

I won't lock my journal, so feel free to read all my fic here :) and with all my respect, I will appreciated it more if you guys leave me a comment~
I live from your comment after all ♥ With that, I know about your thought in the entry that I've made :D

Feel free to add me as friend (●´ω`●)
Though, I will probably won't add all of you back... since I only add some people and community which is related to my favorite stuff >3<

me corner ☆ 私のこと

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友だちなろう (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 
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12 November 2030 @ 09:35 pm

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06 November 2030 @ 01:14 am
I want to tidy up my messy journal >< hehehe

10 August 2014 @ 12:31 am

The freakin' 5 years of sadness, anxiety, hope, despair, delusional, madness, jealousy, and negativity finally has been redeemed.

That photo, that interview, that video, those proves, those incident, all wrapped up together beautifully to a such perfect and most anticipated moment. Yes, Hanchul has been kept in touch, they are always remaining as BFF after all these years, they HAVE MET on the 31st Dec 2013, Hangeng travel to Korea and celebrate new year with Heechul. I deliberately do not make this entry before everything has been cleared up, however, as now Hangeng is the one who answered up those questions himself, I'm pretty much sure and guarantee the information in this post.

So, these chain of events below will sum up the entire truth of these lovebirds.

[Click for more LOVE]The photo.

This photo is real and used by Heechul himself as his personal profile picture on KakaoStory as can be seen in the screen capture below. (I need to censored Hee's account as I don't want to interrupt his privacy :D)


Hangeng is confirmed to be in Korea during last year's new year as a papparazi catch a photo of him at the airport.

I can't find out the exact airport, but I'm pretty sure that it's taken on his way to Korea as stated by one of his ssasaeng fans and Heechul's instagram video who catch a very familiar voice on the background during his new year's greeting.

Heechul's Video
And you could hear the familiar and gentle "Heechul-ah~" voice in the background around 0:10-0:11 TT__TT *Can I just cry and feel so damn nostalgic with that voice*

With the photo spreading out crazily on the net and pratically just become too sporadic, Chinese Newspaper, Reporters, and even Allkpop don't want to miss these chance of 'big news'.

Newspaper article

Hangeng's Tissot Interview

When asked about his picture with Heechul, Hangeng replied that it is natural for friends to meet up .
Reporter: Recently, your picture with Heechul has been going viral on the internet.
When/why did the both of you take that picture?
Hangeng: Because I was filming in korea, we just met up naturally, it has been long since we last met.
Credit: 西部网娱乐
Chinese to English Translation by cmkish0w (worldwideELFs)

Allkpop's article

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 12.11.35 am


I just want to scream happily and jump upside down upon hearing this exciting news. I know that we were not delusional, we were not hanging on false hope, and we were not crazy. Hanchul is alive, they have been in contact, and Heechul's smile is definitely back :') Just look on that photo, the happiness is just reflected in his eyes. I believed that Heechul has been missing Hangeng a lot, but the beauty of long distance relationship is just so touching T^T.

Personally, I don't care about the shipping wars over Hangeng and Gunhee, Heechul can choose who he want to be with, he is a free man, but one thing that couldn't be denied, Hangeng will always be one of Heechul's most important person. Period. Just don't compare Hangeng and Gunhee then terrorise Heechul with these stupid questions of, 'Which one is better?', 'Do you see Gunhee as Hangeng's replacement?'. Stop this, you cannot definitely weigh one person with another, even a child will be angry if he/she was compared with his/her siblings, so why did you?


I'm just popping out to share the excitement of Hanchul reunion~ pinkdaisuki out.

PS: for the 101 things about love fic, it is still in progress and I have no plan to drop it, however, I just need a lot of time to write it due to the endless task, continuous writer-block, and stacked up laziness :P Please be extra patience with me.
My mood today: excitedexcited
12 March 2013 @ 10:34 am
Hello, pinkdaisuki here.. :) Yeah, I'm still alive in case you're wondering where am I right now hahaha..

I haven't got that much time anymore to update my journal so I just want to tell you guys that it might be my last post here... But, well... We don't know what will happen in the future, regarding Hanchul, regarding Super Junior, and regarding my mood in updating this site..

So, if there's some new update and a lot of interesting things happen, I will probably come back here and update :)

Don't worry, I won't disappear and I will update my stories when I have time to do that... It just, I'm super busy right now with my internship and the upcoming thesis project for my last year in college... That's why, I drop by here for a moment to inform this decision..

Thank you for all of your love and comment for me and this journal, I love you all! I hope we can see each other again in the near future ^^

17 March 2012 @ 06:27 pm

Hi :D
I'm writing a new fic, but I'm not posting it here for the mean time... hehehe
Please check it at the website I provided the link below and please support me there as well ^^

06 February 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Hi, hi :3
Pinkdaisuki is here... I just want to drop by and tell you all that I'm currently selling my personal stuff about Kpop and Comic... since many of those were still in a great condition and being left out in my house, I decide to sell it.. If you are looking from some stuff about Comic and Manga please do visit my page :D

I'm selling for Indonesian people only ^^
Thank you in advance :)

Go, go here~~~


25 January 2012 @ 06:08 pm
Title: When Darkness Fall
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Hanchul (Main), Kangteuk, Zhoury
Genre : Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Summary: When the sun hides its presence, darkness engulfs the entire area…Beyond the current life of humanity, there’s another life flow more than any expectation can imagine.

A/N : Everything written in this fic is a fiction, the sameness and similarities of character or name is purely coincidental. Unbeta-ed. Sorry~

IntroductoryCharacterTrailerPrequelPrologueOneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNine TenElevenTwelveThirteen FourteenFifteenSixteen ● Finale ●

legatura eterna, eternal bondCollapse )

25 January 2012 @ 12:59 am
Okay, this is so random, but never mind. These days, I was really into this anime. I knew it had ended last year, and I miss it so much...but, but.. this anime was just too cute, adorable, and make me goes 'awwwww' all the time >3<

♥ 世界一初恋 ♥Collapse )
24 January 2012 @ 11:50 pm
Could you two cannot be anymore obvious??? Then... Why not following each other???
GOD! Don't make this fangirls heart frustrated by this ;A; Stop teasing you both....!

Heechul's Weibo Update

And this...

They have a secret online meeting now? And..use personal message and chatting box? TT^TT I want to see the real conversation between you too... *fangirl's heart* *ignore me*

I also just get info from @Gengchul214 that Weibo has this new awesome feature where you can follow someone in private, in other words, you can follow each other without letting anyone know about it. Okay, perfect. Weibo, why are you making such 'clever' feature?? (OΔO)"
*All Hanchul's fans believe that those two are using this perfect feature and follow each other secretly*
*Well, anyone still can live in their imagination, right?* ㅋㅋㅋ

Picture credit to: @Gengchul214
Info credit to: weibo.com/Heenim18 and gengchul214.wordpress.com